Friday, July 21, 2006

Indian Govt has a lousy idea of Blog censorship that their Instructions landed up the ISPs to block all blogspot blogs!Post 7/11, the Government decided to block sites and gave a handful of list to ISPs. Out of a misunderstanding of both Technology and Security, ISPs blocked all the Blogger Blogs. CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) of the Telecommunications demanded the block to some sites with no explanations to the drastic action of blocking all blogger sites. As a result, Indian Bloggers on the web with over 42,000 Bloggers on the Google owned suffered from this action. They have already formed "Bloggers Collective Group" and Wiki on Bloggers Against Censorship - a Campaign against Indian Government's apparent notice to various ISPs to Block the various websites and blogs hosted on The bloggers demand their constitutional right to Freedom of Speech & Expression as Indian Citizens.

A unique script has been provided by Dr. Awab Alvi, a Pakistani founder of 'Dont Block the Blog Campaign' and the Blogger Blogs can be viewed here. All you need to do is, just enter the name of the Blog. eg. kidsfstech, kidsfreesouls, sambhaav - all blogs that are hosted on Google's Blogger ( You will be able to read these Blogs here. A lot Thanks to Dr.Awab Alvi that you can read the sambhaav blog through these two sites - and

The Department of Telecom (DoT) has now instructed the ISPs to Block only the websites and blogs specified in the Instructions to them earlier. The order further says that the ISPs operating in India should strictly comply with the order dated 13th July 2006 and provide unhindered access to Internet. They are only supposed to block the limited number of web pages and websites not the entire network of domains hosting some of these blogs. They are also asking the ISPs to clarify why they should not take action against them for blocking harmless sites and causing a lot of troubles for the end user in the country.

Yet, strangely, the blogs are still not viewed! Some Bloggers are moving for legal action ironically to be based on the Information Technology Act, 2000. In Section 66, this Act defines 'Hacking' - as gaining illegal access to any website, or preventing access to a website through illegal means.

- More on kidsfstech Blog - If you are in India and cannot view the Blog, go the and enter the name eg. kidsfreesouls, sambhaav, kidsfstech, shabdpreet (all are hosted on Blogger:-) coz I am a google Blogger Fan since the day it launched its Blogger services! Enjoy!

- ilaxi