Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home is where the Heart is...

We celebrate festivals - All festivals in Gujarat. The gujarati spirit is ever so live and you can just find the young and the young at heart, celebrating Christmas and enjoying the Dance and Dinner parties. Either at farms, clubs or hotels - Friends and friends do matter! Even more...Missed is Home - the family, togetherness, unity in many homes!

So, here's a message this christmas with 'Home is a place where Heart is.'

Home is where the heart is....
where love and reverence reign,
where there is spirit of harmony and feeling of security,
where there is neither selfishness nor bickering,
nor lack of discord or respect.
Home is where there is great virtues of sympathy, kindness & gentleness practiced every hour, where the child learns to know, understand and practice that is right.
Home is where there is love,peace and joy - Happiness of companionship of family and friends and say Grace at mealtime and prayer at close of day.
Let your home radiate Love, faith, hope and charity
Let us be humble to spread "Peace on Earth and good will among men"

Here's christmas and How to make the child Keep the Faith! Be it any, God is One.

- ilaxi