Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yeah, no excuses for not blogging in for a while as life has been on a fast track lane and here, on the web is my own space that builds in my very own community on the web - far away with songwriters and musicians. The best part is, I am nurturing a genius in me and my days of my keyboard playing is finally turning my dreams with my computer turning to a Music Studio! Till I get my own played songs uploaded, here is a tip for all bloggers. There need to be strong traffic to your blog, numerous links to it from other blogs and frequent reader feedback are a few signs your blog is generating buzz that can attract readers and would be fans and buyers of your products, if any. Blogging for some is turning to a nightmare as you devote time, money and energy but slow in generating revenue online. Loyal bloggers keep blogging in their thoughts but a saturation point turn in sooner or later if there is no income from blogging.

Hired bloggers charge over a $4 per post and if your blog generates $10 a day, this is fine but unfortunately, we all know our time restraints and we end up making $$ ! It is time to be a 'Ghost Blogger' if you are writing good enough and your posts are appreciated.

Why blogs, now Authors have their own Plogs and here you can find my Author Plog on - a way to go marketing and interacting with customers who buy at Amazon.

Anyways, here is a quick review of a book I just read and am sure, you will like to read the same. Enjoy!

- ilaxi