Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rich nations do need to contribute fair share

Copenhagen and the buzz is that Prime Minister Singh is in Copenhagen right now with Environment Minister Ramesh making decisions that will determine India's future.

India has lobbied hard for the removal of both the peak year and 2 degree targets. India is understandably reluctant to commit to these global targets unless rich countries agree to do their fair share of emissions reductions. The biggest contributor to these emissions is USA. I think they are shirking their responsibilities and has more of their mess.

You can call PM Mr. Singh and Env Minister Ramesh if you think India should not block a 2 degrees target at Copenhagen. Instead it should be the driving force.

Without a strong Copenhagen treaty, our rivers will flood, our coastline will disappear, and our farmland will dry up as the Himalayan glaciers disappear. India must lead at Copenhagen if our people are to survive.

Read more in news and Cop15 here. Also find Environment column on kidsfreesouls.

- ilaxi

Monday, November 30, 2009

Patels rule at Umiyaji and Vadnagar

Did I really miss updating here? Well, not really coz when the newspapers are full of news, it reduces hassles for online updates. Especially, the most important news right now can be rated 5 stars for the coverages of Umiya Mata Mandir. DB has made all the efforts to provide indepth information on Patel Community and why would'nt I be proud? I am a Kadva Patel from Vadnagar!

Btw, Global warming and the issue burns as we hear that Seas are rising heavily on the coast of Saurashtra in Gujarat! This means, it may impact investments in Gujarat.

You can read on rising seas on Environment pages on Kidsfreesouls and find about Copenhagen Conference too.

- ilaxi

Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Well Soon CM Narendra Modi - Treatment responding

On 29th October morning, after he came back from Russia, Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi showed signs of cold, cough and body temperature and doctors examined him. He insisted doctors to take H1N1 test.

It turned to be Positive! Doctors attending have expressed that there is no cause for any concern regarding Chief Minister health and he is responding to the treatment. He is advised complete rest and isolation for one week. All facilities for isolation and medical treatment has been arranged at the official residence of the Chief Minister and the doctors team is on 24 hours attendance. An expert team of Doctors consisting of Dr. Atul Patel, Dr. Kamlesh Upadhyaya, Dr. R.K.Patel and Dr. Paresh Vora is attending on Hon. Chief Minister.

We pray God that Hon. CM recovers fast to be back at work with full force to serve Gujarat. You too, please pray for our CM.

Click for CM's Health Bulletin here.

- ilaxi

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Perfect Team Work:

The New Year begins with a result of PERFECT TEAM WORK!

Official Gujarat State Portal go live and I am proud to be a part of the Team as Web Content Analyst for - The Gujarat State Portal provides a unified interface to all Government websites and acts as a logical front-end to the Government’s vision and foresight.

With profound interest in technology and science, Hon'ble CM Narendra Modi has sculpted Gujarat into an e-governed Stated and has fostered several innovative applications of technology.

The thematic Portal provides glimpse into 5.5 Crore Gujaratis ‘Apnu Gujarat – Agavu Gujarat’ (Our Gujarat, Unique Gujarat) and act as catalyst to positively influence Gujarat and its rich Culture and traditions which has marked its footprints internationally. The Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi lives on to the boom of a 21st century Gujarat with robust and mass movement of Development and Progress with a Proactive Government.

Developed by Silver Touch Technologies and co-ordinated by CMO (Chief Minister's Office - Mr. Hiren Joshi (OSDIT) and all Departments, the site is an attempt to give a vision into the potentials of the state.

Watch this space as I write more on this. Enjoy:-)

- ilaxi

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year 2009

Happiness keeps you sweet,
Trials make you strong,
Sorrows keep you human,
Failures make you humble,
Success keeps you glowing
God Keeps you Going!

Happy, prosperous, healthy n peaceful New Year!

An sms I just received and yeah, we all need the wonderful thoughts to keep going.

Well, Diwali is rocking as it never was before! Illuminated lights bring in joys in abundance as people are found rejoicing on the streets, at home - sharing the joys of living.

Wishing all my readers who pass this way - good health, long life, peace and joy - click kidsfreesouls for reading on Diwali. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

Friday, October 02, 2009

My First Freesouls Page on Gandhiji

Friday, 1st October, 1999 - A copy of Freesouls in Sambhaav Newspapers.

My first Freesouls page of 15th October, 1997 was of Gandhiji too!

And the most highly surfed page on is of Gandhiji!

And Khadi, I use to wear and still do. My wardrobe has Khadi silk sarees and dresses!

Gandhian values and it comes from within.

I agree with some, it is difficult to follow the Gandhian principles today but I guess, pick some and leave some, Attitude is all that makes a Big Difference!

Here is Gandhi's view On Self Development :

* Don’t hide your ignorance out of false shame.

* Never mind if you are mistaken for a fool, but don’t take the risk of going wrong as a result of your ignorance.

* The mind itself is our enemy as well as our friend. It is our duty to keep it under control. No medicine from a doctor is required for this.

* Contentment is best of riches.

* Thought is father of action. Watch your habits as they become permanent and so adopt good ones.

Click for Kidsfreesouls cover on Gandhiji. And yes, go down memory lane. Send your or your child's drawing/painting and get featured on cover and Color Paste Board. Join the Facebook Event too.

- ilaxi

In Spotlight : Gujarat

Rural Sanitation Awareness Mission and the State level address of the CM Narendra Modi of Gujarat will be at Town Hall, Gandhinagar. If you want to hear him live, just click to sharp at 3.30 pm for the live telecast.

Btw, CM has already launched his prestigious CM Fellowship Program during Dushera festival. This will provide an opportunity to the youth to study and be a part of Government's administrative departments and other social sectors. They get a chance to work with top officials and experience the functioning of various departments. It aims to improve the declining HDI. The main values in this concept focus on ensuring security of life and secure livelihoods, provide equality between men and women and equity in opportunities and capabilities.

You can find further details, how to join etc. here on this website launched for the purpose.

As the CM says, "This is a chance for the counry's best young achievers to take on the highest challenges. You can take a step to change the future. I welcome you to contribute to transform in social development"

Well, tremendous changes and fast paced development - in spotlight, Gujarat -

- ilaxi

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joys of Giving - Free chai

Joys of Giving - Chai - This is the real way to go! Amdabadis love to have a cup of chai especially in a cup and saucer and that too, half cup of tea.

"Let's discuss our duties, over a cup of tea. And then put them into action...over, lots of teas..." Says Nitesh at Facebook Group. Free Chai is a group of volunteers who believe in random acts of kindness and importance of selfless service, sharing and care for people.

The Free Chai Group began its activities on March 22, 2009 and now around 1100+ people across the world celebrate 'Free Chai'. They are encouraging people to act selflessly and motivate them to give some part of their valuable time towards the wellness of this earth.

You can be anywhere, in any part of the World and spread the Free Chai message of Nitesh. Join the Group here and Join the Joys of Giving 'Free Chai' week here in events. The group spreads the Joys of Giving for a week as a part of Joys of Giving campaign .

