Monday, December 24, 2007

Reminds me of the Pramod Batra's Book on Management Thoughts. It says, 'Knock the T off the Can't. His teacher while he was in the fifth grade, George Reeves was a 6 feet 2, weighing seventeen stone. He would shout, 'Silence' and write on the board, 'Can't'. And ask, 'And now what shall I do?'. All shouted together, 'Knock the T off the Can't.' He erased it leaving the word CAN.

That's a lesson - You can if you think you CAN. No one can stop us from our goals we want to reach and even Narendra Modi has proved this. So can we!

This one by Pramod Batra is one of the best picks. I recommend for all good readers. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Sunday, December 23, 2007

CM Narendra Modi has emerged to be one of the tallest leaders with a sure, confident win and it's all bouquets of roses. BJP is itself a Structural Political Party and into Collective performance. Nevertheless, 'The speed of the Boss is the speed of the team!' So, it was a sure win like Narendrabhai said, "I am the CM and will remain CM" - For Me, CM means a common man." BJP's won the match and Narendrabhai is the 'Man of the Match.' Merchants of Death remark of Sonia Gandhi will go down in History which has no effects on the poll results. No voter, especially Gujaratis are no fools and they know the CM, who is popular in the state, national and international level can just 'do it' - as he says, my Gujarat is my 'atma' and my India is 'my Parmatma' as he defines and knows his goals too well. It's been a historic day for Indian democracy. Also, a turning point for National politics and even a security alert to the CM.

Victory does not remove the blot or invalidate all that happened during the post-Godhra riots under his Chief Ministership. A second win can be justified but he sure needs to do Justice with all common man equal alike with no religious barriers. Future is all yours to behold!

As I congratulate the CM, it all the Great Expectations of the aam gujarati for a better living and peaceful Gujarat as it's been for the last many years.

Here's the site coming with updates of the CM and you can watch all the videos too. Esp. on Terrorism. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Whoever wins, one thing is just amazing - Even kids in gujarat were spotted asking this Election day, 'Who are you going to vote?' Complete awareness of the voting rights and we found a many youth holding the finger of the aged and families together, voting yesterday! Jeetega bhai jeetega par chak de kaun karega - remains to be seen.

Well, all waged war of words and for the CM, it goes, 'It's all only words and words are all I have to take your heart away'. Especially, before the big day, he was spotted asking the crowd, 'will you do satnarayan puja to make modi win' and the crowd said, 'No', 'will you do hanuman chalisa to make modi win' and the crowd said, 'no', 'will you go walking to Ambaji to make modi win' and the crowd said, 'no', So then, will you go to vote and crowd shouts, 'Yes' - wow, this is called spreading Awareness of Right to Vote:-)

Change Attitude, change life. Who says, Gujarat people are'nt aware? Do media need to
show those empty chairs or held the CM responsible for price rise of oil and vegetables in gujarat? Or even, go to the extent of writing that women are not safe here...No ways, you can fool people some of the time, you cannot fool people all the time!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Missed on posting? It happens when Elections are round the corner! Well, here's Deepal on the Sambhaav site with all the news, views and more on Political scenario and elections.

Btw, here's the updates on on Literature characters. Enjoy!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Aids awareness is clear and present in Society. However, there has been alarming rise in Children's HIV/AIDS and women too. Exact figures are not known of cases from Gujarat but here's the un-updated link on Gujarat Govt. Health Initiative website. And here's another link, (Gujarat State Aids Control Society) I can't figure to get the reports!

It is revealed, Youth indulge in serious risk to catch the infection. It is alarming to know as per the Report of ActionAid and VSO, UK, nearly 40 pc of those contacting the HIV virus in India are women. Over a 21,000 children are affected this year compared to the previous figures.

Whatever, Gujarat is a land of Free and the most risky spot if you aren't Aware, Beware. Check this on Aids Day and light a Candle through a Kidsfreesouls link to support the cause wherever you stay.

- ilaxi

Monday, November 26, 2007

Awesome Diwali celebrations and still going on! That's our Apnu Amdabad - A heaven on earth, you can call! Endless festive celebrations and endless marriages - bethaks n sangeet sandhyas n all that goes upto after marriage ceremonies!

And the best part for me was, listening to the best humor of our CM Narendrabhai Modi at the GCCI Diwali meet at Rajpath club. I've met him and heard him a couple of times but this speech had too amazing shots - you got to be present to believe it coz the media is only going to show empty chairs in the newspapers - a rosy picture you can create any time 'As you like it'. A great sense of humor and bold allegations, ask any business person present there and all smiles goes the answer, 'Lage raho, Narendrabhai.'

Btw, what's your say? Is any one capable to be a CM in his place? Post a guess name and we can wait to c who wins the elections!
Not much to say further, here's goes the Hi and thanksgiving day at kidsfreesouls with the added Literature pages and lots more....Enjoy!

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Kidsfreesouls wishes all readers:


May your each day glow with Happiness and be bright with the colors of Joy!

And here's Sunita Williams with Kidsfreesouls Kids Reporters - Say Cheese! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A recent case of a teacher punishing the child led to new concerns on Why spare the rod (should we spoil the child?) Well, I feel every child need the vital ingredients of self esteem:

Physical safety-freedom from physical harm.
Emotional security-no pressure and fear
Affiliation-sense of belonging and being wanted
Purpose-feeling of some meaning in life and looking for direction

However, as a teacher I can say, Parents and teachers are more responsible as they fail to discipline the child. Are we not pampering children a lot? Rather, we are more 'wandering' ourselves and caught up in the wave of new gen living lifestyles! Should we spank or not...well, a concern but the recent announcing of the law calls in for the FIR - check in Kidsfreesouls on this.
- ilaxi

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Are you ever let down by an arrogant Boss? Read more on and read the Book 'How to Manage Your Boss' - too quick easy steps indeed!

