Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home is where the Heart is...

We celebrate festivals - All festivals in Gujarat. The gujarati spirit is ever so live and you can just find the young and the young at heart, celebrating Christmas and enjoying the Dance and Dinner parties. Either at farms, clubs or hotels - Friends and friends do matter! Even more...Missed is Home - the family, togetherness, unity in many homes!

So, here's a message this christmas with 'Home is a place where Heart is.'

Home is where the heart is....
where love and reverence reign,
where there is spirit of harmony and feeling of security,
where there is neither selfishness nor bickering,
nor lack of discord or respect.
Home is where there is great virtues of sympathy, kindness & gentleness practiced every hour, where the child learns to know, understand and practice that is right.
Home is where there is love,peace and joy - Happiness of companionship of family and friends and say Grace at mealtime and prayer at close of day.
Let your home radiate Love, faith, hope and charity
Let us be humble to spread "Peace on Earth and good will among men"

Here's christmas and How to make the child Keep the Faith! Be it any, God is One.

- ilaxi

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Have Peace!

I just read a quote on my desk - "To use punctuation marks on paper is easy but can you put a full stop to waste thoughts?" Ponder....When do you get waste thoughts? It's like, "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" - And when do this devil work? Only when idle? I don't think so. Devils keep working round the clock - at workplace when there's someone superior than you and you are a big 'J" - when you have the inferiority complex, when you are poorer than the rich ...when ...when...Maybe that's the reason the young terrorist had the devil in him to risk his life....But, there goes a thought in mind 'What makes a human think terror, why they become criminals...

Whatever be the reason, here's Anti Terrorism Lesson Plans - We want our young generation to be more wiser and face the world terror free. We need to stop the Hatred and Anger, learn tolerance and spread peace. Stop crime and stop kids to be criminals.

I hear groups of people gathering to light candles on Mumbai Terrorism and invites on Facebook reveals that some of them have taken a fancy to go for multiple social causes as an Activity! And it has almost become a happy program for children to draw and paint terrorism - Do we want our kids to come to class and tell us exitedly that, "I did a Taj drawing with bombs and terrorists and it was fun!" So many competitions I've taken so far but never, ever did I think that one can organize a competition on topics like Terrorism or peace! Yes Indeed, Ahmedabad is changing!

And here's Peace Lessons with song of John Lennon 'Imagine' - Have Peace.

- ilaxi

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Politics behind Terrorism!

As terror strikes once again with a date 26, it is with deep agony to realize the state of a nation in doldrums who can't face crisis management! Shattering to see the truth, it saddens our hearts as we see continual terror reigning supreme to bring havoc. Who could be the souls behind this? Whoever, but the attacks were primarily aimed at the foreigners! We cannot go deep into terror mayhem but here's Fareed Zakaria's views on who they can possibly not be - not a Deccan Mujahideen nor Al Quaeda! He says, "My sense is that for the last several years, the core of Al Qaeda—Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri—has been very weak. This seems more like a Kashmiri, Lashkar kind of thing."

Well, as New York Times adds a story today on Narendra Modi and Political shifts, here to watch for political wave this crisis may India's political landslides. The newspaper headlines in India also focus on bigger issues saying, “It is time we stop our political parties from using terror — Hindu or Muslim — to fuel their popularity when they are fueling a fire that can consume India,” (front-page editorial in The Hindustan Times and Indian Express). You can keep updates with Kidsfreesouls Google search here and check on MJ bylines too. Politicians and they indeed can be said - Endangered species - Keep away from all the four P's - Press, Police, Politician and Priest!

Terrorist have no religion nor are they humans as their acts speak more of their wrong deeds which angers the whole nation-world. More than these terrorists, is the threat of a Nuclear terrorism, which is a top fear and this is worst that we can only shudder to think.

Our hearts go out to the souls who lay fighting for terror and may there be light, peace prevail.

- ilaxi

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Children's Day - 14th Nov

Kidsfreesouls celebrating Children's Day online. Go back memory lane to your childhood and send in your contribution - Draw, color, paste stickers - scan and send across your art work for Kidsfreesouls Picture Gallery. Encourage kids to enjoy creativity and send in their contributions too!