If you are organizing the Free chai event in your area, don't forget to send the Photos to Nitesh to post it at the group as it can be inspiration to others.

And yes, in your Free Chai Talks, do ask people one Question from me: How will you spread the message of Love, faith, peace and unity among human beings? Email me the answers you get:-) or Join the Group and post answers.

A lot things can happen over a cup of tea, isn't it?

- ilaxi

Above Pic courtesy: 'Free Chai', Vastrapur Lake

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fantastic Navratri

Vibrant Gujarat 2009 - Life is indeed a Celebration. And I just experienced this during my visit to University grounds.

Memorable remains the Tourism Pavilion, the Saputara corner and the Special Investment Region presentation apart from Aishwarya's Garba and the huge unbelievable crowd celebrating the way they can dance and sing the venue. The venue is simply superb and Management ala grande!

At the food courts, most memorable was eating Rotla and oro prepared by women from Jasdan Taluka. The sweetness in their nature was just appealing.

My experience has been great and I would say, its 'Fantastic Vibrant Navratri 2009' here in Gujarat.

- ilaxi

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Navratri begins - Check Faith

Navratri begins and as you watch live the inaugural function at Gujarat University, click Kidsfreesouls Navratri pages to listen to Arti (wait till it plays or download) and find info.

Dive deep to your inner self and see what your conscious say!

Do you go to temple to pray & hardly take the trouble to join hands in your own home temple
Do you have bias against other religions? If yes, .Why?
Have you fought over religion with someone anytime?
Do you insist on your own religious beliefs or respect others too?
Do you think religion is more a hype nowadays?
Do you think people have turned religious as temples line up with devotees or is it due to problems they turn?
Has religious places turned to be business booming?
Do you keep prejudice because of religion?
Do you read the books of your own faith or others too?
Have you read the book of your religion?
Do you think religious stories were ‘framed’ by our ancestors?
When you celebrate a festival, do you try to find the Religious aspects behind it?
When you pray, what do say? Where are your thoughts?
Do you have faith in yourself and things that you can do? In others?

- ilaxi

Friday, September 18, 2009

Anti Terror Quick Response Teams

Gujarat plans to set up 111 anti-terror Quick Response Teams (QRTs) in it's move to toughen the drive against terrorism. The QRTs will operate 365 days round the clock in every corner of the State with hi tech weapons, equipments and vehicles.

Awaiting for approval for its proposal sent to the centre, Gujarat will be the first state to have such high level security. The 111 QRTs will be set its base with 78 Quick Response Teams in Districts, 12 in Ahmedabad, 6 in Vadodara, 6 in Surat, 3 in Rajkot, 3 in Western Railway (Vadodara) and 3 in State Control Room (Gandhinagar)
Where there is a mass, there is a movement and where there's a dynamic leader, State develops!
- ilaxi

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What you can do for your Gujarat?

September 17 and it had to be wishing the CM Narendra Modi on his birthday! Though he seems to be in Delhi and out of reach for many of his fans, you can always step into the new look designed website of CM and even get an opportunity to do something for Gujarat by being a volunteer.

What best gift can you give? Think and there you find the answer 'What you can do for your Gujarat'

- ilaxi

Monday, September 14, 2009

GCCI Business women wing Exhibition

GCCI Business Women's Wing recently held an Exhibition named 'Garima 2009' at its premises for products manufactured, traded and marketed by women Entrepreneurs. The Inauguaration was by Mr. Bharat Sharma, Zonal Head, ICICI and Guest Mrs. Jimmy Nanda, Mrs. India, Mrs. Universe Runner up.

This year, being the Silver Jubilee Year of the Wing, a committee is initiated to lift the self-esteem of businesswomen. The committee will focus on five areas, namely textiles, food processing, jewellery, handicrafts and tourism, informed Mrs. Neeta Shah, Chairperson of the Business women's wing. Priorities for overall development of women - enhancing their skills of English language and Computer skills will also be a major program considerations, she said. Supported by Co-Chairperson Deepa Shah and other active committee members, the Business women's wing is set to pace ahead to make women See Dreams, Think Big and Do IT.

The Exhibition stall participants were exclusive 'Women Entrepreneurs. The Exhibition was applauded by Women Entrepreneurs/stall holders who appreciated the Business women wing's efforts by providing three ps - proactive, platform and problem solving to lead to progress.

The wing conducted a three-day seminar on entrepreneurship for women to guide them on finance management, marketing management and other aspects of business. The programs and seminars were conducted for women on all the three days by various field experts who imparted their knowledge.

The expert Designer, Villoo Mirza also shared her experience and knowledge with the women entrepreneur. " We should feel hungry for knowledge. I am not a textile person by profession but learnt in process of love of work. I am an artistic and an aesthetic person," Villo Mirza said. She gave insight to various design techniques while she learnt with her wide experience being the Design Head at Gurjari, later NID and NIFT and now with associated with SEWA. She believed in 'No Spoon Feeding' but students should learn to understand the fabric behavior, material usage and many other things while they work with garments. Having imparted training at Arvind, she spoke on marketing and how to sell the products while focusing on quality. A presentation of Garment Design, fashion and styles was showed to the members explaining in detail.

A participant Prerak Soni and his wife who deal with Jewellery (SIPL) raised their concern on how to reach maximum customers apart from such exhibition. It so happens that due to time constraints of women and lack of reach and awareness, business drops at a time. They requested the wing to form an Association and provide information of such buyers with respective products. Mrs. Neeta Shah showed her cooperation and said, will initiate and help women to find resources. Mrs.Villo Mirza came with an idea to make constructive use of closed Mills and set up Clusters at one place for products like production units, packaging, marketing etc. so that all required facilitate easy working.

Well, I think, Sparks and they are sparklers - A positive 'Team Work' plays a role and a well 'Delegated' Leader's team can only bring results!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Newspapers in Gujarat - Get Inspired!

'Khabar Lahariya', a newspaper produced entirely by women in rural India, distributed to more than 20,000 readers in Uttar Pradesh is awarded United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation's (Unesco) King Sejong Literacy Prize for Excellence and Innovation in Literacy.

Khabar Lahariya has 15 women, newly literate "low caste" women who are trained as journalists by Nirantar. Besides developing their literacy skills and honing their reporting abilities, the women reporters are trained to talk to public figures, gather information and sharpen editing skills. The coverage of Khabar Lahriya includes politics, crime, social issues and entertainment for a readership that spans 400 villages in both Chitrakoot and Banda districts of India's most populous state.

Unesco's King Sejong Literacy Prize was instituted by South Korea and this year, out of the four winners, Khabar Lahariya gets $20000.

Newspapers in Gujarat - get Inspirations!

- ilaxi

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Let's Start Giving!!!

Get ready to give your money, time, skills or kindness during the Joy of Giving Week, to be celebrated from 27th September to 3rd October. Geet Sethi, Nandita Das and Parimal Trivedi have supported the mission of the NGO 'Give India' encouraging people to come forth and start Giving. A series of events has been planned in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore during the week. A nation wide movement!

