Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Five questions sum up the breadth of news: What, When, Where, Why and How. The breadth of politics is spanned by a single question: Why? What, When and Where become largely irrelevant because you can hardly undo the past; and How helps with the gossip but does not interfere with facts. "Why" is crucial because its answer is the only means by which you can try to pre-empt a similarly unpleasant surprise in the future." says M J Akbar who launched 'Covert' - a political magazine in mid may.

In politics, the 'why' is always crucial but a lot goes with 'How' too and by and large, this how leads to when and where - How it happened, when and where it should happen and why it should not know what I mean - the situations we find absolutely alarming when common people become the victims. Ask a CM or a PM and the rules are ever changing with the party leaders! Politicians - Endangered species!!

I guess, this post comes after a break - all amidst my social, professional and personal health issues demanding my major attention. Anyways, do freak in for a casual stroll to kidsfreesouls to find something new and to the newly launched Covert with a new adds to columnists posts on the MJ blog and of coz, my biz site with the Biz blog now going the feedburner way to go..

- ilaxi