Relieve stress - show talents. Remember Chaha Nehru! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Saturday, November 08, 2008

He had a key to every Heart : with Love

He had a key to every heart - His Shayaris and gazals with Love mixed to vibrate our souls. Adilbhai Mansuri has left for heavenly abode. I deeply feel the loss of a colleague who drifted with time to far away lands and space built in a gap of years as I only thought of but actually could not make it up to meet him! A renuion of AGK, Adilbhai and finding lost traces of Vora, Pritam, Shah, Srini, Venkat, Guru, Murugesan, Kaushik and all at Shilpi Advertising still lingers away. Well, Diwali has really been too unfair to bring me over news of four deaths of people whom I knew and could not make it up to meet them. Sometimes, we can never make it up, so happens!

You can find updated info on Adilbhai's website. I have no words to pen here as my heart pains as I cherish a book he sent me...My heartfelt condolences goes with his family, friends and fans. May his soul rest in peace~

- ilaxi

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Will Modi get US Visas now?

With a Historic win of Barrack Obama, here's more on Kidsfreesouls in case you missed. I asked a friend, 'Whom did you vote' and she strangely replied that her country is India. I wonder, do you miss on voting rights if you have?

Well, How much do our kids know Politics? I've heard many people voting for the candidate who is less corrupted and casually joke away saying so that his valuable vote goes to the less corrupted politician as he hopes, he might bring about a change. Unfortunately, sometimes changes never occur instead there is fight for power and more power and money and more money.

Our politicians back home has power, (money I don't know) more determination and more progress in time to come. There is strong expectation in Gujarat, 'Will Modi now get US Visa?' - Obama's feat brings in cheer and rays of hope for our CM Narendra Modi and even American journalists currently on visit to Gujarat has been trying to figure out whether Narendrabhai will become Indian PM. Hmm...Power, Fame and Reach - I hear, Modi is headed for a trip to Africa, including Kenya. Does this sound a tinkle? Good nah!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year

Wishing all who pass this way, "A Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year"

Here's a Creativity of a 70+ Chandra Ba (My mom in law) who inspires us in our home but might inspire many a souls through her creative Rangoli - For quite some years, she makes unique rangolis with color apart from waste to best themes like torans, flowers, vases, crochet work etc. Last year, it was a color rangoli with Pistachio covers and this year, it's been a Patchwork Rangoli out of the waste papers of invitation cards.

Find a link here to the Kidsfreesouls main to Kids Diwali Page with info. Do await for a pic yet to be placed as she is almost giving a finishing touch to a color Rangoli too.


- ilaxi

Friday, October 17, 2008

Struggle to survive - Poverty

How would you eradicate Poverty? And, the question keeps burning with a lot debate, views, suggestions and posts at Blog Action Day website and Kidsfreesouls. You can be a part of the question, "Is poverty root to war? Or, Is root of war, Poverty?

Btw, I happened to get into Interactive session with Sam Pitroda on his visit to GCCI for a Lecture on Knowledge Economy. I found him a good orator but my question still lingers on my mind - will poverty lead to a bigger war - a struggle, frustrations, seperations, injustice, ego hurts, losing self esteem....all the inner war leading to some to crime....A war with self, war with human values, humans....What do you say? Do post in your comments on the recent Global Crisis.

This might find interesting for nrgs as here's a newly formed GCCI-NRG coming up online and you now have a great platform for all your business enquiries/queries.

btw, extremely alarming is that Gujarat is classifed under the 'Alarming' category in the severity of Hunger Index with a score of 24.7 and with over 200 million people who are food insecure, India is the home to the largest number of hungry people in the world. You can find more on this here on India State Hunger Index. However, the Gujarat Govt. dismiss this as 'Humbug' as the Minister of State for Food and Civil Supply challenges the organisation which has conducted this survey and he's ready to be answerable if this is proved correct.

The Nano Project is coming and the Eco friendly car is already rolled from Rajkot, can we expect Hunger in Gujarat? No ways....