Yuva Unstoppable, Darpana and Riverside school are active with their part for joyfests and shows and competitions.

Causes and they are on rise. You find them on Social Vibe or Facebook and now, headed by celebrity! Be a better person and be a part to community togetherness. Reminds me of the Song, 'We are the World, we are the Children.....So, lets start giving...(check for a video on my blog)

I wonder, we can have a week on 'Joys of Living' first! Joys come from what you do with a passion and for most of the people, at a time of money crunch, giving doesn't come so easy, does it? From a rich writing a cheque to a poor sharing a roti don't come so easy....However, if there was spreading the message of Joys of Living, I am sure, many would love to take the tips on How and Be Happy and Live life to the fullest.

- ilaxi

Saturday, September 05, 2009

CM addresses Teachers

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi felicitated 35 teachers from across the state and address over one crore students of various schools through video conferencing on Teachers' Day, today - 5th September 2009 at Tagore Hall.

CM's speech was broadcasted live in 7,600 primary schools and 4,391 secondary schools which have computers with LCD screens, 410 colleges and 90 self-financed institutes and 62 government polytechnics. Also broadcasted live on 8000 e-gram panchayats and local cable services. The Online website of Gujarat and CM's website featured online live web cast too.
- More on CM Narendra Modi's website Gujarat website

Sure, we all have the memories of childhood with a teacher who has changed our life. For teachers, it's sometimes children who makes a Big Difference! For more on Teacher's day, click Kidsfreesouls for the links and read my blog.

- ilaxi

Monday, August 31, 2009

Environment column at

Environment column on Kidsfreesouls Question this week: Since Obama took office, have any new incentives been put in place for homeowners looking to increase energy efficiency and reduce the overall environmental footprints of their homes
And the answer by Editor Doug Moss:
In fact, yes. Homeowners can get up to $1,500 back from the federal government for any number of energy efficiency upgrades at home. If you upgrade to energy efficient insulation, windows, doors, heating, air conditioning or water heaters between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010, you are eligible for a tax credits of up to 30 percent of product costs.

(Read more)

If you are living in India, you know where we stand! How could we want to 'Go Green' without incentives? GoG, please note the point!

- ilaxi

Friday, August 28, 2009

The winner

Narendra Modi,the Chief Minister of Gujarat has been chosen as The Asian Winner of the fDi Personality of the Year awards for 2009 by fDi Magazine, a premier publication and a leading title for the business of globalization.

Narendra Modi is the Chosen One. The most proactive, dynamic and innovative in securing foreign investment and improving the business environment. Last year, Gujarat attracted $2.8bn in FDI, 10.3% of all foreign investment inflows into the country and an increase of 57% on the previous year.

There is no doubt, NM's Leadership takes Gujarat on a higher scale on the world map and way back home, developments speak of Modi transforming Gujarat to Economic Powerhouse.

Click to read further on the winner's Official website.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Parsi New Year

The best part of Gujarat is that we celebrate all festivals - be it Janmastmi, Mohorrom, Pateti, Diwali or any.....And the beauty is that communal harmony exist with diverse faiths and people live in peace and harmony - It's only vicious minds who have devious plans and play their wicked games. After all!

Click for the Parsi New Year info 'Pateti' and we just love those sweet talking gujju with those antique cars and intricate borders and laces and the dhan shak...(mouth-watering).

In the news, A town of Silence built in 1767, Nagrol has more than a 100 houses owned by the fading Parsi Community. The town is set to become the first village in the country to host a Parsi Festival like the Tarnetar fair and kite festival. This historic village was developed by first generation immigrant Parsis who landed on the Arabian Sea coast in Valsad's Umbergaon Taluka bordering Maharashtra about 1200 years ago.

- ilaxi

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bhagvad Gita review

Celebrations of the birth of Lord Krishna and here's wishing 'Happy Janmashtmi'

This reminds me to share the review of Bhagvad Gita. With over two dozen languages and more than five million hardbound copies in print, undoubtedly, Bhagvad Gita As it is by Divine Grace A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA Swami Prabhupada is the best selling and widely read classic in world literature. It reflects the main literary support for the great religious civilization of India, the oldest surviving culture in the world. This sacred book is well explained, easy to read with sanskrit shlokas well translated and pronunciations made easier. The subject of Bhagvad Gita entails the comprehension of five basic truths. First, science of god is explained and than the position of living entities, jivas. The living entity is controlled by the controller 'God head krsna' and the material nature 'prakriti' and time, the duration of existence of the whole universe and karma 'activity' are discussed. Finally, its god's wish and he makes or breaks the world! Bhagvad gita is written with 18 chapters - the conversation of krsna with Arjun.
You can find the Book review here on Krishna pages on Kidsfreesouls, if you've missed out earlier.
Enjoy the festival.
- ilaxi

Friday, July 31, 2009

Join Hands, August is Friendship Month - Spread the message of love, faith, peace and unity among human beings..

Watch this Space here - Transforming for better egovernance!

Well, August is the month of Friendship and as usual, here's the Projects and Calendar for August month - Not a kid? Don't worry, still you may like to step to peek-a-boo Kidsfreesouls as there is much more than this - coming and coming.........

- ilaxi

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prohibition in Gujarat

The other day, I'd been watching the proceedings of the Assembly on Television. Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah agressively spoke to make his point that prohibition in gujarat was, is and will stay in Gujarat. The culture thrives to the fact with the principles of Mahatma Gandhi of a dry land.

The first step in solving a problem is to accept it and that he did. Even regretted and felt hurt self esteem that it happened with lives lost. He mentioned, "In earlier Government, there occured 13 incidents but in present government, this is the first!" Indeed, a bad fate of bootlegger-police-politician! One never can say, when next such incident may happen with ongoing activities in clandestine (and it is). Cops are transferred, reshuffled and stringent measures are taken, meetings held to identify ways and means to control. However, the fact remains, the frustrated, jobless, stressed, lonesome etc. are sure to fall prey to sort comfort. A need arise to solve these people issues and problems, create awareness on the hazards - now that dry measures are implemented and more stringent rules apply.

Narendra Modi Government needs to build the courage to go beyond and resolve for peoples' socio-economic-emotional issues to curb not only prohibition lapses but also other factors like suicide (are rising), seperations (are rising), hate, bickerings, etc. Time is changing and so is Economy - So will mindsets change!

What do you think? If you keep silence, one cannot bring about changes in a society, for sure.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

E Magazine & Earth Talk Q & A gets Eco Award, Read column on Kidsfreesouls

Total Solar Eclipse and wondering what would be the impact on your sun sign? Well, hindu traditions and rituals do make one believe in what the future behold!!! As development takes its course, yet we have the same beliefs and maybe they have some significance. You can read on this on blog with follow to other links.