Btw, Here's 'Kuch Is Tarah' by Atif Aslam - Lemme know your choice:-)

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Concerned with Environment Issues? Read Earth Talk on - a column since more than five years related to Q & A on Environmental concerns. Send your Questions and you sure get the answers from Ed Doug Moss of E-magazine.

Btw, wanna Unite Bloggers worldwide? I missed on this earlier but still, you can Make a Difference! All you do is, Blog on Environment concerns on your Blog and 15th October is Blog Action Day - Unite to make a difference. Find more on my website and also some concerns on my recent Ed Blog here.

Join Here:

Blog Action Day - 15th October. Join to make a Difference!

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wondering...are you into Stamp Collecting Hobby? Any other? Why don't you add your hobby to my comment section here - Maybe, this can be useful to children exploring on the web! As kids, we often engage to a lot of Hobbies like stamp collecting, cars collection (ugh, models n dinky cars I mean), marbles, post-cards, first day covers and more n more...I collected stamps and marbles. Even had many pen-pals with whom we exchanged our stamps and shared our travel experiences n more.

Well, being a World Post Day, here's a month of Project for Kids that you can Home School them at your own pace. Even Learning and Teaching Computers. The monthwise Projects you can find on this page might be a help for many parents, teachers and even kids.

Many times, we want to bring about a difference in Education but it almost begins at home. Why do we have to rely on teachers when we ourselves can motivate our kids and color their world with rainbow of activities!

Fine more inputs on Kidsfreesouls - Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Schools, colleges kept students away from Gandhiji - reads a headline and so very true! Children in town were enjoying great holiday evening with snake charmers, magicians and bioscopes watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, Spider man and Jurassic Park!!! Forgotten was Mahatma Gandhi in his own land when UN declared his Birthday as International Non Violence Day!

Well, yeh hai amdabad, yeh mera amdabad! All the Educational Institutes who're busy with Social Organizations and activities could have at least remembered to intitiate Gandhian values through competitions and quiz!

Anyways, here's - now with a redesign and still with some teething problems. Any suggestions and do lemme know. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, September 28, 2007

No wonder, a Health Policy is definitely required for the teenagers and young bubbling IT Guys who stress out blinking in front of the computers whole day long! The IT and BPO Life is taking a toll with the tough schedule causing sleepless days n nights, mental stress, depression and even psychiatric problems apart from many other real health and social hazars. As such, the Union Health and IT Minister is setting to form a special Health Policy for the BPO sector and a conference is supposed to be held in Bangalore for the IT sector reps.

Hmm...I been redesigning and sure is a long way to go - However, slow but steady ever win the race! If not, reach somewhere half the way;-) As I experience, I know, It sure is a good idea for a Health Policy for IT buffs cos working 24x7 calls to check on health. My Book Guardian of Angels has some concerns on kids using computers 'Is computing safe for kids?' - I wonder if the parents and educationists understand what it means to be 3-5 hours being on social networking sites! Afterall, schools here do not have the online assignments nor are the teachers savvy - Are they???

- ilaxi patel

Sunday, September 23, 2007

There, it's Sunita Williams all the way here and in the minds of Children. A parent told me that her child was going to Interview Sunita Williams and she's gonna ask her how she got her inspirations. A question I quipped in the class and they all spoke her name with a bang and spelt the word 'Astronaut' correctly while they find mistakes in spellings of many other words. As these children here are so inspired by Sunita Williams, I wonder if Suni too need to get inspired by these kids here.

The reason is, Sunita Williams clarified and regretted, she cannot speak Gujarati or Hindi inspite of her roots here. Whereas the kids over here are Jack of all Trades - they learn (rathar schools and parents too teach them) Gujarati, Hindi, English and even go for Spanish, French, etc. learning.

And well, our Gujarat University here seems to lack knowing proper Gujarati! There seems to be lot of mistakes in a Certificate given to Suni - ugh, oh, now I guess I need not fear of making those rasvai-dirghai and all those spelling blunders I make while I write the Shabd Preet - Relax me, GU makes mistakes, so I am apt to;-)

- ilaxi

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Guardian of Angels has been in news with the POD Technology - Read more on this on Guardian of Syndicated Blog here. The Kidsfreesouls Editor Blog will now be found here with all the links to Blogger Posts from main website - Newspaper for kids with resources for parents and teachers.

Check on the Feedburner changes and those using the ftp bloggers have more means and advantage to shift over to Blogger tools!


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Got a very nice Blog and think you should be Awarded? Here's your chance at Bloggers choice Awards to get your Blog roll in for nomination or just vote a good blog in various categories. The voting for Blogger's Choice Awards 2007 will end at 11:55pm on October 19. Winners in each respective category will be recognized at a one-of-a-kind awards ceremony on November 10, 2007, at PostieCon in Las Vegas, NV.

You can brag badges for your site like this one below ( :

Here are 2006 Blog Award Winners to inspire you - some way or the other.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Reviews of my Book, 'Guardian of Angels: A Practical Guide to Joyful Parenting' are placed on my Book Review Page on Kidsfreesouls. The Book was also covered in Divya Bhaskar with a different note with concerns on the future of POD Book Publishing and emerging trends on opportunities to be an Author. Here's my Press coverages page.

