Friday, July 06, 2007

An American Amdabadi, Mahendra Shah is a businessman who over 30 years has recorded his musings of the Indian community in America in the form of original Gujarati and english cartoons. His book Ame American Amdavadi is a kind of a unique collection over 250 Cartoons to offer a unique perspective on the life of Indian immigrants.

Shah lives in PA and you can contact him for the book if you so believe in Faith, Hope and Charity coz all the profits from the book will be donated to designated charities under the Author's program "Art for Charity". You can contact him on and visit his website too. Btw, the half cup tea or the rakebi fashion is now gone and almost the clubs are getting ready for bars here I heard but I guess the nri amdabadis still has the saucer tea!

Btw, I earlier mentioned of Karmacy Band who came out with a Rap and here is the You Tube Video on Blood Brothers and I am sure, you will enjoy!

- ilaxi

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Are you in US? must be a yummy treat for us here if you parcel the Ice-creams and yeah, I promise I am gonna send you the Kulfi from here - all fully packed and sealed in great containers - the pista and badams...Wondering why? First it's the US Happy Birthday week celebration and secondly, July is the month to celebrate 'National Ice-cream Month'.

Well, live life King style or the Queen. Try your hand on my TOI-SOFTEL (1995) Award winning Ice-cream Recipes there to observe the Ice-cream month and if you find cool, serve to guests too.
Here is my note with the link to Ice-cream recipes. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Want to read Spanish? Here's my new blog in Espanol - Earth Talk related Questions. Together we can build a better world! Click here.

And a Very Happy 4th July - Enjoy the bursts on kidsfreesouls - In association to New York Times link!

- ilaxi