Thursday, July 09, 2009

Video of C G Road - Walker's Paradise

Watch the video of the busiest C G Road on 4th July and the 'No Car Day' - Walker's Paradise CG Road on 5th July. Credits goes to 'Kaushik' who shows the picture of our city and presents on the web on 'You Tube' - Indeed, the idea behind the Walker's Paradise goes to AMC and Ahmedabad Traffic Police to experiment 'Go Green' - No pollution, no stress.

Kaushik has done an indepth video coverage and I am sure, many of you out there are going to love to see a city transforming to wonders. You are missing the love of your life and that is 'Ahmedabad' a paradise in Gujarat.

Watch the video below or log to You Tube. Be patient, if your lines are slow like mine:-)

- ilaxi

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mosey along Twitter.....

Follow Friendfeed:
Are you a fan of 140 character Twitter and addicted posting from any place, any where, any time? Beware!!! You are soon going to be insane or maybe your account will be 'Mosey along - nothing to see here' - Just Suspended for no reason of yours!

Read more on my Tech Blog on the recent Twitter Phishing and 4Chan invasion with Twitter Security lapses. Be cautious - Twitter is helpless to handle too many suspensions. Mosey along to Friendfeed which have more than 140 characters to offer + great features. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

Monday, July 06, 2009

Carnival on C G Road

Walker's Paradise on C G Road yesterday has been a great experiment for 'Go Green' - No Car Day was simply superb! It was like a fun Carnival.

We often end up our Sundays at a club or meet friends or get to the posh Fortune Landmark, Piano@Grand Bhagwati, Silver Leaf or the Taj - Maybe freak in at Chocolatery or Amazo...or just about Havmor ...whatever...However, believe me, if such 'Walker's Paradise' opens up at places, it is just about a 'Family Fun' and pollution free spaces. Kids had a gala time to skate, dance, go cycling, etc. There were caricature experts, tattoo makers, balloon vendors, bhel, pani puri and pop corn sellers - all through the road and people had just fun scrolling. It began with Jogger's @ C G Road followed by races and rappling and many activities for the amdavadis. Students of St Kabir School highlighted traffic problems and solutions. There were also look-alikes of Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Nana Patekar and Naresh Kanodia parading on the road with a huge group of children trailing behind.

I happened to freak for a change and saw the LIC sponsored Live Music show. The professionals sang their best but it were the kids who danced to the tunes and got the prizes. Moreover, it was an opportunity to listen to 'Bhowmik Shah' the young singer who sang the song, 'Tujhe dekh dekh sona tujhe dekhkar...' - Though Bhowmik sang his best numbers on the stage, we missed listening to this number from Kalyug. He is terrific talented boy from Ahmedabad and people went un-noticed to his real true identity at the show. I got his blur pic on my blackberry which is yet uploaded.

Well, I wish there was a permanent 'Walker's Paradise' on C.G. Road against all odds and oppose from the shop owners. Some of the buildings like Kalapurnam and Super Mall had sponsored space for these live perfromances though. Anyways, this is our Rocking town and getting more interesting day by day with all round developments.

- ilaxi

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Walker's Paradise - C G Road

Jointly organized by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and Ahmedabad Traffic Police, all are invited on C G Road as they have a 'Walker's Paradise' - Yes, "NO CAR DAY" on C G Road today, 5th July 2009. Only, Discover Paradise, take a walk. There are added activities and lots of fun - Police Band, Cycling, skating, Face and tattoo artists, caricature artist, treasure hunt, car racing, dart games, dance performances....

Who says, Apnu amdavad boring che and there's nothing except malls and restaurants? Kankaria is full bubbling and so will be C G Road and S G Road, we all know is full of Traffic Jam - But, than it happens only in Ahmedabad that people are enjoying the fun and nobody stays home on Sundays - Home Kitchen is closed! NRGs...missing Gujarat? Well, memories stay forever..Still its not late, get yourself a 'Holiday.'

- ilaxi