One never knows what future bestows with current economy fall - even the top most Builders and a Doctor, I hear, have lost crores in Stock...everything can be uncertainties!!!

Btw, stay tuned to Kidsfreesouls for more to come...there has been a great concerns with Global crisis and even parents who advice teachers to teach children How to Manage Crisis as there's been conflicts, seperations and so on.

- ilaxi

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Do an act of kindness, give a smile to someone today!

World Smile Day was observed yesterday and we all been using the smileys since years. Why, I got so many smileys - smile, wink, practical, devilish...alllll of them way back when I used the icqs and the pagers, chats ...Who invented smileys? And here's all on Kidsfreesouls. check it now....

Feeling hurried, worried and flurried? Give a smile - relieve stress - Do an act of kindness and give a smile to someone today - It's never late!

Btw, You can find an old article of bhai from my Archive here...stay tuned as I would be adding more articles of Bhupatbhai here...

- ilaxi

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Navratri festival and Gujarati Bloggers:stay connected

Bingo! The Navratri festival begins with great enthu and I spotted our CM with his opening speech a bit nervous and scared...would he be? I wonder...However, later he spoke as usual, 'Terrorism divides, Tourism Unites.' Spotted was L K Advani, Vajubhai Vala, Ashok Bhatt, Adani and many, many...The University area is just around so bubbling and trafficky with all that glitter and glamour on the new 132 ring road where the Vibrant Gujarat, Navratri Festival , 2008 at University ground is held. At least the road is well lit and if the govt wants, there can be speedy work - at His Highness Service! Good, isn't it?

Here's Navratri Page in Culture pages on Kidsfreesouls. Also find the Eid page and all about the Banned Books week.

Well, Tarun Patel, an Educator from Vallabh Vidyanagar has launched, a blogging community focused on the Bloggers from Gujarat. On GujaratiBloggers, Tarun posts the profiles of bloggers who are from Gujarat. Also he has started building a list of blogs maintained by Gujarati people.

Since the launch of this community, Tarun has posted more than 40 Blogger profiles. My profile is also available on GujaratiBloggers, you can have a look there. With GujaratiBloggers community Tarun wants to build the biggest network of Bloggers from the land of Gandhi and Sardar. "This community will give a common platform to the bloggers who have been trying to keep alive the Gujarati culture online", says Tarun.

Many of you are already listed and it's a pleasure to see all and know about Gujarati bloggers scaling higher. If you have a blog and want your profile to be featured on GujaratiBloggers community, send answers to the following questions at

1. Please write 5-8 lines about you, your education and your hobbies.
2. When did you start your first blog?
3. Why do you write blogs?
4. How does blogging benefits you?
5. Which is your most successful blog?
6. Which is your most favorite blog? Why?
7. Can Tarun share your email id so that people can write to you? Y / N

You can send your answers along with your photograph to Tarun. Also you can submit your blog details to by filling a form here.

Enjoy being Listed and Staying Connected.

- ilaxi

Monday, September 22, 2008

Road show and management mantra@Knol

A Road Show, Presentation and Test Drive of Volkswagon Passat and Volkswagon Jetta (Petrol & Diesel) is organized jointly by Ennovative Finanz and ICICI Bank Ltd. on 23rd September 2008. You are welcome to the show...More details on my Swagatgroup Blog.

Btw, How much Pocket money did you get when you were a child? How much do you think children should get Pocket money now? Read on this on my Kidsfreesouls Blog and post your comments too.

And you can find my Knol with all my Management Mantra articles (even sambhaav print articles) coming up here. Just search for 'ilaxi' and you find it. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Friday, August 29, 2008

World Gujarati Conference

The three day World Gujarati Conference in NJ is gonna be the largest meeting of any regional Communities across the world. 'Chalo Gujarat', an initiative by AIANA led by the Chairman Sunil Nayak organises the second edition where more than 35,000 Gujaratis across the world are estimated to attend. Narendra Modi will once again address the international Gujarati convention via video conferencing from his Gandhinagar based residence on 31st August, 5.00 pm IST. His satellite speech will be simultaneously web-casted through internet. Saurabh Patel, Energy Minister of Gujarat will represent Gujarat government in ‘Chalo Gujarat’ convention. Two specially developed mascots — ‘Mani’ and ‘Harry’ — will graphically introduce the exhibition. While Mani is a Gujarati girl, Harry is a Gujarati boy living abroad. You can read more on this on the Express website. Here's my earlier post on this.

