Monday, February 09, 2009

અને આને કહેવાય વાયબ્રંટ ગુજરાતના પ્રણેતા - A Reader on Narendra Modi

Are you a Gujarati? Love or Hate the CM Narendra Modi? What is your Swarnim pledge that you can help in the development infrastructure of Gujarat?

અને આને કહેવાય વાયબ્રંટ ગુજરાતના પ્રણેતા - Here's an article of a Reader that I received in my mail box and I am sure, if you are a Gujarati, you may believe in your dreams and the dreams that can change your very own Gujarat. Add your comments on your vision/thoughts on the CM Narendra Modi and also comment what you can do to change Gujarat.

Watch for for more in the News.

- ilaxi