Sunday, July 22, 2007

Did you read Harry Potter? Somebody asked me. And it's a blank "NO" - I read Barbara Cartland! And Judith Macnaught n my recent read is "Every Breath you take" and before this, "Perfect". By Nora Roberts, Spell Bound and Julie Garwood's "Shadow Dance". And we have the Robin Sharma, Paul Coelho and Cobra II by Michael Gordon and Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright - No Harry Potter!!! When the world goes mad, someone got to be sane.

Now, this calls for the video mashing of speeches of Robin Sharma and here's one, if it so interests you. Keep on the check for more to appear on my Biz site and kidsfreesouls too.

If you find this interesting, do mash it too:-) Enjoy!

- ilaxi