Thursday, May 19, 2005

Recently a Golden Gate University Law student and an attorney licenced in India was in the news limelight as he sued The Lost Coast Brewery in Humboldt for depicting Hindu Lord Ganesh, the god of wisdom and remover of obstacles, holding a beer in one of his four hands, and another in his trunk on its Indica India Pale Ale. He seeks at least $25,000 and his lawsuit mentions that $1 billion would be appropriate to compensate Hindus around the world." Dhir told the newspapers "It's a hate crime" as he's too emotionally hurt and offended for the brewery has defamed Hindus and caused emotional distress. The Lost Coast Brewery has removed the offending label from their Web site.Briar Busch, General Manager at Lost Coast, says the company "didn’t mean any degradation of the Hindu god". Finally, Lost Coast plans on producing a new label, primarily for reasons of aesthetic quality and performance.

Now such things do keep happenning around the world and as far as I remember, Ravi Adhikari a senior editor with Manhattan, New York City-based News India-Times ( reported in 28th July 2000 issue regarding the AHAD Press release protesting over sandels with Dieties. Hindus, who passed by the display window of a shoestore in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York City saw footwear imprinted with the images of Shiva, Ganesha and Gayatri! My first web Homepage of Freesouls covered this info here then. AHAD, American Hindus against Defamation is coalition of major Hindu organizations in North America.

Gods depicted on shoes? This too is a great Insult to the Religion!

Even Jesus Christ is having trouble convincing US courts to let him keep his name! Surprized? Well this is not the messiah who is facing the problem but an American Business Owner in Washington,who adopted the name of the Christian God's son, some years ago. Jesus who wanted to express his love and respect for his religion is not willing to talk to the press this time! Don't believe it? Well, Sify news too says so!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mind is simply a complex machine, which moves from ‘fast forward’ to ‘slow motion’ and even popping into ‘pause’ mode at times. Igniting the creative spark is overflowing of potentialities within to enjoy work to achieve a fulfillment. Time flies and the creativity turns into work mode. If this work becomes slogging, there comes pause mode with a neutral gear. This is the still point when we find ourselves entering into a state of ‘Let go’ doing just nothing, no thoughts, no work or any creativity. It leads to experience existence, the nature and enjoying the state of paradise with awareness. The mind is rejuvenated and back again to explore work with creativity to ultimate flowering.

- ilaxi