Saturday, January 17, 2004

”GSWAN – Gujarat State wide Area network is the largest in Asia and the second largest network globally and GSWAN will enable the state to take a big leap forward in future”, quipped our CM Mr. Narendra Modi at a recent inaugural speech at the Communication & Information Technology 2004 (CIT) Conference & exposition organized by CII with the theme ‘Harnessing IT for Enterprise and Socio Economic Development’. It is come to focus on the 50,000 km long GSWAN IT infrastructure, built in five years. Now that Gujarat’s journey towards promoting E Governance has took off, the State awaits to witness more Ministers and official participating to IT Workshops. The most appreciated is a suggestion by the State Law minister Mr. Ashok Bhatt who emphasized on the need of the IT Companies to accept social responsibility, particularly in the field of education. I guess the IT Infrastructure of 50,000 km long and five years of work would now shred its deserted look and gear for action – If not, at least use the Infrastructure for Educational centers (Teach English & Personality Development ) with IT Workshops for Ministers for better promoting E governance!