No wonder, 'જ્યાઁ વસે ગુજરતી, ત્યાઁ વસે ગુજરાત' - One thing just baffles me - the title ' Chalo Gujarat ' - Thank god those who have gone out of Gujarat want to at least say 'Chalo Gujarat' and hopefully, bring in more people to join their Chalo Gujarat theme. For sure, NRGs are moving ahead to make waves to bring Gujarat in the map on top of the world with its social, culture, traditions and economy. The CM knows too well how to reach people even if Visa is not granted. But than, the only aim is 'Apnu Gujarat' - why even Ratan Tata has been invited to set up Nano plant here in Gujarat - a place he should have chosen! Let's cross fingers for resident Gujaratis and non resident gujaratis to work wonders for Gujarat under the leadership of NM.

Btw, here's my new post on my Book Blog and more on Kidsfreesouls. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pop goes the iPhone!

The iPhone 3 G Launch and blast, it rips off 'Flop' show. Apple had made a great hype with the long awaited wait for the official launch. However, most of the young people had already got in the cracked version (ugh, did Apple know this?) and looking forward to this or just upgrade it for a few bucks was easier, isn't it? Well, the pricing is too high with the digits rolling higher as we all know - costing 8 GB is Rs.31000/- and 16 GB version for Rs.36000/-. The iPhone is choice of techies, the rich kids and savvy entrepreneurs. And than, one never knows - your iPhone can raise your bill to 25% - all coz of phone's internet surfing capabilities. Vodafone gives 250 MB and 600 MB data usage free per month on a plan of Rs.799 and Rs. 999 whereas Bharti Airtel offers free 500 MB per month on iPhone specific plans that will have basic rent of Rs.600 per month.

And ask me, what do I do with my iPhone? - all is a quick check on the facebook, a listen to ipod or click for a pic and feel happier seeing some pics - a chat here n there and sms to fill up a day. Would I go for a next pic and sure, it would be a Blackberry Pearl and upcoming Android.

Btw, Wired Magazine asked 2,600 iPhone 3G users around the world to contribute 3G performance numbers from their localities. The survey revealed network weaknesses. According to Wired, the carriers are to be blamed and not Apple. One analyst firm has suggested that the problems were due to bad hardware from Infineon. Other pundits suggested a firmware issue which they say Apple attempted to fix with the last update. The fastest 3G speeds were being reported on T-Mobile's networks in Europe, while Australian carriers Optus and Virgin reported the slowest 3G speeds.

Ask for our speeds? You just Guess! And yeah, by the time you wait for the browser to open, it happens that I always get 20% battery left......or just 10% - all at the end of the day!

Anyways, if you a Connexion junkie. You are sure to find a post coming soon here.

- ilaxi

Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! Here's the main note on Kidsfreesouls.
Btw, a quick post here with my First Knol published with my 'Management Mantra' article "Secret of Success" from the print media (In gujarati in former Sambhaav Newspapers Business page).

- ilaxi

Monday, August 11, 2008


Ask any person at random, you find them dealing in stocks! Economy doom is reeling on the minds of many business people and they have an eye on the International market. Most of the younger generation are found to be dealing in stocks and trading at times. The result is the gadgets we find them using extensively and the luxury they want at every stage. Even fancy are the motor bikes catching craze among the youth.

Recently cases of thefts of laptops, mobiles have increased and you never know when they are picked from a parked car. Even cars and motor bikes are missing and houses target for theft. There is an increase in cases and the hoardings keep speaking of progress of Gujarat and the development with less focus on curbing the criminal activities in state. It is high time, the government has a vigil on the culprits who are day by day increasing with economy getting jerky and high cost of living.

