Thursday, December 20, 2012

CM Narendra Modi wins Hattrick - set records for third term in Gujarat to serve Maru Gujarat, Apnu Gujarat.

Yes, CM Narendra Modi wins Hattrick - set records for third term in Gujarat to serve Maru Gujarat, Apnu Gujarat. For  +Narendra Modi - the visionary who is the most determined, dedicated and devoted, the win had to be exceptional and it did with over 86,000 + votes.

The reason is the march ahead with the mantra of Vikas - Development journey that changes the face of Gujarat. The love and trust which won the hearts of citizens and he's been a darling of the Urban, Middle class and even the muslims who see their growth in Gujarat. It is 'Unstoppable Development, Unstoppable Gujarat' with the unwavering belief of the six crore Gujaratis who stand by the Leader.

As I witness the historic moments, the debate now focus on 'Dilse Modi, Phirse Modi' for the next 2014 PM Candidate as he posted a tweet saying "No need of looking behind...FORWARD...We want infinite energy, infinite courage, infinite patience.." with the Vivekanandji Quote and taking blessing from his mom and heading to meet the Keshubapa !

Well, well, there goes quote of CM, "Secularism is a term interpreted in many different ways by different people. For me, it has always been something very simple - putting India First." And, the truth is in the fact that +Narendra Modi believe in People Power which combines with good governance to bring real, deep and lasting change. This itself of togetherness - unity will reach Gujarat to higher grounds and I am indeed sure, CM will further script history as he set records to be the Leader of the Nation.

Visit CM's website and watch for more to come. Also keep an eye on Government State Portal. 

- ilaxi patel

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Narendra Modi G+ Hangout

CM Narendra Modi's G+ Hangout - Anchored by Actor Ajay Devgan - Watch the Hangout.  

Engaging, informative and straight from the heart Google+ Hangout session held with Shri Narendra Modi. Questions came not only from India but also from the world. Noted actor Ajay Devgn anchored the session. 

Shri Modi opens up on a variety of issues ranging from black money, Gujarat’s growth, and skill development to the gender ratio in Gujarat. 

Shri Modi shares insights and anecdotes on his favourite food, the number of hours he sleeps and even the iconic Modi Kurta! 

Whatever I said today I said from the heart. Together we must rise and work in service of Ma Bharti: Shri Modi 

I hold very different views on the issue of brain drain. I believe in philosophy of Bahu Ratna Vasundhara: Shri Modi 

Lets create an environment of development. I believe in P2G2- pro people good governance: Shri Modi I want an India where the entire USA comes seeks a visa to visit our country: Shri Modi 

I never wish ill of anyone. Criticism is welcome in any democracy but it cannot be allegations: Shri Modi For the sake of India’s growth we need to bring back black money: Shri Modi 

All three sectors of the economy must grow at an equal pace for the nation to develop: Shri Modi 

A Government must be close to the people. Governments cannot sit and reign from ivory towers: Shri Modi International experts say it takes 7 years to get an area back on track after an earthquake but we got Kutch running in 3 years and today it is one of the most developed districts in India: Shri Modi

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poster War and CM !

Poster War and our CM Narendra Modi pose a threat of being defamed. Parts of Rajkot town show him in the company of Bollywood's wicked matriarchs and vamps! He is featured 'Dangerous than Shashikala and Lalita Pawar! Earlier anti-Modi and pro-Sanjay Joshi posters had appeared in several places in Gujarat and Delhi which were critical of Modi's way of working. 

Someone did comment that CM is lately fond of meeting Bollywood Heroes and no wonder, Heroines would queue up to meet him at Gandhinagar. No harm, I guess. I think, with the success of 'Kevi Rite Jaish' the latest Gujarati movie, more of the Bollywood actors are in good terms with CM - to mention a few like Amitabh Bacchan, Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Paresh Raval, Akshay Khanna, etc.  Vivek Oberoi's upcoming Sher (tentatively titled) will be shot in Porbandar. Buzz is that the climax of Arbaaz Khan's Dabangg 2 will be shot in Pawagadh, near Vadodara. A team from Akshay Kumar and Himesh Reshammiya's joint production has also visited Ahmedabad. 

Well, Gujarat is becoming a hot destination and I am sure, whoever wants the CM to be compared to the vamps are those who are jealous and want him to defame him and Gujarat. I think, they don't love Gujarat and the development but are anti government. 

Got a guest here, so may be more blogging continues here as I find more space - So, stay tuned.

- ilaxi 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Guest Column on

Kidsfreesouls is the Media where World's Experts Talk about - share their knowledge, thoughts, insights, tips and even share experiences. This platform is for all Experts who send their Guest Column on subjects related to Children, Parents and Teaching Profession.

You are welcome to send your Guest column piece. As I do not totally confirm to add your Article, you sure have a chance to try your writing capabilities, show your skills and be helpful to many a souls who would love to read what you write.

Kidsfreesouls is a destination to promote your writing - Talk about what you really know and concerned about. Talk it right here on Kidsfreesouls.

The Online newspaper Kidsfreesouls has all the past 'Freesouls' content (English Supplement in Sambhaav Newspaper  1998-2004) and is continuously being updated since then! 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

At Swagat : Blog Making Preparations and How to Blog

Time flies and it's hardly a glance back to blog to routine. However, never too late for a beginning. So, here's your way Tips to "Blog Making Preparations and How to Blog' 

Kids enjoying Singing session with Una Paloma Blanca song

As I run Swagat Children Library, it aims to Improve Student Literacy and Creativity. Always a step ahead in Creative Activities, with Technology shaping up lives of Children with Social Networking on a rise, I have opted for Student Blogs to help children to use Social Networking sites like 'Facebook' in a constructive way. My approach is to encourage and inspire children for 'Any time, Any where Learning' and enable learning and assistance outside of Swagat Library hours.

Times have changed and we need to motivate our children to use Internet positively and with moms/teachers, explore to boost knowledge sharing platform.Swagat Children get a chance to display their work to +190 countries through Kidsfreesouls Global Network.

Here is a glimpse into Blog Preparations that I conduct for my students. I am sure, this will help many parents and teachers to help children for preparation to new generation computing on the web. Do give me your feedback, drop in your comment mails or ask a question and I shall be pleased to hear from you. You may even explore Swagat Children Library Page and visit Kids Blogs. Enjoy.

- ilaxi