Monday, May 21, 2007

It was always so easier to talk on three Ps : Press, Politician and Priest. You can rather add one more keeping in mind the Vanzara case - the 4th P - Police! Well, while surfing the Gujarati web blogs, I came across a profile which says:

" I can describe my life using three "P"s.
Power: In any physical or mental condition one should work with equal concentration
Punctuality: If you will appreciate time, time will appreciate you
Perseverance: Fight till the last breath.

These are the inspiring words on Vishal Monpara's website! He's a savior for many English mediums and non tech savvy as Vishal has specifically developed a plug n play gujarati type pad "Vishal Monpara - gujarati type pad" - Yeah, no need to download fonts to write, no need to set up the system - Just straight away click to Vishal's Ready to Type and cook up the story you want or write comments to post on gujarati blog posts. A quick write, copy and paste where you want. Not only gujarati, there you find Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malyalam n more. There you go....Enjoy!

- ilaxi