Well, here's a post on Abhinav Bindra and we, as Indians, feel Proud of his achievement as India wins first Gold Medal in olympics in 80 years!

- ilaxi

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sun sign character and number astrology

Do you believe in Number Astrology? 8/8/8 and it brings luck but for those born with number 8 i.e. the two Chinese leaders were born in 1942 - So, as per the Chinese astrology, this is the year of the Horse in the 12th year cycle. There's a clash between the rat and a horse as you need an animal to attract away the rat, astrologers say.

Well, whatever,'s on Beijing Olympics 2008 (beginning 8/8/8) on Kidsfreesouls along with the links. You can find your Sun sign character as well as Number astrology - I did write these pieces in print media in Sambhaav while I did the Op-ed page as 'Freesouls' - Enjoy.

- ilaxi

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mujhe meri biwise bachao

Here's the great news from guys who gasp for breath saying 'Mujhe meri biwise bachao' - Well, the story of Dilip Patel in AM, Toi features a book by Manoj Joshi, Author of a Gujarati book - પતિની તરફેણમાઁ કોર્ટોના (પત્ની વિરુદ્ધ) ચુકાદાઓ “કેસીસ ઇન ફેવર ઓફ હસબન્ડ.” What so interesting is, the book lists out 2500 cases where men have filed for divorce and won verdits in their favour. As it charts out, the reasons for which Divorce is sought by the man is:

> If wife spoils husband's image
> Insults him before his friends
> Taunts him for not performing well in b - e - d
> Calls him Ravan, butcher....the like words
> Doesn't prepare meals on time

Manoj Joshi is a High Court Advocate who has sold 25000 copies in four months since it was published. Readers have found it informative, eye opener, hilarious, sensational and even shocking and downright 'provocative'. Manoj Joshi has to his credits 22 books and is an expert in his field writing topics which include Hindu marriage Act, Adoption and maintenance. He has his best skills writing in subject matters as matrimony and divorce.

Well, there it goes. I had heard about 'Husband Morcha' against atrocities by wives and they sorted for justice some years ago. And sure, heard of a lot of cases of men being harassed by women and vice-versa. However, the highest problems are foreseen with the newer generation and especially NRIs - men who are scared of their wives threatening to complaint 911 and many parents are stranded back home! For them, this seems to be 'Home sweet Home' to get the right justice as I think no stringent law of lords apply here as Hindu Marriage Act safeguards interest of the couple in general and do offer justice someway.

Well, now I guess even I need to be too alert and prepare meals on time instead of hanging on the net.....A cook is no solution, after all:-)

Btw, sometimes you don't see an update here, draw your attention to 'Twitter' (on right column) and you can follow me to find what I am upto on the web.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gujarat is Safe??

The Asaram Bapu scam is almost forgotten as the terror strikes Gujarat! Rumours around has a lot to say on this but the current focus lay on the Ministers visiting the most affected areas. We all know, the PM came for a visit along with Soniaji and they were warmly greeted by the CM, Narendrabhai Modi. Whatever concerns, one thing is sure - we find people gossip that our CM did not purposely talk to Sonia Gandhi and she was completely avoided! It's even reported that she hang around with Manmohanji to promote the party and there was no need for her to accompany the Singh is king and Shivraj Patil.

Well, in time of terror news and bombs fused and de-fused, politicians keep playing their games and the reports keep appearing to highlight their actions - what about the plight of the many dead and injured? Just the announcements - Given a lac by CM and toppled with cream and sugary layer, the PM declares double lacs.....Can they give back lives? Can they stop the terror call? Again the CM is said to blur out the words and only words...."gujaratni pragatine koi nahi roki shake...." Mr. CM need to swirl in action to stop the Antank first - It's said, after Bangalore blast, he said, "gujarat maa shanti che ane antank naa avi shake" but unfortunately, the terror reigns.

Well, here's more on kidsfreesouls on fear and anxiety as rumours go around gripping kids with fear phobia asking, "why do they kill?" - Do our Politicians have an answer?

