Saturday, October 11, 2003

Mind is simply a complex machine, which moves from ‘fast forward’ to ‘slow motion’ and even popping into ‘pause’ mode at times. Igniting the creative spark is overflowing of potentialities within to enjoy work to achieve a fulfillment. Time flies and the creativity turns into work mode. If this work becomes slogging, there comes pause mode with a neutral gear. This is the still point when we find ourselves entering into a state of ‘Let go’ doing just nothing, no thoughts, no work or any creativity. It leads to experience existence, the nature and enjoying the state of paradise with awareness. The mind is rejuvenated and back again to explore work with creativity to ultimate flowering.

So feel the pause, bloom to flower, Have fun this Diwali, keep the faith.

- ilaxi

Friday, October 10, 2003

As we foresee more American companies heading towards India for Investing, the cut in H1 Visa would no longer be a panicky issue. However there's a great awareness required for wide-spread IT literacy in India. Industry need not consider IT as a niche segment.On one hand, Internet is becoming a new vehicle for Diplomacy with the where various examples seen on internet shows the results. China has chosen quiety to remove Sikkim as a seperate country from its website to indicate the change and the decade old border conflicts ends with a small tweak in cyberspace. Earlier too, the Iraq war sparked off an online game at where toppling Saddam was easy part of the game. The risks of war were highlighted. Even the Infosys company quietly chose their to publish their statement against the sexual harrassment case. And there, the so-called Salam Pax, an mysterious Iraqi wrote a weblog from Baghdad making a sensational news reporting rare eyewitness accounts of war.

So, quite obvious, Indian companies yet need to brace up to face challenges.

- ilaxi