Well, Since 2001, Kidsfreesouls is proud to present Earth Talk Q & A of Editor Doug Moss. And today, I am happy to inform that E Magazine and EarthTalk receive 2009 ECO AWARDS -Nation’s Premier Environmental Publication and its Weekly Column Recognized for Excellence.

Read Weekly Column of Editor Doug Moss 'Earth Talk Q & A Exclusively on Kidsfreesouls (since 2001- In English & Spanish) if you have not yet visited. Global warming is a big concern and the answers will give you an insight to many questions raised by readers like you. If you have any question on Environment, do send across to or
- ilaxi

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Americans, Study Hard to beat Indians - Should Gandhi's gujarat 'Go Dry'?

The MSN News caption says, "Obama asks Americans to study hard, beat Indians" - Gives me a hearty laugh. Finally, the Americans think, they have a tough competition.

The Obama government has already taken steps for building foundation for 21st Century Education System to allow them to compete India and China and everybody else around the world. By 2020, results are expected for a Super Power Educated Americans.

Great Initiative. Btw, you can cross your fingers and watch for major Projects and Initiatives transforming our very loving Gujarat. All we need is a Positive approach as far as we want a 'Change' and Change will come - We shall Overcome.

However, I do regret the Deshi Liquor scam in Ahmedabad. Can we call this, negligence of the Police Department or the Government? It is high time, the dry land turns to wet and if not, some strict measures should be taken - Else, in every nook and corner of a posh locality or a low BPL (Below Poverty Line) area, one apt to find corruption and daru ka adda. The victims falling prey to drinking are more the teenagers and of course, the economically challenged backward and BPL people.

What do you think? Should Gandhi's Gujarat 'Go Dry' or should the rules be changed? Comments welcome.

- ilaxi

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Video of C G Road - Walker's Paradise

Watch the video of the busiest C G Road on 4th July and the 'No Car Day' - Walker's Paradise CG Road on 5th July. Credits goes to 'Kaushik' who shows the picture of our city and presents on the web on 'You Tube' - Indeed, the idea behind the Walker's Paradise goes to AMC and Ahmedabad Traffic Police to experiment 'Go Green' - No pollution, no stress.

Kaushik has done an indepth video coverage and I am sure, many of you out there are going to love to see a city transforming to wonders. You are missing the love of your life and that is 'Ahmedabad' a paradise in Gujarat.

Watch the video below or log to You Tube. Be patient, if your lines are slow like mine:-)

- ilaxi

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mosey along Twitter.....

Follow Friendfeed:
Are you a fan of 140 character Twitter and addicted posting from any place, any where, any time? Beware!!! You are soon going to be insane or maybe your account will be 'Mosey along - nothing to see here' - Just Suspended for no reason of yours!

Read more on my Tech Blog on the recent Twitter Phishing and 4Chan invasion with Twitter Security lapses. Be cautious - Twitter is helpless to handle too many suspensions. Mosey along to Friendfeed which have more than 140 characters to offer + great features. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

Monday, July 06, 2009

Carnival on C G Road

Walker's Paradise on C G Road yesterday has been a great experiment for 'Go Green' - No Car Day was simply superb! It was like a fun Carnival.

We often end up our Sundays at a club or meet friends or get to the posh Fortune Landmark, Piano@Grand Bhagwati, Silver Leaf or the Taj - Maybe freak in at Chocolatery or Amazo...or just about Havmor ...whatever...However, believe me, if such 'Walker's Paradise' opens up at places, it is just about a 'Family Fun' and pollution free spaces. Kids had a gala time to skate, dance, go cycling, etc. There were caricature experts, tattoo makers, balloon vendors, bhel, pani puri and pop corn sellers - all through the road and people had just fun scrolling. It began with Jogger's @ C G Road followed by races and rappling and many activities for the amdavadis. Students of St Kabir School highlighted traffic problems and solutions. There were also look-alikes of Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Nana Patekar and Naresh Kanodia parading on the road with a huge group of children trailing behind.

I happened to freak for a change and saw the LIC sponsored Live Music show. The professionals sang their best but it were the kids who danced to the tunes and got the prizes. Moreover, it was an opportunity to listen to 'Bhowmik Shah' the young singer who sang the song, 'Tujhe dekh dekh sona tujhe dekhkar...' - Though Bhowmik sang his best numbers on the stage, we missed listening to this number from Kalyug. He is terrific talented boy from Ahmedabad and people went un-noticed to his real true identity at the show. I got his blur pic on my blackberry which is yet uploaded.

Well, I wish there was a permanent 'Walker's Paradise' on C.G. Road against all odds and oppose from the shop owners. Some of the buildings like Kalapurnam and Super Mall had sponsored space for these live perfromances though. Anyways, this is our Rocking town and getting more interesting day by day with all round developments.

- ilaxi

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Walker's Paradise - C G Road

Jointly organized by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad Traffic Police, all are invited on C G Road as they have a 'Walker's Paradise' - Yes, "NO CAR DAY" on C G Road today, 5th July 2009. Only, Discover Paradise, take a walk. There are added activities and lots of fun - Police Band, Cycling, skating, Face and tattoo artists, caricature artist, treasure hunt, car racing, dart games, dance performances....

Who says, Apnu amdavad boring che and there's nothing except malls and restaurants? Kankaria is full bubbling and so will be C G Road and S G Road, we all know is full of Traffic Jam - But, than it happens only in Ahmedabad that people are enjoying the fun and nobody stays home on Sundays - Home Kitchen is closed! NRGs...missing Gujarat? Well, memories stay forever..Still its not late, get yourself a 'Holiday.'

- ilaxi

Friday, June 26, 2009

Spreading Literacy - Heal the World!

To improve the quality of primary education in the state every educated person, non-government organisations and youth should devote at least 100 hours teaching the less privileged children, says CM Narendra Modi.

On the first day of the Educational yatra 1,82,800 students were admitted in various schools from which 87,048 were girls. The kindergarten also saw a wave of admission with 1,18,855 kids being admitted and of them 56,449 were girls. Rs 2.36 crore were donated among other items to various schools as well. In this drive, as many as 225 IAS, IPS and IFS officials and 30 ministers visited 8,638 schools in the state.

Posing as a role of School Teacher, the leader spreads a message of Literacy and encourages kids for Education as this is a prime concern as they are the future of the State.

Check for more on CMs website and meanwhile, as we miss the King of the Pop, here's a small tribute to Michael Jackson on Kidsfreesouls - Heal the World!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rathyatra 2009

Rathyatra and as usual, thousands of devotees at the procession as CM Narendra Modi remained present as per the tradition, did the symbolic cleaning of road from where the chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balram and their sister Shubhadra passed.

Check for some pics and details here....and find what does Rath mean? Rath in Hindu Scriptures is meaningful...Body Rath, Samsara Rath & Life Rath...

- ilaxi

Friday, June 19, 2009

Grande Punto in town - welcome baby!

The third generation Fiat supermini to bear the name Punto - the Grande Punto was unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor and Now Launched in Ahmedabad on June 19, 2009.