- ilaxi

Monday, July 07, 2008

Web comics - Fly, You Fools!

Fly, You Fools, People are mindless cattle - says the mast-head of the new Indian Web comic about Life and it's irritations. The site is presented by Saad Akhtar with a hilarious comic theme on day to day irritations. What is so attractive is the neat presentation but more, the reality that show at a glance. India is a land where all odds happen and endless irritations we face while we breathe free. Let's hope for the best to come....

Btw, here's the glimpse and for more, visit Saad's site - Fly You Fools - An Indian Webcomic about Life. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Media scoops: Misleading?

Divya Bhaskar is one newspaper who conducts great seminars in town recently. At GCCI, DB in association to the chamber, held a session on Parenting and now today, to celebrate its successive five years, DB will be felicitating outstanding women at GCCI; namely Paru Jaykrishna, Ami Yagnik, Rupa Mehta and Mallika Sarabhai. DB with GCCI has jointly organized a Seminar on Women empowerment - thereby debating on the socio-economic and emotional strengths of women. Their fight for Freedom and Power.

Well, it makes me wonder with today's news in media which speaks of a stepping down leader of GCCI, Paruben. Through her tenure, the press has been - for and against - make her rise and fall! Just today, I read somewhere that the CM will now grace GCCI functions which he didn't attend lately due to the outgoing President. Well, I've attended a host of functions all round the year where the CM was present! I think the press is wrong! Are they misguiding people? If so, why? Under who's pressure do they write or do they want masalas for stirring soups?

Power sometimes go in the wrong hands and they leave no blank areas to tarnish the image of people. Paruben is projected all negative (sometimes positive!) in newspapers and they've mentioned her as to be 'ambitious'.....Well, these reporters aren't ambitious? Without ambition, I don't think one can reach a goal. Next step is a determination and that she had. Completely dedicated to the chamber, Paru Jaykrishna has made an achievement and she's changed the GCCI scenario in just one year! Those who're reading the GCCI Bulletin are aware of the Bulletin presentation lately and also the working is much better organized than before at the premises. Why don't the Press write the Positive? Only they know...

One thing I hate at workplace environment is 'Pulling and pushing' tactics. Politics is bad but worse is human nature and we find politics at every stage in our life esp. at workplace, at clubs, social organisations - all where committees are formed! These very leaders and committees speak of goals and achievements but lack a unity!

Btw,the CM is to remain present for the Installation ceremony of the new elected GCCI President Rupesh C Shah on 27th June. I won't be saying more on him as his 'Ek Vichar' speaks a lot on him and more, you can read in the press! Keep watching the posts and keep reading the print newspapers - will make you wonder the way of reporting - good going to's all wait and watch to Watch the News - Life comes to News, is it?

- ilaxi

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Narendra Modi will get visas for Chaalo Gujarat???

I hear that the AIANA (Association of Indian American of North America) will use their best influence to convincePresident George W Bush to grant US visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi enabling him to attend a Gujarati conference in New Jersey.

The three-day ‘Chaalo Gujarat’conference will be held at Edison, New Jersey from September 1-3 and this time, our CM will take no risk. Union Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel, The big brothers -Anil-Mukesh Ambani, Minister Shankersinh Vaghela, Irfan Pathan, Kiran More are among the few dignitaries to visit the conference.

We all know, Modi was denied visa in 2005 by the US following the 2002 riots. This time, unless the US consulate gives a sure green signal, Narendrabhai will not apply. It can hurt his reputation and sure it will - not only his but leave scars and stains on the reputation of Gujarat too. What do the big shots of US think? Video conferencing or live telecasting is a way to go but denying visa to the CM is an insult. Show a Minister who is clean chit? Why lay hurdles in Gujarat progress? After all, the CM brings Gujarat in the world map and is the best State in India winning awards for excellent administration and Sonia Gandhi herself had given the Award earlier too.

