Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gujarat is Safe??

The Asaram Bapu scam is almost forgotten as the terror strikes Gujarat! Rumours around has a lot to say on this but the current focus lay on the Ministers visiting the most affected areas. We all know, the PM came for a visit along with Soniaji and they were warmly greeted by the CM, Narendrabhai Modi. Whatever concerns, one thing is sure - we find people gossip that our CM did not purposely talk to Sonia Gandhi and she was completely avoided! It's even reported that she hang around with Manmohanji to promote the party and there was no need for her to accompany the Singh is king and Shivraj Patil.

Well, in time of terror news and bombs fused and de-fused, politicians keep playing their games and the reports keep appearing to highlight their actions - what about the plight of the many dead and injured? Just the announcements - Given a lac by CM and toppled with cream and sugary layer, the PM declares double lacs.....Can they give back lives? Can they stop the terror call? Again the CM is said to blur out the words and only words...."gujaratni pragatine koi nahi roki shake...." Mr. CM need to swirl in action to stop the Antank first - It's said, after Bangalore blast, he said, "gujarat maa shanti che ane antank naa avi shake" but unfortunately, the terror reigns.

Well, here's more on kidsfreesouls on fear and anxiety as rumours go around gripping kids with fear phobia asking, "why do they kill?" - Do our Politicians have an answer?

- ilaxi