Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Atmanam rathinam viddhi shareeram rathameva tu,
Buddhim tu sarathim viddhi manaha pragrahameva tu.
Indriyani hayanyahur vishayansteshu gocharan,

The atman is Rathi - owner of the `chariot' - the body,
The intellect is the Sarathi - driver,
The mind is the rein,
The senses are the horses, and
The Panch Vishayas - material objects of the five senses - are
the fields of pasture for the horses.

i.e. The person whose Sarathi - intellect - is wise, whose mind fully controls the senses, can traverse Samsara to reach the desired goal - the Lord's abode.

You can read more details on Krishna here on Kidsfreesouls Krishna pages. However, the gujarati page do not show the fonts in a proper manner as I have yet to convert this to unicode. I've almost stopped writing spiritual and management articles, the day I no more wrote for the guj newspaper! Maybe, I drifted now writing on War and Education!

If you are interested in a research on the Use of Computers by Teachers, find the report on kidsfreesouls.com. Do let me know your use of Computers - if you are not into Tech field.

- ilaxi