Well, I think Narendra Modi's influence is far and wide and this time, all cheers...he's gonna get the Visas for sure and if not, Where there's a will, there's a way - Gujarat CM can reach people and win hearts - all coz he's got words and words are all he has to take hearts away - Indeed, Narendra Modi is a great Orator (only he spill beans with harsh words sometimes!)

- ilaxi

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kidsfreesouls 9 tips for Dads

Happy Father's Day to all Dads. Here's to wish :

What Makes A Dad?

God took the strength of a mountain, The majesty of a tree, The warmth of a summer sun, The calm of a quiet sea, The generous soul of nature, The comforting arm of night, The wisdom of the ages, The power of the eagle's flight, The joy of a morning in spring, The faith of a mustard seed, The patience of eternity, The depth of a family need, Then God combined these qualities, When there was nothing more to add, He knew His masterpiece was complete, And so, He called it ... Dad - Author is unknown

Well, here's Kidsfreesouls 9 ways that help Dads to stand by Moms in bringing up kids gracefully and help them manage their workplace with positive rewarding experiences. Those who have read the article 'New Parental Concern:Dad a Role Model' in the first chapter of my book Guardian of Angels find the useful tips on how a Dad can stand by moms and pose to be a Role Model. If you have not yet picked my book, grab a copy NOW! Enjoy!

Btw, time takes a twist and a turn with irregularities here - so sneak in for my quick posts on more to come from time to time.

- ilaxi

Thursday, May 22, 2008

"Five questions sum up the breadth of news: What, When, Where, Why and How. The breadth of politics is spanned by a single question: Why? What, When and Where become largely irrelevant because you can hardly undo the past; and How helps with the gossip but does not interfere with facts. "Why" is crucial because its answer is the only means by which you can try to pre-empt a similarly unpleasant surprise in the future." says M J Akbar who launched 'Covert' - a political magazine in mid may.

In politics, the 'why' is always crucial but a lot goes with 'How' too and by and large, this how leads to when and where - How it happened, when and where it should happen and why it should not know what I mean - the situations we find absolutely alarming when common people become the victims. Ask a CM or a PM and the rules are ever changing with the party leaders! Politicians - Endangered species!!

I guess, this post comes after a break - all amidst my social, professional and personal health issues demanding my major attention. Anyways, do freak in for a casual stroll to kidsfreesouls to find something new and to the newly launched Covert with a new adds to columnists posts on the MJ blog and of coz, my biz site with the Biz blog now going the feedburner way to go..

- ilaxi

Friday, April 18, 2008

Twitter, twitter and twittering.....that's the way to Go - as long as new explorations continue, everything seems rosy and gold but it seems to wait how long we continue with these social networking sites - My Space, Face Book, Orkut, Wayn, Linked in, Flixter....many many more...and here's Twitter you see me Twittering for a while (on right bar of the blog) - Find more on this on Kidsfreesouls Blog note.

Btw, Yesterday at the launch of Smita Dani's Book "Diary of a Survivor", it was a pleasure attending the book release. Specifically, a lot to learn on living life and listening to the wisdom words of Smita Dani and Narendra Modi - on Life and their Books. I was the one fortunate to get a copy of Narendrabhai's 'Jyotipunj' but well, it was the words of the CM that were driven to musings on Dare to do it and what is life all about.......Read more on Kidsfreesouls and keep checking in for more in print newspapers too.....

- ilaxi

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A long time with no posts and do we call this a Writer's Block? Maybe - coz when we keep silent, there's a way to go and it's always said, 'Silence Speaks a Thousand Words' - Probably, this is the reason why I like the song of Debbie Gibson where the words go 'Don't worry, I'll return the song of silence.....Silence speaks a thousand words!

Anyways, here's the New York Times Bestseller Joel Comm's 4th Book launch of revealing 'Adsense Secrets' - Find on Kidsfreesouls as I blog my way to newer areas....Be a Millionaire with Joel's tips. Believe me, I used this long ago when I started this Blog and Adsense secrets of Joel really works :-) Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Every day is a new day as well as every day is a festive day when you live in the land of the Free in Gujarat. Well, with Holi, Good Friday and Easter to celebrate, here's wishing 'Happy festivals'.

