Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blood Brothers and the first thing that comes in mind is a song of Karmacy group - the song with the plight of a youth who became an NRI and did not want his brother to commit the mistake he did! Well, I guess, depends on personal experiences and individuals. But than, I do gather now that India is becoming an IT Hub esp. Gujarat as I find many IT guys 'Too busy' with the outsourcing offers.

Now, Blood Brothers, I refer is Fratelli de Sangue - the translated Italian Book of M J Akbar just launched in Bologna, Rome. You can find the details on the site and read the Book too:-) No wonder, a movie may be made some day from the Book story of Blood Brothers!

Btw, here's Kidsfreesouls with a fresh re-start of Counselling Pages. If you have a question or a two, do rush in. Take care.

- ilaxi