Saturday, July 15, 2006

News websites, RSS feeds and Blogs - The next 'Big Battle of Journalism' is maybe the Internet! Advertising, sponsoring, donation and contribution by Readers on major Blog websites and online media channels is a way to go on the web. Thereby more journalists emerge every day and many news websites and blogs emerge with enhanced Information.

So far, Gujarati language websites had a limitation but with adopting the unicode way of writing, a number of Gujarati websites and blogs have mushroomed on the web and more gujaratis have the opportunity - not only to blog but also be a part of the Gujarati worldwide community online. Here is Sureshbhai Jani, Harish Dave and Mrugesh Shah who are teaming up with Gujarati Bloggers on the web to build one main centrally designed website joined by all Gujarati Bloggers. This means, we are going to find links to various categories like Literature Profiles, Poetry, Songs & Gazals, Gujarati Newspapers (Print & Online), Arts, Personal Blogs, Gujarati Dictionary, Gujarati Forum, etc. - All at one place. The idea is novel but only to be seen how the issue of copyright, freedom of speech, fonts and proper weightage is given to all Gujarati newspaper and bloggers!

Sureshbhai Jani's contribution towards the
Gujarati Sahitya Sarjak Parichay and his Swarachit Rachnao is a toast on the web. At a time when Gujarati Literature is lurking behind with the upcoming, tech influenced generation, here comes the Literature Profiles that keeps alive the Gujarati Literature world. Surehbhai's efforts to bring all Gujaratis under one roof is highly appreciated as it would give a common syndication to be read worldwide.

Well, while I started making a
Guj Literature Blog with Bhupatbhai's articles, I had come across the first Gujarati Literature website of Mrugesh Shah. He has a unique way of presenting Gujarati news and Gujarati Literature on the web. Initially started last year on 7th July 2005, offers the rich gujarati literature Authors' Articles & Poetry, short stories and news to Gujarati world. The upcoming writers get a chance to publish their work on this website. Remained on Top selection of wordpress in its Bloggers Category for 15 days, is worldwide read and appreciated. It has already been featured in major newspapers like Sandesh, Divya Bhaskar and Mrugesh Shah has been interacting with people worldwide with his outstanding work and contribution in the field of Gujarati Literature. I highly appreciate Mrugesh Shah's work and may lead to newer heights in time to come.

Also another, Shri Ratilal Chandaria's Online Gujarati Dictionary & Language resource. A simple, eye catching website with explanation of more than 2.2 million words in unicode encoding and a gujarati spellchecker is all a rich resource for gujaratis. This simplifies work for people like us who've studied in English medium and are at a loss to find words in gujarati - During these times, gujaratlexicon helps English words with gujarati meaning specified with their grammatical form and pronunciation. Thus, it has English to Gujarati and Gujarati to English words alongwith Gujarati to gujarati words + idioms and proverbs, opposites, thesaurus, etc.

If you are a Gujarati and want to contribute on web, here is your chance to blog in Gujarati ( is much easier than wordpress. com for a beginner according to my experience). All you do is, follow the instructions and just begin to write. You only need to copy+paste your writing in the blogger and submit - is a Push button publishing. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

A day ago Pankajbhai Patel, Chairman of Zydus Cadilla Group, took over his position as the President of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry. This sure calls in for a corporate make over of GCCI as the Paras Pharmaceutical Chairman Girish Patel becomes the vice President and Paru Jaikrishna joins in as the Senior Vice President. What is more noteworthy is the Corporate leaders from Adani Group (Mr. Gautam Adani), Torrent Group (Mr. Sudhir Mehta), and Nirma Group (Mr. Hiren Patel) have been elected Executive Committee members for this year 2006-07.

An aggressive person as he is, Pankajbhai brings in hope for reforms to the many issues. In his speech, he made clear of his intent to explore innovative solutions to the long standing issues like VAT, basic and social infrastructure, land reforms and octroi, etc. He aims to form a strategy to make Gujarat globally competitive.

Pankajbhai, as far as I know him, has always turned challenges into opportunities and these opportunies to reach target goals. Dream Big and You Can Do It! This mantra seems to work great for many Corporates and no exception is - Pankajbhai. I do believe in his strengths and his Corporate team will take Gujarat on a higher map. Not only him, all these CMDs who joined the GCCI team, will definately encourage the upcoming new generation Management Youth! It is only to be seen how far the vision is envisaged.

Here is my post on Pankajbhai earlier. Being in the GCCI Business Women's wing as an Executive committee member myself, it is a pleasure for me to be in the circle of Think Tanks who may inspire and encourage to follow the management path to progressive highways.

- ilaxi