However, the one I really missed out was a Review by Ravindra Thakore in Jansatta-Loksatta, Ahmedabad and Baroda Edition. I came to know of this review when I got the copy of this edition after a month! Here is a brief review on Shabd-Preet.

Btw, Happy Janmashtmi! Here's the Krishna Pages on Kidsfreesouls and the print article on Krishna too. The same is yet not in unicode fonts, so you need to check on this font downlad:-( Anyways, Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fashion in classrooms? It's an amazing change in Apnu Gujarat with Schools calling for Fashion Designers from Bombay and setting up Children's Unique School Uniform Wardrobe. Get to read on this on Kidsfreesouls Here.

Btw, have your burnt your feeds with Feedburner? Google earlier acquired Feedburner and now it's Headline Animator is turning to a Marketing Tool. Here's more to know on how you can take the best advantage to be popular on the web and reach to millions with your contents. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The television and news reflect the story of Adnan and Orkut. It was in 2006 when Rupert Murdoch swooped in to buy MySpace, paying $580 million, Wall Street suddenly got the idea to line up for social networking. Face Book and Orkut has headed to get popular and I find almost all teenagers in town has made an avatar and a profile on such Social Networking sites including Flixter. They join becoz their friends have joined. I even see thousands of scraps and thousands of friends - Is that possible? I wonder. I can't understand how one can afford to waste three to four hours writing scraps! That to, to people you don't know! The 'He' may be 'She' and vice versa or 18 maybe 81 - who knows! Long way left outs are ICQs and Messenger chats. Every parent need to be alert for what purpose the kids are using the web and every school and teachers need to be careful while they make school sites and blogs with student comments - the search reveals the names and email ids!

Yeah, I do have my profiles here - At face book, it's the market place, at Orkut, there's all ex-students of Swagat, at My Space, the musicians who share staff notes and songs since I am a keyboard Player and at Flixter, Hi Fi, elsewhere, it's most about promoting websites.

Whatever, the New Mantra of Online Advertising is : "Advertise on social networking sites." 28 million Indians and the age group is 18-25 - a target audience with buying power. Content-specific advertisements have become a rage on networking sites like Orkut, Blogger, Linked In,TechTribe, Ryze, Flickr, MSN Live Spaces, Fropper and Facebook, which the advertisers are seeking to target as per the lifestyles of the younger generation. Here's Tech Crunch's Top Ten Social Networking websites-2006. And Here's the 2007 Top Social Networking sites Report. You may find the Internet Safety tips and links on - I guess, why the kids or teens - Even women and all of us need to follow the codes of conduct on web and Beware - Take care.

- ilaxi

Monday, August 13, 2007

Want to book a Galactic suite in Space Hotel? Call on us at Swagat! Well, the Reuters news page on kidsfreesouls is all news as the first hotel planned in space, expects to open for business in 2012 and would allow guests to travel around the world in 80 minutes. A three day stay will cost $ 4 million and the most expensive on space. You can watch the sunrise 15 times in a day. Aerospace Engineer Claramunt came with a novel idea and is supposed to spend 3 billion for the project. So, start counting your $$ and get ready for the flight!

Well, dreams don't turn to reality unless and until you have sheer luck! Anyways, get on to kidsfreesouls for the Enid Blyton and the news piece on The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) recently urging parents to fearlessly file FIRs against schools if children complain of abuse by teachers and cases of spanking in the classroom. Read more on Kidsfreesouls!

Btw, there is not much time online these days and no chance for any updates on Shabd Preet Blog. Also want to reframe the blog and add topics - Any ideas there?

Well, Life is much happier drifting to the newly opened Malls and believe me, it's great shopping spree at the ISKON Mall with a very much bigger Reliance Fresh soon to begin. The problem only is 'TRAFFIC JAMS' - be it Himalaya Mall or Iskon or Gallops or wherever.....

- ilaxi

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

In the land of five crore Gujarati comes the pouring rain with the mega city streets submerged in water! Our savvy CM is in real trouble not only with the rains but with the political blows/rows too - And I heard, he's married and got a son too! Gossip...gossip...

Well, well, what do citizens care except they see a vision and a developing State! After all, those who have the double standards would no doubt, speak and write trash!

Btw, are you a parent or a teacher - Sure, you are in stress if you have children who are still schooling! I heard the English Medium schools here have planned for Extra English Speaking Course and parents have to pay Extra - All because the schools are incapable to teacher conversation in classrooms! And yeah, a certain website is recommended by teachers to parents and students and projects are given in classroom to use this website - who will incur the expense to log in as the site charges, I asked. Blank came the reply - Students and parents, of course! So, well, Education sure is getting tech savvy. After all....

- ilaxi

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Did you read Harry Potter? Somebody asked me. And it's a blank "NO" - I read Barbara Cartland! And Judith Macnaught n my recent read is "Every Breath you take" and before this, "Perfect". By Nora Roberts, Spell Bound and Julie Garwood's "Shadow Dance". And we have the Robin Sharma, Paul Coelho and Cobra II by Michael Gordon and Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright - No Harry Potter!!! When the world goes mad, someone got to be sane.

Now, this calls for the video mashing of speeches of Robin Sharma and here's one, if it so interests you. Keep on the check for more to appear on my Biz site and kidsfreesouls too.

