Thursday, October 11, 2007

Concerned with Environment Issues? Read Earth Talk on - a column since more than five years related to Q & A on Environmental concerns. Send your Questions and you sure get the answers from Ed Doug Moss of E-magazine.

Btw, wanna Unite Bloggers worldwide? I missed on this earlier but still, you can Make a Difference! All you do is, Blog on Environment concerns on your Blog and 15th October is Blog Action Day - Unite to make a difference. Find more on my website and also some concerns on my recent Ed Blog here.

Join Here:

Blog Action Day - 15th October. Join to make a Difference!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wondering...are you into Stamp Collecting Hobby? Any other? Why don't you add your hobby to my comment section here - Maybe, this can be useful to children exploring on the web! As kids, we often engage to a lot of Hobbies like stamp collecting, cars collection (ugh, models n dinky cars I mean), marbles, post-cards, first day covers and more n more...I collected stamps and marbles. Even had many pen-pals with whom we exchanged our stamps and shared our travel experiences n more.

Well, being a World Post Day, here's a month of Project for Kids that you can Home School them at your own pace. Even Learning and Teaching Computers. The monthwise Projects you can find on this page might be a help for many parents, teachers and even kids.

Many times, we want to bring about a difference in Education but it almost begins at home. Why do we have to rely on teachers when we ourselves can motivate our kids and color their world with rainbow of activities!

Fine more inputs on Kidsfreesouls - Enjoy!

- ilaxi