Saturday, March 11, 2006

Years roll by....12th March and this date is wishing Sambhaav...Sambhaav started on 12th March 1986 under the flagship of Bhupatbhai Vadodaria, fondly we call him 'bhai' or 'dada'. We wish him Happy Ageing and may he always be in pink health and best spirits as ever.....Also to Bhanuben, who has ever stood beside Bhai and walked all her life in thick n thin.

Last year, Sambhaav Metro was launched on 12th March and it’s the Human relations that counts for a ‘Team Work’ as we focus more on ‘We’ rathar than ‘I’ and the secrets of a longstanding successive years as they roll by are based on the developed ‘Strengths’ – the inner power of managing to achieve Excellence with a dash of determination and confidence to reach the goals. We thank all readers for your continued support and look forward for your further association so that we can bring the best news 'Sambhaav Metro' to all.

This year promised to be good with the diversified Sambhaav - SML Hoardings venture and readers may look forward for best reads on Sambhaav Metro, Abhiyaan and SML Hoardings websites....the latter two websites, to be launched in coming days....cross your fingers and keep cool. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

PS: Btw, if I remember it was on this day, 12th March 1930 that Gandhiji in his boldest act of civil disobedience against British rule, began a long march to the sea in protest of the British salt tax. Gandhi and his followers eventually reached the Arabian Sea, where they made their own salt by evaporating sea water. The march, which resulted in the arrest of Gandhi and 60,000 others, earned new international respect and support for the leader and his movement. Gandhi's nonviolent methods, including dramatic hunger strikes, eventually did bring great results to his goal of Indian independence in 1947.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Slow updates and missing news? So happens...its a part of the management flaw! However perfect we tend to be, always a loophole we face somewhere. Relax, there is always a change and change is always good sometimes. Watch out the space for better outcome at and figure out the difference in time to come. Keep the patience - the best virtue ever!

Well, now that the news bangs of the US-India Reach Agreement on Nuke Deal has been said a success amidst protest to Bush's visit.The fuelling of arms race between India and Pakistan with the sale of sophisticated weaponry to both countries suits the US interests perfectly as well as providing a good market for its arms manufacturers. Whatever be it, a game plan or a power sale, its upto to the Government to accept or refuse the Offer of US!

I wonder, Do India and Pakistan need any more hi-tech, exorbitantly priced weapons for each other? Aren’t the nuclear bombs and missiles sufficient? President of the United States of America offered the President of Pakistan a whole bunch of F-16s, and even collected cash on the deal. Pakistan is still waiting to put those fighters to some historic use. What's the need?

Ugh,oh! A survey was conducted by CBS News recently. According to the poll, it reveals more Americans disapprove of how President George W. Bush is handling his job and are pessimistic about the Iraqi situation than ever. Mr Bush’s approval rating in the survey taken on Wednesday to Saturday fell to 34 per cent, the lowest it has been since he took office in 2001 and six per cent lower than last month. Altogether 59 per cent of respondents disapproved of the job President Bush was doing. Even in his war on terrorism, usually his strongest suit in opinion surveys, President Bush’s approval rating dropped to an all-time low of 43 per cent, with 50 per cent disapproving of his actions.

Do a common human being care? What about our own CM? His fate is again gonna hang with the Best Bakery verdict....It's all a part of the Politicial games....Beware of all Politicians, I would say!

- ilaxi