Ennovative Finanz sells the first car in Ahmedabad - Read more about the Car and take a look - She's a sporty - the Fiat Baby is sure to make eyeballs roll and amdabadis just welcome and love any car that makes a great Launch in town.

- ilaxi

Sunday, June 14, 2009

US Advice on Kashmir and Tehran's protests

The game of Politics and holes in BJP! And here's on MJ Akbar's article "The US Advice on Kashmir is Lunacy" - If you want to sell arsenic, the kindest way to do so is to disguise it as medicine heavily coated with sugar. There is nothing particularly new about the proposal of an interim balm for the wounds of Kashmir, demilitarization on both sides of the Line of Control. What is novel is the heavy Washington endorsement of this Pakistan -promoted option....(Read more)

Musharraf's ready to broker a peace deal sitting in London!

Indeed, search for peace is tougher - anywhere in the world! And here's fresh news on my desk, "Iran’s election ended with smoldering anger, crushed hopes and punctured illusions on the ground in Tehran and in the policy centers of Western capitals.

The streets of Iran’s capital erupted in the most intense protests in a decade as riot police officers clashed with demonstrators who accused Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of stealing the election......

Door slams on hope of change. A student says, "Now on we won't vote. They have insulted our feelings of Patriotism"

Manipulations in the government? and you never know....Politics and Politicians....the Ps and the rhyme, reason and repeats....But no Poetry!

- ilaxi

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Teachers' Distance Training Live Webcast and Parenting controls

Dr. Radhakrishnan said once "A good teacher must know how to arouse the interest of the pupil in the field of study for which he is responsible. He must himself be a master in the field of study and be in touch with the latest developments in the subject, he must himself be a fellow traveler in the exciting pursuit of knowledge"

Well, that's the way it goes....Here is the Hon'ble CM Narendra Modi of Gujarat with the Distance Teachers' Training Programme for the Elementary school teachers through Satellite Technology on 8th June 2009 at 11.00 am (IST) through the BISAG Studio, Gandhinagar. Over 1,94,000 Teachers over 4000 receiving Centers are participating in the Interactive Training Program. From 8-17th June, Teachers will get to watch and listen to eminent scholars as well as academicians as well as interact with them. You may log to Gujarat India website (State website) or CMs website for live webcast.

Here's on Parenting Controls and Palm Breeze Cafe on kidsfreesouls - For parents and teachers on 'Safe Internet Lessons.' Highlight kids on web lanes and on unsafe landings. Parents and teachers need to understand the 21st century communication and of course, understanding the Internet ideology and technology to use as a part of social life.

- ilaxi

Monday, June 01, 2009

Sanjeev Kapoor and Google Knol - Recipe contest

Are you a good cook? Your wife is a good cook? Or, can create a Recipe of your own but can't cook? Still, you have a chance to write your Recipe Virtually without cooking or eating...write one and boast you can cook.....Just, Share your Passion for Indian Food!

Sanjeev Kapoor is a well known name when it comes to Indian cooking and believe me, my mom-n-law makes great dishes experimenting what Sanjeev Kapoor and E-TV Rasoi show telecasts. And I enjoy experimenting and won me prizes. You too, can win prizes through Sanjeev Kapoor and Google Knol - Indian Cooking Knol-edge Contest.

Just log on to Google Knol and add your Recipe of choice. What more, you can write in English and get Hindi translations (You need to know Hindi too). Log in here and read my recipes too. Even if you don't prepare my recipe, I am sure you will love to read it coz creativity comes in Recipes too. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Click for the Live Webcast at for the First Convocation of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University - 5-30 today (in progress as I write this) with Chief Guest as A P J Abdul Kalam and Guest of Honour, H'ble CM Narendra Modi. A host of other dignitaries are present at the Convocation as the Awards and medals are being given away to the students by APJ Kalam and Narendra Modi.

The University has invested 65 crores in Infrastructure and intend to add over 100 crores more over the University development.

- Watch live....Now -

- ilaxi

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Challenges for the new Government

People of India know what is good for them and they always make right decision...Don't these words sound full of pride of winning emotions? The UPA worked very hard to fulfil those promises...of whom? They worked with dedication and sincerity - why? So many Questions as to what turned the cards and what went behind the scenes. One thing is for sure, you show dreams to the poor and they are your puppets. It is said, never trust people who flutter their eyes a lot! The winner always rule! But winners are losers too because simple logic says, to win, you lose something...only time will speak. Personal power is indeeda a powerful political gesture in India and even in 21st century, the Raja Maharaja rules - no wonder, we can never be super power but be puppets to the Super Power

CM Narendra Modi's Magic didn't work and now some politicians call it 'Black Magic' - it just turned black as everything twisted around! I guess, he never said, he wanted to be a PM, did he? I always heard him of speaking that he is a 'CM' - a common man who just went around to work wonders for the party - a 300 rallies no ever leader held in any campaign! Bad luck, though success came in Gujarat with marginal seats, it is just a surprize how Panchmahal and Sabarkantha just failed to expectations. Esp. Panchmahal saw the R Day celebrations with development to heights with various schemes. Infrastructure, health, education, women and child welfare, environment, water and cleanliness, power supply, etc schemes are under development.

Let's see now, how the new Government tackles the three most problems of the country:
1. Governance
2. Employment/Development
3. Terrorism

In comes, top priorities and their Vision Goal for next five years, at least! How they would tap in to combat issues of communalism and fundamentalism and last, I would look forward how they would bring Economic stability and tackle issues of poverty, rathar, minimise urban-rural divide.

- ilaxi

Monday, May 04, 2009

India's 21st century Role Model 'Gujarat'

India's growth Engine is Gujarat and India's 21st century Role Model is Gujarat - Did you read Ajay Umat's article in Divya Bhaskar and other pages on Gujarat? If you have missed, grab a copy of 1st May or read In the Spotlight online.

Also click to Gujarat Day page on kidsfreesouls and make your Swarnim pledge too.

- ilaxi

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gujarat - mine, yours, ours

Kaun Banega PM? The race continues as Voting in Gujarat ends! What was impressive was that elderly people were seen most concerned as they came to vote at the polling booth. Interesting was to see phones buzzing among the youth who rang up and talked to each other about the Elections and Mr. Modi. Another thing I felt was, the wave of Modi mania that created an air of election campaign that was never before. Even the Television channels for the whole day focused on Elections and CM Narendra Modi seemed to be the 'Talk of the Nation.' - whatever the debate was and among the heat of word wars was amusing admiration for him!

Well, whatever will be, will be...the future is sara, sara! Anyways, the state has progressed with all round development - Gujarat has maintained an incredible growth rate of 13 per cent. Ane 'Apnu Gujarat' is truly 'maru, tamaru and sarva nu Gujarat' - and the dream of the Narendra Modi to see Gujarat on Top of the World is our dream too....Isn't it?

Watch the Headlines Today Interview I mentioned in earlier post - on You Tube here. Also part one here. And here's Congratulations to the Best CM - 5th time!

