Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Parsi New Year

The best part of Gujarat is that we celebrate all festivals - be it Janmastmi, Mohorrom, Pateti, Diwali or any.....And the beauty is that communal harmony exist with diverse faiths and people live in peace and harmony - It's only vicious minds who have devious plans and play their wicked games. After all!

Click for the Parsi New Year info 'Pateti' and we just love those sweet talking gujju with those antique cars and intricate borders and laces and the dhan shak...(mouth-watering).

In the news, A town of Silence built in 1767, Nagrol has more than a 100 houses owned by the fading Parsi Community. The town is set to become the first village in the country to host a Parsi Festival like the Tarnetar fair and kite festival. This historic village was developed by first generation immigrant Parsis who landed on the Arabian Sea coast in Valsad's Umbergaon Taluka bordering Maharashtra about 1200 years ago.

- ilaxi