If you find this interesting, do mash it too:-) Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Atmanam rathinam viddhi shareeram rathameva tu,
Buddhim tu sarathim viddhi manaha pragrahameva tu.
Indriyani hayanyahur vishayansteshu gocharan,

The atman is Rathi - owner of the `chariot' - the body,
The intellect is the Sarathi - driver,
The mind is the rein,
The senses are the horses, and
The Panch Vishayas - material objects of the five senses - are
the fields of pasture for the horses.

i.e. The person whose Sarathi - intellect - is wise, whose mind fully controls the senses, can traverse Samsara to reach the desired goal - the Lord's abode.

You can read more details on Krishna here on Kidsfreesouls Krishna pages. However, the gujarati page do not show the fonts in a proper manner as I have yet to convert this to unicode. I've almost stopped writing spiritual and management articles, the day I no more wrote for the guj newspaper! Maybe, I drifted now writing on War and Education!

If you are interested in a research on the Use of Computers by Teachers, find the report on Do let me know your use of Computers - if you are not into Tech field.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Now, now that's what you call Unaware of Google Ad trends! A recent headlines on front page mentioned of website exhibiting some real bad ads appearing on a government website. I guess these ads appear almost on all the websites currently!!! Refresh the page and you see newer ads. I wonder the 2005 program has again arose or what???

Whatever, life goes on - Btw, Google referrals beta version is on way and as the experiments go on, here's fresh topic on Goal Setting for kids. Follow the tips on Goal Setting Ingredients in my book with this note. Yeah, if you have kids, check on the links on kidsfreesouls too and download the Mind what you do on web copy - for kids and for all.....enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, July 06, 2007

An American Amdabadi, Mahendra Shah is a businessman who over 30 years has recorded his musings of the Indian community in America in the form of original Gujarati and english cartoons. His book Ame American Amdavadi is a kind of a unique collection over 250 Cartoons to offer a unique perspective on the life of Indian immigrants.

Shah lives in PA and you can contact him for the book if you so believe in Faith, Hope and Charity coz all the profits from the book will be donated to designated charities under the Author's program "Art for Charity". You can contact him on and visit his website too. Btw, the half cup tea or the rakebi fashion is now gone and almost the clubs are getting ready for bars here I heard but I guess the nri amdabadis still has the saucer tea!

Btw, I earlier mentioned of Karmacy Band who came out with a Rap and here is the You Tube Video on Blood Brothers and I am sure, you will enjoy!

- ilaxi

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Are you in US? must be a yummy treat for us here if you parcel the Ice-creams and yeah, I promise I am gonna send you the Kulfi from here - all fully packed and sealed in great containers - the pista and badams...Wondering why? First it's the US Happy Birthday week celebration and secondly, July is the month to celebrate 'National Ice-cream Month'.

Well, live life King style or the Queen. Try your hand on my TOI-SOFTEL (1995) Award winning Ice-cream Recipes there to observe the Ice-cream month and if you find cool, serve to guests too.
Here is my note with the link to Ice-cream recipes. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Want to read Spanish? Here's my new blog in Espanol - Earth Talk related Questions. Together we can build a better world! Click here.

And a Very Happy 4th July - Enjoy the bursts on kidsfreesouls - In association to New York Times link!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

क्या आप रेडियो सुनते हो? पता है एक दिन के लिए इन्टरनेट रेडियो बिल्कुल शांत हो गया था ! वजह जानना चाहते हो तो यहाँ पे क्लिक करे

Well, this is the Hindi unicode written with the new Google Accounts. I guess, gujarati will soon be available too. Gujaratis, however need to be more on the run to keep the language alive as apart from English, Hindi is soon going to storm over on the web.

Anyways, there you go with the information for the online Internet Radio and listen to the cool Desi songs over there through my Tech blog link. And for all who wish to listen to my fav specials, there's Launch Cast - aha..Yahoo...on the right bar! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I have been reading quite a number of blogs on the web lately. In gujarati, we call 'alankar' and I find the use is fading! As in English, we have the rich Idioms - the special uses of words or combination of words, phrases or turns of expressions that are peculiar to a language. When I take a Vocabulary class, the words meanings are searched for in a dictionary but when I take an Idiom class - the same very search becomes too hilarious coz the children find the exact meaning of the word - Double meanings and we end up with fun learning!

Well, here is a tip for many who find conversation flaws too. English has become a compulsory subject in Gujarati medium schools now and no point in fretting and fuming over the language barriers - In Gujarat, we speak the language of love and brotherhood - whatever language we speak or write or have to learn, the laws are all written in English! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, June 22, 2007

I guess the new look of the Blog says a lot for the time being. Btw, do peep in Kidsfreesouls for the Google News and news you can Mash around....Yeah, also for the Best Music Download site links as June 21st marked the World Music Day. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

There has been some errors with my Blog, so keep on checking with a smile to brush off excusing me....Google is on way to manage Google Accounts! Did you check out the igoogle feature? You can now add my Blog widget there from kidsfreesouls site!

Well, the news around here on my desk is again the CM - all with the development, in comes a flaw - The State's infants are found to be malnourished and the level is rising higher that the national average. Below 3 years children, the situation in tribal children is worst. The CM is shocked with the statistic reports of malnutrition in kids and have announced 'Bal Bhog' project under which 1000 specially indentified malnourished children will be brought from nine most under-nourished Districts - Banaskantha, Vadodara, Bharuch, Narmada, Dangs, Sabarkantha, Surat, Valsad and Navsari. Under the project specially made chocolates containing Vitamin A, C, folic acid and iron will be distributed.

Read more on Kidsfreesouls News - Btw, Now you can MASH my News at Kidsfreesouls! Check this out....News you can use, news you can pass......

