Friday, August 04, 2006

"In music, one must think with the heart and feel with the brain" and truly said, especially when you listen to the vocals of Aniket Khandekar.

Recently, Sports Club of Gujarat held a show of Aniket Khadekar. Incidentally, this happened to be the first show in the newly rennovated Hall as informed by the Sports Club Entertainment Committee chairperson Maheshbhai Desai. Aniket Khandekar happens to be a person of Inspirations. His vocals, teaming up with live performance with Ami Thakore and the Khadekar team, is all a rave with Gujarati & Hindi Classical song listeners. The evergreen song 'Laga Chunrimae Daag' and 'Madhubanmae Raadhika' sung by Aniket Khandekar prove 'par excellence' with the music beats behind blending to perfection. You'll want to hear these songs again and again endlessly!

Aniket Khandekar is the cool voice that springs the emotions and surfaces a feeling of strong sense of caring for the classical music. The music is stunning and you can call 'Music, the speech of angels' - undoubtedly when his soft, deep tones vibrate the air with the Gujarati or the Hindi scores and you know, its 'Music' that spells joy.

Ami Thakore too, stands a class apart when she sings a solo or a duet with Aniketbhai but than, Aniketbhai is the soul behind many students like Ami Thakore, who equally performed excellent on the stage. Aniketbhai runs a Khandekar Institute in Ahmedabad and strives to excel every student - be it vocals or learning instruments. The Khadekar's also has been active with the Inter Talent Club shows in Ahmedabad and has been encouraging members for participation and motivating them.

I had been lucky to attend this show by chance as we had been for the chinese cuisine festival at the club. Being members, we normally tend to miss out the club circulars. Attending this show, we realized how much we miss out due to our very own busy lifestyle patterns!

(Wanna learn Music? Wanna arrange a Music Show? Call Aniket Khandekar at 9898023872 or just reach here: 51/52, Nalanda Complex, Near Mansi Towers, Ahmedabad)

- ilaxi