And here's presenting Fairy land for children and I am sure many of the kids will love to surf the Kids pages and Story pages on kidsfreesouls. Also presenting the stories of Artie Knapp's Library. Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do I ever miss remembering 12th March? I guess not and will never! Well, here's the post on kidsfreesouls and also, get to subscribe my blogs. Enjoy.
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Saturday, March 08, 2008

“India’s democracy is a little more powerful than its temporary rulers.” - M J Akbar

And the news came around my desk on 1st March! However, here's more on this on links on M J Akbar's Blog - In case you missed on this piece of info (call it news!)

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- Read More in Tehelka Magazine, Vol 5, Issue 10, Dated Mar 15, 2008
- Is Decline to the Fourth Estate here and happening?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

લાગણીના સઁબઁધો ખુબજ યાદગાળ રહે છે......Find a new post on Shabd Preet!

Well, life is a continous journey and as I explore the web, do find the latest updates on with a great start to the Counselling pages but here's to explore the Romanian language. Few of my articles from my book 'Guardian of Angels' are translated to Romanian language for the Romanian Parents and Teachers. ScoalaParintilor - means the World of Parents and they present their re-designed website with Guardian of Angels articles in Romanian. Here's the link on - If you do not understand the language, don't worry - you've the English version on kidsfreesouls but if you wish to read in Gujarati, well, I guess I need to translate in Gujarati now! Any help?

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blood Brothers and the first thing that comes in mind is a song of Karmacy group - the song with the plight of a youth who became an NRI and did not want his brother to commit the mistake he did! Well, I guess, depends on personal experiences and individuals. But than, I do gather now that India is becoming an IT Hub esp. Gujarat as I find many IT guys 'Too busy' with the outsourcing offers.

Now, Blood Brothers, I refer is Fratelli de Sangue - the translated Italian Book of M J Akbar just launched in Bologna, Rome. You can find the details on the site and read the Book too:-) No wonder, a movie may be made some day from the Book story of Blood Brothers!

Btw, here's Kidsfreesouls with a fresh re-start of Counselling Pages. If you have a question or a two, do rush in. Take care.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I heard a someone saying while watching television, 'maro, maro' and there 'Sare Zameen par' - Yeah, blame the two brothers or the world economy - markets are volataile. No mention of more on this as I've already blogged a note here.

Btw, after the Mumbaikars, Gujarati amdabadis will have an International Marathon on 8th June with the event organized by Udgam Charitable Trust. What is noticeable is that they've put T-Shirts, mugs, coasters for sale on a website for the said Marathon race. You can read more here on Kidsfreesouls News page on this. Enjoy & grab those cool T shirts from them - of coz you've got to pay but if you're lucky, the website gives you a surprize if you register there!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So, there goes the Uttarayan here with a festive spirit and as I take a break, here's the kite page on kidsfreesouls.

However, what might interest many bloggers, here's Darren's blog with tips and tricks to earn blogging. And here's my Tech blog on Facebook developments too. And here's the link to get all those dazzling templates for your blogs. Enjoy.

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Friday, January 04, 2008

Heralding a new start with 2008, here's just books, books and Books - The best friend for a lifetime! You can even find the upcoming Book sections for Parents, Teachers and children here on my amazon space on kidsfreesouls.

Btw, this reminds me to refer to the Grimm's fairy tales and all those wonderful stories we ever read out to children. To my surprize, many of the English medium children aren't aware of stories like Hansel and Gretel, Snow white, Rumpelstiltskin and sleeping beauty! How sad! Childhood is getting more matured or is the innocence fading away....Teachers and parents need to spare those lovely moments for children and make a routine to read out fairy tales to them. Even the lovely games are just pass by with kids spending hours on computer games or play stations and television.

Let this be a resolution to spare a few moments for children - ours, theirs or any children and tell tale the stories - in hindi, gujarati, english or any language. We make a difference in their lives. Maybe, soon you can find story section coming up on kidsfreesouls! Till then, here's fairyland.

- ilaxi