- ilaxi patel

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thank you CM for the Path to the road ahead of Progress of the State....So, says the ad in the newspaper today! Anyone there for Kudos n three cheers to Narendra Modi and his Govt? Yeah, the kids may shout out there - 3000 kids taking part in the very busy Himalaya Mall - so big and packed with kids having fun galore...With more and more jam packed Malls in town and more coming in all states, Tourists sure to come! All with a cow on the narrow roads in the monsoon jamming the traffic and like shown in the movie Traffic Signal, the tourist will click the pic and the beggars will ask for a rupee and ultimately, if you don't give, you will be pulled out of the car by her! It happens only in ....CM's land!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Resync your way to Healthy Feeds Now with the Chicago based Feedburner which has been recently acquired by Google! Currently, Feedburner feeds 431,171 publishers who've burned 736,494 feeds as of 29th May 07. Blogger. TypePad, WordPress, Myspace or podcast/video feeds are burnt at Feedburner. You can Publicize, Optimize, Analyze, Monetize at Feedburner.

More on this on Kidsfreesouls Tech Blog or Subscribe my feeds and enjoy!

- ilaxi

Monday, May 21, 2007

It was always so easier to talk on three Ps : Press, Politician and Priest. You can rather add one more keeping in mind the Vanzara case - the 4th P - Police! Well, while surfing the Gujarati web blogs, I came across a profile which says:

" I can describe my life using three "P"s.
Power: In any physical or mental condition one should work with equal concentration
Punctuality: If you will appreciate time, time will appreciate you
Perseverance: Fight till the last breath.

These are the inspiring words on Vishal Monpara's website! He's a savior for many English mediums and non tech savvy as Vishal has specifically developed a plug n play gujarati type pad "Vishal Monpara - gujarati type pad" - Yeah, no need to download fonts to write, no need to set up the system - Just straight away click to Vishal's Ready to Type and cook up the story you want or write comments to post on gujarati blog posts. A quick write, copy and paste where you want. Not only gujarati, there you find Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malyalam n more. There you go....Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Interested to read my blog on your blog? Well, even if not, here is a site where you can just add feeds and within flick of seconds, blog notes can roll down. Go here and for eg. Add - use the colors you wish for bg and text and submit.There, you see my blog rolling....copy the script and paste it in your blog template or website html page. Let me know if you add this url or else you can add your very own url like this one with an atom xml or rss and enjoy the sweet rollings.

For more info on Google gadgets and widgets, click for details on kidsfreesouls. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, May 04, 2007

In front of my desk lay a Quote:

Of Wisdom's way you would wisely seek,
Five things observe with care:
Of whom to speak,
to whom to speak,
And how and when and where.

Saying is a lot easier than actually putting into practice!

Well, here's to say, get into Alliance with for Question & Answer Column on You can now click on the Categories at the Question Box and Ask any Question. Even Answer with your expertise skills and earn points to get into "Hall of Fame". If you have any question worrying you and wanna get a quick reply, the interactive people on the web easen up your minds. I wonder, so many of us are exploring the www and so many answers yet remains unanswered - So, why not get into being interactive. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gujarat Day - 1st May and did I miss out - nah, I was watching the CM on the Television!

Here's a note from kidsfreesouls if you happened to miss out visiting the site on Gujarat Day. I am surprised, it appears in google search too as key words 'Gujarat Day, may 1'

From kidsfreesouls....

It always happens - When a Politician works favorable for the citizens, the media slash over the negatives of the politician and the party. It is said, check the P's and beware of them - the Politician, priest and the press. I wrote this article on Politicians-Endangered species quite long back. However, I do admit that some politicians may be a lot corrupted but our Gujarat government CM is on way to road ahead for promoting the state to newer heights and give a label of metro city to my town Ahmedabad, which is just about next to a Bombay or Delhi and Bangalore city in India. No wonder, by 2010, we can see tremendous changes for sure if the CM is able to fight out the odds and the black scars on his image.

Btw, 1st May is the 'Gujarat Day' and I heard Narendra Modi, the CM on the television. A man with a vision, he spoke on the development of the state and mentioned the many Initiatives taken by the Government. The government has implemented a scheme to impart education to children in rural areas through ‘Gyan Rath’. The other Initiatives are Raksha Shakti, Jal Shakti, Urja Shakti, Jan Shakti - Education, Security, Water, Energy and human resources are covered up by the State government and major initiatives are being taken for the e-Governance and with IT implementation, the Gujarat state is expected to reach milestones in the coming years. Here is the Gujarat State Profile and the CM's earlier speech.

- ilaxi

Friday, April 27, 2007

On the recent World Book Day, there has been a record number of people reading books with top on the list mentioned by a local newspaper which has books like Harry Potter, Wuthering Heights, Great expectations, Bible, etc. What is missed is the rich English Literature. Now, who would mention on Gujarati rich Literature when even English medium schools lag behind English Literature - hardly able to celebrate World Book Day and remember Shakespeare!

Well, I have a couple of Shakespeare books but the most easier for children and a must in Library shelf are Cherrytree books "Shakespeare for Everyone" by Jennifer Mulherin and Illustrations by George Thompson (As You Like It (Shakespeare for Everyone Series)). If Shakespeare plays are performed in the classroom, children may understand the story and its character.

I have a couple of thousands Archies and comic books in my library and like every year, organized an "Archie & Comics Day" with open reading participants for all children 1-7th std. It's time to encourage kids for reading as this is one activity that has taken a back-seat and most of the parents opt for summer activities like sports, music, drawing or math workshop. Even majority of parents do not find time for reading. There may be exceptions but most of the time, it's a show biz "I read a robin sharma" or I read..blah blah...