- ilaxi

Saturday, April 25, 2009

CM Narendra Modi's Hindi and Sanskrit website launch

The official website CM Narendra Modi will today be launched in Hindi and Sanskrit at 5.00 p m at Ellisbridge Gymkhana. Vishwa Hindu Parishad President Shri Ashok Singhalji, head of the Sat Kaival Sampradya Acharya Shri Avichaldasji Maharaj and Sanskrit scholar Shri Dayabhai Shashtri will grace the function with their presence. The website launch in these two languages will help connect the masses, especially the younger generation, which is tech savvy and more likely to respond via the web medium, directly with the visionary leader.

Sanskrit is the most revered language since the ancient age of Indus Valley civilization. The CM believes that Sanskrit texts carry the fundamental underlying ideas of humanity at the highest level, and is of great relevance to us even today, as we cannot build a prosperous future without understanding our roots. Echoing the views of three of the greatest Indian revolutionaries – Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo, and Acharya Vinoba Bhave – that Sanskrit is the best way to integrate and revitalise India, the CM Narendra Modi, is determined to make Sanskrit the language of every Indian a reality.

As such, Gujarati version of the site is already available, Hindi will suffice more power being the nationally spoken language. CM's vision and tech savvy awareness tend to go miles further to take Gujarat on a higher milestone of success.

The CM's website is extremely comprehensive about the aims and vision of the Modi government. It is informative both about projects already under way and future initiatives and policies. As you log on, every day you find latest updates and I am sure, you can find more on this site as the Sanskrit and Hindi goes live soon...Read more on this here.

- ilaxi

Friday, April 24, 2009

Change will Come!

2 Million active campaign volunteers, 18% of total voter turnout, 2.1% Youth voted for Obama and Obama eventually won by 7% - Twitter, Facebook communities, door to door campaigns, pressure on friends and relatives, volunteer phone calls and Change has come to America - Youth changed the America!

With a campaign for the Loksabha Elections, Youth can change India. Half of the population in India is below 25 and 2/3 under the age of 35. They can bring the transformation and a great big change. Leaders like the CM of Gujarat can bring in a change who can be another Obama and its words and words only but more, Actions too that shows the results. I was just watching the Headlines show yesterday and found a Leader who had a challenging answers to the Anchor Rahul Kanval. As I wait for the transcript to come my way, what I gather is, here's a leader who has a vision to the future. He do not believe in 'forgiveness' and boldly says, 'Hang me' if found guilty. I guess, for a common person, what is important is development and not hang on to the who, how, what where or why and things that do not matter to him the most. What Gujarat is today, never was Before! The development of the State is on a fast pace and as I dig into the minute details of the State to pen down, I find Gujarat on a Map of the world - standing tall with its rich heritage, culture and economic growth.

Well, a debate can go on this but for now, find the pic of Debate panel of Headlines Today after the Interview of CM Narendra Modi by Rahul Kanval while travelling in airplane on 24th April. Log on to the CMs site for his tour programs as he has to his credits, more meetings than any other leader and more energy as he devotes his entire life for the Development of Gujarat and progress of India. Btw, a Poll conducted in Times of India as to which Leader would people pick to run the country, Narendra Modi's came on top. Read more on this here. Indeed, a matter of pride.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

E-greetings - an Innovative idea

Politics and it's ever been 'World of Word wars' - A race to power and power to glory - However, glory for the nation, people, fans, believers, supporters - What one could dream is Best among the rest who can bring about a difference!

Politicians, like Osho said, There would be no wars if they wouldn't exist. There would be no need fo the nations. Neither would Narendra Modi be bugged by the SRPs (Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka) nor would there be remote controlled politicians - Words and it's only words that makes wonder, I wonder!

Well, here is an Innovative Audio e-card with a quote by the CM with a witty cartoon or image of the leader who stand tall to take on the Congress in his most characteristic style. You can personalize the e-greetings with your message or by selecting a quote thereby. Import friends' ids and send them too.

- ilaxi

Thursday, April 16, 2009

India fights back!

CM Narendra Modi recently emphasised need for a strong PM. He says, ""We don't want a majboor (helpless) prime minister but a mazboot (strong) one for overall development. To bring about development in the country, people must vote for BJP-led front," Modi said during an election rally. What do you say?

Well, My Space/India fights back is Interesting as we see the young students fighting back "If I were a PM" and maybe like the movie 'Nayak', we may have an Anil Kapoor who rules in the end! Watch the video interviews here.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Health concerns and Sri Ravishankerji's views on Vote bank politics

I just updated my Health Blog as World Health Day was on 7th April. Normally, we celebrate days quite casually without giving a thought over it but Health concerns and it really matters! Especially, those on the Internet with couple of hours on surfing and even maintaining sites or promoting and marketing own blogs. Here is on Kidsfreesouls with link to my health blog on Austin 360, Statesman.

Well, I was just reading Sri Sri Ravishankerji's site and he says,

" India's problems are complex. And unfortunately these are compounded by vote-bank politics. Instead of uniting the different sections of society, many politicians divide it to keep their vote banks intact. If people are united, politicians won't be able to get votes through divisive politics. In such a situation, the only way for them to win votes would be through good performance. As citizens, we must protect our country from those who manipulate issues for their personal gains and who lead by playing vote-bank politics. Those with vested interests support insensible decisions and oppose sensible ones. We have to steer clear of such leaders. We must encourage broad-minded politicians and leaders to come forward and take charge, and to educate and uplift the society - spiritually, morally and socially. We need leaders who are satya-darshi (truthful), sam-darshi (equanimous), priya-darshi (pleasant), paar-darshi (transparent) and door-darshi (visionary). So, before we elect our leaders, we should examine their qualifications. We must elect leaders who will do away with policies based on caste, creed, religion and region; who will ensure that every child gets a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional education. We need leadership with a mission and a vision, leadership with a spirit of sacrifice, compassion and commitment. We must choose leaders who have a long-term vision and short-term plans to achieve it. They should have great personal integrity, and place the country before themselves......Read More"

Good Politicians do exist or do they? I wonder. One thing sure can be said for Modi's Gujarat is that though there are shades of grey of the riots, there is peace and before the name Gujarat comes in 'Modi's Gujarat' - This indicates that if we wish to see a dream shaping up for Gujarat, each one of us must not only vote but also encourage others around us to vote. When good, intelligent and well-educated people don't vote, they play into the hands of politicians, who use money and vote bank politics to seize power. Isn't this true? Ask many Youth, they never voted but now, they see some Power within their own Government and like the efforts of Jagoree, Aap vote nahi kar rahe toa aap so rahe ho'

Well, log in to Jaagore - and of course, Yahoo Election 09 and Money Control - kafi Interesting!

- ilaxi

Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogger allows Transfer of blog - for good!

There's been change on the Sambhaav site - all for good! I had been looking for the change for quite some time as the site badly needed a make-over.

This gives me an opportunity to explore Google Blogger more deep within and I find the changes at google end too.

