Sunday, May 17, 2009

Challenges for the new Government

People of India know what is good for them and they always make right decision...Don't these words sound full of pride of winning emotions? The UPA worked very hard to fulfil those promises...of whom? They worked with dedication and sincerity - why? So many Questions as to what turned the cards and what went behind the scenes. One thing is for sure, you show dreams to the poor and they are your puppets. It is said, never trust people who flutter their eyes a lot! The winner always rule! But winners are losers too because simple logic says, to win, you lose something...only time will speak. Personal power is indeeda a powerful political gesture in India and even in 21st century, the Raja Maharaja rules - no wonder, we can never be super power but be puppets to the Super Power

CM Narendra Modi's Magic didn't work and now some politicians call it 'Black Magic' - it just turned black as everything twisted around! I guess, he never said, he wanted to be a PM, did he? I always heard him of speaking that he is a 'CM' - a common man who just went around to work wonders for the party - a 300 rallies no ever leader held in any campaign! Bad luck, though success came in Gujarat with marginal seats, it is just a surprize how Panchmahal and Sabarkantha just failed to expectations. Esp. Panchmahal saw the R Day celebrations with development to heights with various schemes. Infrastructure, health, education, women and child welfare, environment, water and cleanliness, power supply, etc schemes are under development.

Let's see now, how the new Government tackles the three most problems of the country:
1. Governance
2. Employment/Development
3. Terrorism

In comes, top priorities and their Vision Goal for next five years, at least! How they would tap in to combat issues of communalism and fundamentalism and last, I would look forward how they would bring Economic stability and tackle issues of poverty, rathar, minimise urban-rural divide.

- ilaxi