Btw, what do you read?

- ilaxi

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A recent survey conducted for Deloitte & Touche, US revealed that job dissatisfaction was a leading reason people make unethical decisions at work. The survey 'Ethics and Workplace' further says,91% believe that workers who enjoy good work life balance are more likely to behave ethically.

I think that the behavior of the leaders in the organizations; the managers, supervisors or as in a newspaper, the main Editors and sub editors are more responsible to be the most significant factors in encouraging or discouraging good behavior at work. What they do matters, what they do perform, makes a big difference too. They are in some way observed, used as role models too, whether they know or not. Being straightforward, honest and treating all employees equally is a good example of management. Taking credits for someone else's accomplishment, lying to impress or even lowering down the employee is the weak point of the leader manager who do not know how to balance job satisfaction levels. Ultimately, the employee may try to be in books by pleasing the manager for some time but when the self respect or the ego hurts, the job dissatisfaction arise. Competition among employees are nevertheless charted programs for motivation and building team spirits but if management fails at levels of its own understanding, unethical acts arise out of bad behavior patterns of their superiors. After all, most of the Bosses are found to be "Too Ambitious" and will go to extreme points in many cases. Ultimately, a dissatisfied employee will face the grudge unless he becomes a leader.

I recommend a book for all those dissatisfied employes on "How to manage your Boss" . Bosses miss out the time factor in knowing the individual strengths of the employee and here is the book that guides to follow the path to show the boss how capable you are. The boss is a human mind with full of power and pressures which lead way to make him to be a politician too in his own field.

Summed up, 72 chapters, the most important I find are:

1. Assessing yourself & Assessing your Boss Type
2. Building Trust
3. Complementing your Boss Style
4. Managing your Workload and managing teams
5. Receiving Feedback
6. Taking Initiatives
7. Self Development
8. Resolving Conflicts
9. Negotiating a Raise - Getting Promotions
10. Assessing abilities

Best on my Library shelf, this book gives me a reminder that if you wish to be an independent mind and working in own areas of interest, stick to your own work style and be your own Boss. Be your own role model as Bosses you believe in and make them your role models, sometime turn out to be role disasters as they themselves act unethical way!

Another book Managing your Boss (DK Publishing), Essential Managers series is a good pick and I remember gifting it to some friend.

It had good topics like:

1. Assessing your situation
2. Working with your Boss
3. Managing Conflicts
4. Improving your Prospects

And More. I have many books in this Essential Manager series of DK and well, these are the best picks on my library shelf.

I would say 'Be your own Boss' - You reach to scale higher every single day and reach your goals. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Google is on way to travel to London Book Fair (April 16-18) and here, to my happy moments of joy, I find my book now with the Google Books Partner Program. New lines of communication are on way with newer hopes. That's what Google (friends) are for.....! If the below link do not work, click here...on right bar - powered by Google. You may find Google Books Search page here too.

- ilaxi


Saturday, April 07, 2007

A story of rags to riches of a man 'Dhirubhai Ambani' and whose business philosophy led to the building of an empire 'Reliance Group of Industries' - a vision he foreseen when he came back from Eden. This book by is presented by
A.G.Krishnamurthy with a foreword from Mukesh Ambani. Way back in 1980 Dhirubhai had handed Krish the mandate to begin the Mudra Ad Agency and create the best textile advertising in India with a minimum Rs.35,000/-. Krish has closely felt the breathe of Dhirubhaism - Dhirubhai Ambani, a no ordinary leader but a leader who gave management a whole new "ism". As AGK says, "Dhirubhai was a person whose heart and head both worked at peak efficiency levels, all the time. And that resulted in a truly unique and remarkable work philosophy, which is what I would like to define as Dhirubhaism." The book gives a glimpse into the Dhirubhai's Leadership and management influence on AGK as he experienced working with him.

Dig more in the book for detailed Dhirubhaisms that we all need in our life exclusively listed by A.G.Krishnamurthy and I am sure, you will be more than happy to thank me for this recommendation:-)

Look more for the Dhirubhaism review here.

The Book Launch/Meet the Author in Ahmedabad: 7th April at Crosswords, Mithakhali - 6.30 p.m. with Ramnikbhai Ambani as Guest of Honor.

Btw, Krish has ever been my first Boss as I started my career in an Advertising Agency 'Shilpi'

- ilaxi

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Niel Patel, an SEO prove his talents as he challenged SEO criticisms made by Jason Calacanis some time ago. Niel Patel had given open challenge to the co founder of Weblogs Inc and the GM of Netscape Jason Calcanis. Niel challenged to prove that he could boost search-driven traffic on the Calacanis site by a minimum of 10 percent within 30 days of making the changes to the site. With over
7,449 search engine hits within just a 5-day span, Patel has been able to prove a 21 percent increase in traffic on the site. And that’s with only around 10 percent of the SEO changes. In a phone interview with Webpronews, Patel had this to say about the changes:

Another interesting thing is the Analytical report of google and I am quite aware as I find a considerable increase in my traffic rank since last many months. I guess any good person with great contents, average good design, great deal of seo tactics and implementing search strategies can reach to a milestone with high traffic as well as rolling with revenue too.

Get on to kidsfreesouls to explore and get to know how kidsfreesouls stand # 1 in Google (Results 1 & 2 of about 13,400,000) , yahoo (1,2,3,4 of about 8,890,000 )and MSN (1,2,3 out of 1,343,032 results)! More on this, coming soon on kidsfreesouls!