Since quite some years, I wished I could change the name ' to something like 'random notes' and here's Google offering ftp updates to my own domain or just transferring to a new domain name through Google Partner for $10. This means, the readers can follow my all time notes to the new domain I choose.

Till I make the changes, keep following the blog or just drop in, pass by or say hi at - And here's a small quote that says:

"Everything that's worth something, costs something. The most important things are worth the price you have to pay to obtain them"

Well, we start paying a price sometimes for being Too Nice - For our Own Good! Check on the review and you will like to read it. As such, the book isn't available at crosswords or any book shop in town.

- ilaxi

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Narendra Modi and fans

I was amazed to see the Times of India, front page news with headline "Modi chalks out cyber war with e fans'. Now, this is just news piece! I confidently can chalk out on some points as I was present at the meeting with Hon CM Narendrabhai Modi and other e-fans and those involved in the making of his website and fan sites.

Well, I would not like to speak more on this but you can read on Desh Gujarat blog which has a reporting on the same. One thing that sure would be interesting as put up in the meeting that Google should start Adsense for Gujarati websites and blogs as more and more Gujaratis round the world have entered this phase.

CM Narendra Modi's foresight on technology and Internet is amazing and he seems to have deep sense of awareness on issues that need priorities and has a vision for a goal with determination, dedication and hard work.

You can visit his personal website here and follow Twitter Profile - Official. If you are a fan, do participate in the Quote Contest and the SMS contest online - Just Register to login and send Favourite quote you like of Narendrabhai and even create an sms and submit there. Maybe, you are the CHOSEN ONE!
Btw, here's an fan sites that might interest you:
many more...Search here

Want to be Interactive on Narendrabhai's website? After English and Gujarati, the site is soon being launched in Hindi and Sanskrit too. This will be the first ever site in Sanskrit!

Btw, Here is my How to Blog in Gujarati Help Guide.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gujarati Spell Bee and Blogging...

Enhance Gujarati word Power. I couldn't ever speak better Gujarati but being among many Gujarati bloggers, I have a chance to sneak in and peek a boo into the gujarati language and dictionaries that ever give me a clarity of the language.

Recently, I came across Vijay Shah's "Spell Bee" contest online. You have to follow the Bhagavadgomandal here which has the key features which say:

>In nine volumes and nearly 10,000 pages, it is the first Gujarati Gyankosh published after an extensive exercise of 27 years.
>2.81 lac words and with their meanings total number of words are 8.22 lac.
>It provides extensive, exhaustive and rare information on every subject, word and name.
>Nine volumes include 28,156 idioms and more than 10,000 proverbs.
>It is a golden-treasure for our mother tongue Gujarati.
>It is not a simple dictionary, but a rare as well as authentic encyclopedia in true sense of the term.

Well, for the Spell Bee competition, what you do is follow the rules on Vijay Shah's "Spell Bee" contest online - browse through the above Bhagavadgomandal - pick your words and take part to the initiative of Also follow Gujarati Blog World here on Gujarati sahitya Sarita and also on Vivek Tailor's site. I am sure, if you are not blogging in Gujarati, these sites will inspire you to continue reading and writing Gujarati and Blog too.


- ilaxi

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GMC Foundation day and felicitations to veteran journalists

GMC - Gujarat Media Club honoured twelve veteran journalists of Gujarat at a special function organised on Saturday, 28th March 2009 at Karnavati Club. The felicitations were a part of the foundation day of GMC who gave honourary membership and shawl. The function was attended by a large number of Senior IAS and IPS officers, Former Union Minister and many more people. You can find the Incoming President Uday Mahurkar's speech here with link to the speech of outgoing President too.

I am happy to mention that Bhupatbhai Vadodaria was felicitated along with other journalists like Sadashivbhai Pathak, Labhshanker Upadhyay and many more. Read here in epaper of Divya Bhaskar. Also in archive of Sambhaav.

- ilaxi

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shrug off the stress for kid's sake!

Want to help your child do well in Class. Eat Well, sleep well. Often our lifestyles disturb children. A poor diet can be one of the factors reponsible for poor attention span and academic performance. Deficiency of all vitamins lead to mood disorders and even depression. And, often during exams, parents are worried and over stressed. They even pass their stress to children.

Few words but think, says a lot. More on Examination tips and stress on kidsfreesouls. While you surf here, me travelling to neverland to every men's land - Gujarat. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

Thursday, March 12, 2009

12th March

12th March - A day that leaves memories on mind! My Dad who was born on this day and Gandhiji began the Dandi March. But, as a journalist I ever fondly remember the birthday of a newspaper 'Sambhaav' and my first Management article I had placed in print media on this day. Dada, and the name brings in a smile on the face and whenever I see him, almost words take a form of 'silence' - an inspiration of a leader among the many, who made me achieve my goals.

Time flies by and Change is certain.....And here's pages on Gandhiji with the main Ed note here.

- ilaxi

Monday, March 09, 2009

Am on Cloud 9! Thanks to all my readers...

Am on Cloud 9! On International Women's Day, I am honoured this year with an Award for 'Outstanding Personality' by Ahmedabad Medical Association, Women's Wing. Earlier, it was 'Outstanding Journalist', an award conferred upon me by Kadva Patel community in 2005.

Read more on Kidsfreesouls and my Awards page. Incidentally, my first print media article had appeared on Women's Day!

I thank all my readers and well wishers without whose support I wouldn't be who I really am....

- ilaxi

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happiness Capital of India!!!

" Faith is like a cord that carries the power from the source to the appliance. God has unlimited power, but to tap in to that power you need a line, and that's faith."

Sounds interesting! People of Gujarat and India seems to have faith in Leadership qualities of the CM - Faith can move's only to be noticed!

And so, here's the recently uploaded You Tube video that speaks the Glory of Gujarat. Need one more to say anything....What I would dream for, is my very own Gujarat and my "Home sweet Home" - a paradise on earth.

Watch the video and find such more on You Tube. Enjoy!

Btw, check in for the new Links page here and if you have link recommendations, do send across. Also Find a Badge of supporting L K Advani website here and you can grab this too:-) Well, this do not mean I am a supporter.....

- ilaxi

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Relationships n Stuff

Valentine's Day and all went 'Red' - balloons, clothes, lights, ambience....As we thought of keeping our spirits live celebrating Valentine together, it was amazing to find, people at every nook and corner of the town, celebrating Valentine - Even the Chocolate Room was all Red!

Yes, indeed. The city is changing and our politicians won't ever go against the western culture as times are changing and the East is turning West.

Well, here's my stuff on Relationships. (Listmania) and here's a review you'd like to read as I am sure, many of you must have experienced.......

