Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Recently, I read the Time Magazine (Asia) and what interested me was the topic 'Global Business': Fishing for the News:Multinational media conglomerates are eager to snag a share of India's tumultuous newspaper market. Are the outsiders just treading water?

Now, a lot of competitive strategy is being adopted among newspapers. Too many players may wind up chasing too few customers. For the present, Competition for reporters and other staff has pushed up labor costs for existing newspapers, and huge marketing expenditures threaten to eat into profit margins - at this juncture, foreign investment sooner or later would be potential competition entering into Indian newspapers. Whatever be, will be, will be - the future is black and white. Technology has set in pace and not only print media, television media too faces a hefty competition round the globe. It's time some newspapers Editors call for "ombudsman" to investigate news reports and listen to caller complaints or reader complaints/letters and combat smugness. If there is no ombudsman, I feel the senior editors must be personally accountable to readers and the public - Unfortunately, power rules but no more with internet media, afterall!


Monday, September 26, 2005

Google introduces Blog Search and this is indeed great news for Bloggers:-) Blog is a great tool for freedom of expression and the recent Hand Book of Dan Gilmor, US Journalist and Jay Rosen, US Blogger is full of handy tips and technical advise on why Blog, Blogging Language, Choosing tool, setting up and running a blog, ethics, getting picked up by search engines, etc.

This Handbook may prove to be a boon to bloggers who are often the only real journalists in countries where mainstream media is under pressure or censored. Reporters without Borders provide tips to remain anonymous and to get round censorship, by choosing the most suitable method for each situation.

Now this is a download or a print : Handbook for bloggers and cyber-dissidents.

However, the latest buzz is Internet censor world championship - Most of the world’s authoritarian regimes are trying to control what their citizens read and do online. They’re getter better and better at blocking “objectionable” material, usually with technology bought from US firms. China is far and away the world champion. But it’s felt the heat of competition in recent years. Each country in this far from complete list has its own style and tactics but they all have one purpose, to keep ahead of the game.

So far, there's no way to censor Internet in this country and I wonder, who's framing the cyber laws?

- ilaxi

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I came across this poll on The Asian Age website and the results itself speaks:

Do you agree with the PM that competition has affected the quality of journalism in India?

Total poll voted is 56
Yes 76.79%
No 21.43%
Can't Say 1.79%

Now, at the Chandigarh Press Club, Dr. Manmohan Singh addressed to Journalists, his concerened views and I believe that today as markets rise and fall, Investors gain and lose! Hence, financial reporters need to draw a line to move and make markets with their own motivated presumptions!

As such, those who regular surfers are now quite convinced that competition has affected the quality of journalism. More and more websites provide Online Feeds to read and download Feed Readers with more and more online newspapers, websites and even bloggers providing worthy & informative RSS feeds. This becomes exhaustive reads with every new story that leave behind the print media Journalists to trail and be informed to newer technology.

The next 'Big battle of Journalism' is maybe the 'Internet - News websites, RSS Feeds & Blogs'. On the rise is 'Advertising, Sponsoring, donation and contribution by Readers on major Blog websites and online media channels. Thereby, more journalists emerge every day as many flair in information and write ups, contribute their articles and I wonder, why not! Even I find many common readers and surfers blogs so interesting and their writings 'par excellence' than even a journalist - This is the real cup of life on web and Journalists real do face the competition. I feel, 'It is great to earn Credits than earn the bucks'. Knowledge is Power & RSS Feeds are getting Super Power!!