- ilaxi

Monday, March 26, 2007

Pop Star Shakira & Gazal singer Gulam Ali prove to be a better choice for entertainment than the Indian Cricketers who miserably failed to show their performance in on-going Cricket world cup. Maybe that is one reason I always go for the Soccer games as I do not wish to hang for long with hopes and get disappointed!

Well, as there is lots more going on kidsfreesouls News Desk, here is the news of the sudden death of Robert Krakoff, president and CEO of Nielsen Business Media in his Boston apartment. Nielsen Business Media is a leading market-focused provider of integrated information and sales and marketing solutions. It helps businesses go to market more effectively and efficiently with over 42 publications, over 60 trade shows and 185 digital products and services and offers insight,analysis and face-to-face contacts to help professionals better understand their markets, serve their customers and grow their businesses. The detail view can highlight more of their activities, if you are interested to know about it.

Also, here's Google News Desk on kidsfreesouls with specific news. Schools worldwide has been using kidsfreesouls Google News and all other news section on Kidsfreesouls for their school projects. I am sure, you will find a lot informative and updated news - of coz the Reuters Video News which show up news quite before print newspapers too:-) Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, March 16, 2007 I made a post and opened my mail outbox, here is Sureshbhai Jani's mail and for all those very interesting people who sort to dig deep into Spirituality, here's an invite from Sureshbhai to discuss on open topic "Why Religion is required for human beings?"

I may not have the time in my whole life to participate at every step but than I do read all my in-coming mails while I drift to horizons writing my way on web at Kidsfreesouls - a commitment to all my other websites too.

Keep the faith.

- ilaxi
If Life is a Game, Play it. But, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules!

A must read for people who are Too Nice to be Too Good! A basic spiritual primer for what it means to be a human. The author explains 10 simple rules. No mistakes but only lessons to be learnt. As per my experience, any person in life needs :

1. Acceptance & Appreciation
2. Self Esteem
3. Respect
4. Endless learning in a school called 'Life'
5. A better living style

We are enrolled in a full time Life School where there is endless experiencing and endless learning. We may like to learn these lessons or just hate this experiences but ultimately, it do make you a better person. There is no better place than 'Here' living on the edge, whatever Life offers and in this presence, we simply get to reach 'There' - And yeah, this is a better 'There' always than 'Here' coz the very experiences in life takes one to a higher ground and makes a better compromise with life - Some things happen in life just for GOOD.

The Rule 9 in the book says all :
All you need to do is look, listen, and trust

This gives Inner Knowledge - Just listen, vision and trust in own abilities and in your own beliefs - But Never Speak! Silence is a blessing and silence is peace.

Well, grab the book from the book shelf or just Find your strength in difficult times through books by Tata McGraw Hill editions or Chicken soup for the soul series (my ever fav')or even, I would say, Get a copy of 'Tough Times Never Last but Tough People do'

Enjoy n Cheers reading in....

- ilaxi

Monday, March 12, 2007

12th March 1930, Gandhiji in his boldest act of civil disobedience against British rule, began a long march to the sea in protest of the British salt tax. Gandhi and his followers eventually reached the Arabian Sea, where they made their own salt by evaporating sea water. The march, which resulted in the arrest of Gandhi and 60,000 others, earned new international respect and support for the leader and his movement. Gandhi's nonviolent methods, including dramatic hunger strikes, eventually did bring great results to his goal of Indian independence in 1947.

Well, 12th March is ever been my Dad's birthday and the birthday of Sambhaav. Years roll by....12th March and this date is wishing Sambhaav...Sambhaav started on 12th March 1986 under the flagship of Bhupatbhai Vadodaria. And so here's wishing him Happy Ageing and may he always be in pink health and best spirits as ever.....Also to Bhanuben, who has ever stood beside Bhai and walked all her life in thick n thin.

Nothing ever was built to rose to touch the skies, until some man willed it! Isn't this, oh so true!!!

Here's the pic of last year. So many changes but sure, Narendrabhai's vision will hopefully see a light. Apnu Amdavad gonna be a great Mega city ...

- ilaxi

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Amidst a critical opposition, the Budget is finally set to route the chart map of Rising India. As crystal clear, the Industry experts are disappointed with the decoded budget of Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. Though, there is good to forsee with the pharma, chemicals, petrochemicals, gems and jewellery and Textiles, there is reduction in duties and vision for more job opportunities in sectors of Pharma and Textiles, the MAT is sure to hit the export units. For the Education, smiles takes to miles. Primary to higher education and that's paying more 1% cess, however, there is positive view with more fundings for IT Education and promoting Gandhian philosophy by setting aside 30 crores budget plans. However, there is no positive action towards IT business as on the charts. As to human consumption, I think FM has totally ignored the spiralling prices of commodities and given more importance to the prices of foodstuff meant for pets and dog food!

Also there is no special benefit to Non Resident Indians, but the increase the threshold limit of exemption in the case of a senior citizen is a good idea for NRIs. There are now provisions for NRI investors as consideration of PAN as identification for financial transaction is a better option.

I guess, the view points always vary - What the budget reveals is a sweet n bitter taste to digest. Only important for a common person is to meet the daily demands of roti-kapda-makan but if this is not fulfilling, no budget is perfect or rathar, can be perfect as long as poverty is seen across the lanes.