Why Men Lie and Women Cry: How to Get What You Want Out of Life by Asking
Review By Ilaxi Patel

My earlier picks of Allan + Barbara Pease has been a great read and this book is no exception though some of the contents seem repetative. Why Men don't Listen and Women can't Read Maps was a wonderful book and so was Body Language. So, I couldn't resist a pick of this book 'Why men lie and Women cry'! Main reason was the book title that bring a twitchy smile upon the face and second reason was that it's been a great gifting Allan & Barbara Pease's unique Books which delights the reader. The first chapter says on How to Give a Book as a Gift, too. Third reason for this pick is that the book is a must on the Bookshelf as it gives practical, easy digestible advice for better relationships. The book is so hilarious, answering the common questions that arise in minds about the attitude of men and women in general. Some of the points covered on back flap are:

1. Why are men confused about love
2. Why do men avoid commitment
3. Why do men feel women nagging around
4. Why don't women ever get to the point
5. Why do men love high heels on women and women love men with small tight bums?

Moreover, with simple black and white illustrations and quote quips in-between the pages, makes the book also a 'Quick glance Read' and obviously the quotes are too correct and informative. There are some interesting jokes too at the beginning of some chapters and case study that makes interesting read. The Authors have practical tips in detail for all chapters like:

1. Nagging - When someone just won't let up
2. Seven things men do that drive women insane
3. Why women cry - The dangerous emotional blackmail
4. Women's top secret point - scoring system
5. Solving the seven biggest mystery about men
6. The other woman - mother
7. Women's secret ways with words
8. Women's sex appeal test
9. What made Rogger Rabbit's eyes pop out
10.Men's sex appeal test
11.Male Sex appeal - what makes women turn on
12.Does this outfit make me look big?
13.When a hunter hangs up his bow - Retirement

The book is revealing as to why men and women have so much trouble. Be sure to read page 9 & 10 How to give this Book as a gift coz this advice of authors is a sure fire way to strengthen relationships. A nice pick always and that's Allan+Barbara Pease series of Books, all topics, all practical and good. A + Choice Pick.

Read here's My Amazon Profile + Reviews + My Book (Bibliography) + My Author Blog + Listmania + Wish List + Guides + Friends & Interesting People + Customer Tags....
And yeah, grab a copy of my Book too:-)

- ilaxi

Monday, February 09, 2009

અને આને કહેવાય વાયબ્રંટ ગુજરાતના પ્રણેતા - A Reader on Narendra Modi

Are you a Gujarati? Love or Hate the CM Narendra Modi? What is your Swarnim pledge that you can help in the development infrastructure of Gujarat?

અને આને કહેવાય વાયબ્રંટ ગુજરાતના પ્રણેતા - Here's an article of a Reader that I received in my mail box and I am sure, if you are a Gujarati, you may believe in your dreams and the dreams that can change your very own Gujarat. Add your comments on your vision/thoughts on the CM Narendra Modi and also comment what you can do to change Gujarat.

Watch for for more in the News.

- ilaxi

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Enjoy songs at You Tube...

"Mind is simply a complex machine, which moves from ‘fast forward’ to ‘slow motion’ and even popping into ‘pause’ mode at times. Igniting the creative spark is overflowing of potentialities within to enjoy work to achieve a fulfillment. Time flies and the creativity turns into work mode. If this work becomes slogging, there comes pause mode with a neutral gear. This is the still point when we find ourselves entering into a state of ‘Let go’ doing just nothing, no thoughts, no work or any creativity. It leads to experience existence, the nature and enjoying the state of paradise with awareness. The mind is rejuvenated and back again to explore work with creativity to ultimate flowering."

I mentioned this earlier note but yes, the mind gets rejuvenated while you work on information super highway - listening to the yester years music and watching inbetween the slow blogging trail or speed blogging posts. You Tube has great music as I pick them for the Valentine Favorites. Stay tuned and check on my Val Favs here.

- ilaxi

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unique Stadium in Ahmedabad

Rain Proof Stadium for Ahmedabad - Good news, isn't it? India's first Sports and Entertainment complex is under development with completion period by 2010. It will have around 33000 permanent seats, a cable supported retractable roof which would be operational by a mere push of a button and the structure to be decorated with art. The State govt. MoUs with a London based company and this stadium will include a football ground and an entertainment arena at the cost of Rs.200 crore.

I hear, the facilities are 'All Purpose' - Sports and just sports with Entertainment too! I wonder, is Cricket to be as 'Top Game' or is Football (soccer) to be major attraction now as most of the Cricketers are busier as ever with ADs and social campaigns. Anyways, this is indeed a good move and we do look forward for our Youth to be more Sports buff than just having fun frolicking around.

Indeed, Gujarat is changing for good and the difference is just seen and will be more felt in coming years. Why even filmstars like Priety Zinta hopes that CM Narendra Modi becomes the PM of India!

- ilaxi

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Save Girl Child - new Slogan 'My Daughter-Nation's Pride'

Gujarat Chamber of Commerce inaugurated an "Exhibition of Products" Manufactured and Traded by Women Entrepreneurs. The Chief Guests were Dr. Mayaben Kodnani (Hon. Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Govt. of Gujarat), Ms. Tanvi Vyas, (Femina Miss India Earth-2008-2009) and Ms. Aishwarya Majmudar, (Winner-Amul Voice of India.)

Being 'International Girl Child Day' today (24th Jan), the Minister spoke on the various aspects to save girl child and focused on healthy moms for healthy child. She weighed stress on Literacy and was concerned that 40% girls were illiterate and more efforts can be made by educated people to devote their contribution to spread literacy. Tanvi Vyas aspired to be an Entrepreneur herself and make her place among the women who scale to top as Business women. She was inspired with the GCCI Business Women Entrepreneur who exhibited their talents and products at the venue.

- Read more for Exclusive Kidsfreesouls Interview with Aishwarya Majmudar on Kidsfreesouls

- ilaxi

Aishwarya Majmudar with live performance - Singing 'Allah Tero Naam, Ishwar Tero Naam....'

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Indian Obama

As President Obama made his speech, I observed the reaction of the world media and back home comments which strikes attention - PM Narendra Modi will be the Indian Obama - cross your fingers...will he?

And here's on President Barrack Obama on Kidsfreesouls - Follow....

- ilaxi

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

2009 begins with phishing scams, frauds and stock plunge..

The year begins with Twitter phishing scams and Facebook frauds - web and stock market! Satyam has made waves which can heavily weight on other India IT stocks. What is your Trading Strategy for Satyam and you find 78% for Buy, 19% for sell and mere 3% for hold! Meet any sane or insane businessman and he's talking of Stocks! Everybody seems to be gripped with the stock market and rate 2008 as worst with yet to foresee 2009 as worst and worst....a dooming economy?

Well, I just read about the Print media journalism : "What if The New York Times goes out of business -- like, this May? It's certainly plausible. Earnings reports released by the company in October indicate that drastic measures will have to be taken over the next five months or the paper will default on some $400 million in debt."

The collapse of daily print journalism may mean many things and if you want to know more on this, click here.

As for the new year, here's wishing all the best to all who pass this way with Sun Sign traits and number reading. Click to read on Kidsfreesouls as ever...

- ilaxi