- ilaxi

Sunday, February 18, 2007

An Explorer on web, I always tend to get drifted to newer horizons on web as well as in real life - That's how I came across the World Health Organization's website as I wrote the Blog on Health & Fitness/Food & Drink for The Statesman, Austin.

As such, I know of a PCA Group in Ahmedabad due to Milapsinh Jadeja - an enthusiastic young Photographer - Businessman and a family friend, who captures pics with unique taste. You can view his pics here on Flickr. His Pushkar Mela pics are just superb scenic beauty.

Well, as we talk of this, here's the related big bang Contest for all Photographers from WHO's Premier Photo and Video Contest "Images of Health and Disability 2006- 2007". This year's theme focus on Health & Environment, calling to capture emotions with creativity excellence and support WHO's global efforts to raise the awareness of the importance of ensuring healthier environments. Photographs can be submitted until 9th March 2007. More details can be found on the website of WHO here.

This reminds me to let you know of the recent features of Snap Galaxy. If you are an NRI and want to send back home, your pics can now cost you only Rs.4/- per print through Snap Galaxy, India. They also offer Free 10 prints to try out their service. Like the Flickr, you can access to unlimited Photo Space with Quick Uploader tool. You can show your talents with personalized pics here, tag it, comment or just enjoy! The best feature is that you can upload your pic at Snap Galaxy and link from your website or blog or just send the link in an email to your friends too. If you have a website or a blog, you can affiliate earning upto 200 free prints every year by referring Snap Galaxy to friends.

I got my cousin's pics through Snap Galaxy recently and it's great memories to share with our near n dear ones. If you have your pics to share with me at, do send me your link of Snapgalaxy and I will link your pics from kidsfreesouls. Only please be sure to send me links of pics related to Health & Environment or Scenic places. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, February 09, 2007

Heard this? Proposals to install the close circuit cameras at busy traffic junctions of the city and the project is rolling to the final stage! CCTV - The secret electronic detective and officials claim that a few hidden cameras installed at four junctions stretching from Usmanpura to Ellisbridge Junction on Ashram Road and other two at kankaria lake, will report of incidents recorded on camera and serve as evidence in the court as well. These cameras will add value as in case of terrorist attacks or traffic management. These cameras can tilt, zoom, or whatever...The total project will be costed Rs.1.65 crores as a part of the mega city project.

Ugh, now I think, like the serials of Ekta Kapoor, we are so used to listening of projects in Crores only. And yeah, will these Cameras take the zoomed pics of the beggars on the road? Some time ago, Devki of Radio Mirchi mentioned during her radio show and I actually witnessed - A lady in a car waited for the traffic signal to give way, ignored a beggar girl at the cross roads of Stadium circle and whoaaa....the irritated beggar girl pulled the women out of the car and scratched her face - Hmmm, this can make a whole difference for the mega city govt to look to issues of poverty too! After all, with so many credit card companies tempting people to get attracted to make the buys at mega malls and super markets - there may be an increase...who knows! What do you say?

- ilaxi

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Did I not say of the city roads in my last note? Well, a search in Google Maps gives a glimpse of my city - scaling higher and getting bigger to be a mega city!

And all who ever said, we searched your house but could not find the location and yeah, we didn't have much time's the tech savvy who can draw you to Google Maps - No excuses now...coz 'Where there is a will, Google shows a way" Keep on counting on Google technology for your day to day needs too. Even has set up its Grocery store with more than 14000 products, free shipping delivery to your door-step!

Yeah, if you click this link, you can find me computing here on my desk somewhere in University area:-) Enjoy!

You can copy my link and link from your site too - guess you may find CM Narendra Modi somewhere on the map sitting tall at Gandhinagar with the SEZ Bizmen

- ilaxi

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Global Investors' summit 2007 has taken the CM Narendra Modi's Govt. to higher grounds with the Big B's and who's who in town, shaking hands for a Vibrant Gujarat. Well, we vision a new Gujarat, a mega city in real true sense (What can we say of city roads in Ahmedabad?)

Anyways, here's my poetry 'Stranger in Disguise' selected by Voicesnet - and as I continue writing the blogs and websites, it's a welcome to send your poetry to be listed on - Maybe, you can be the Poet of the Year 2007 on kidsfreesouls! However, I admit, I do not believe in competitions nor winning on web but in the process, I guess it's learning and achieving while we strive to do so. You may check to read 'Stranger in Disguise' at kidsfreesouls and do send me your feedback too.

Cheers! n enjoy Life.

- ilaxi

Friday, January 05, 2007

As the new year 2007 rolls down the web lane, here is Best Idea I can pass on to all who are interested:-)

Best Resolution to Make for 2007

Do More than Exist
Do More Than Touch
Do More Than Look
Do More Than Hear
Do More Than Listen
Do More Than Think
Do More Than Talk
Say Something

Hmm..And now, for the stars to give to all Gujarati Bloggers, I quit voting coz I really appreciate all efforts on part of all bloggers especially those who are writing their own posts and coming out with their own creations, own design & ideas and above all, encouraging others to write in gujarati too...A unity to form a one big community remains when there is no competition, no push n pull method but a genuine posts, written with bottom of the heart. After all, search engines do see the results and yeah, as far as I know, gujarati people have one message board of SV on the web - If we really have to vote, why leave this board aside? SV deserves a star for the only Gujarati message board! I would rate for all bloggers and yeah, readers too!
Btw, here is a help file for readers on 'How to write in Gujarati' on the web. Here is your chance to Blog online and earn too:-)
Enjoy Blogging, Enjoy reading, Resolve to keep the unity!
- ilaxi