Wednesday, February 15, 2006

No more Auda limits! Apnu Amdavad is set to go for a Mega City feel as newly formed seven nagarpalikas have been merged with AMC. The 1.89 lac plus population of the cream area Bodakdev, satellite, Vastrapur, Thaltej and Makarba in the western part and Nava Odhav, Nikol and Nava Naroda in East - all simply merged. This means, the residents are in real trouble.

I always wondered, these SG Road area and surrounding was flourishing with mega malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals and residence - particularly people almost invested in farms and build their palace style bunglows in remote areas. Now is the price to pay! These people are hooked to pay additional tax burden.Worst hit would be the Hotels like Pride, Grand Bhagwati, clubs like Karnavati and Rajpath and the mega malls and hospitals. Well, well, one cannot eat the cake all the time - Auda was doing a great job and its now the AMC challenge.......fished in and sandwiched victims are the lucky-unlucky...ers!

Best virtue is to keep patience! After all, its Mega city 'Apnu Amdavad' Be proud of it.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love is All around or Love is in the Air? Think and ask your very ownself and pop comes an Answer - Be honest, hey tell me don't you people think Romance is out and short lived Relationship is in...Well, Bal Thakeray and the Shiv Sena is once again ga ga over the Valentine theme and I feel really they would be! Just saw a couple of messages in the newspapers today and wow, people gonna crazy! Do really guys n gals know the real meaning of valentine - How it started, what are Love symbols, who are Love gods, the val story ...etc. If you wanna dive into my Valentine pages, stay cool on my site here.

Btw, I read a Love Matching of Ganesha Speaks offered by Sandesh, a gujarati newspaper on its website! Here's a very old personal site I done years ago which has links to Free Love Calculator, Love Test, etc. - Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Monday, February 13, 2006

Recently I came across this word 'Hafta Vasuli' and gosh, I wonder whether this Mega city happenning thing has the ongoing slang - too favoring or too corrupted? Surat is in direct competition to Ahmedabad to get this Mega city label but its Ahmedabad that gonna be the choice for Bio-Tech & pharma hub, I hear. Now is there any hafta vasuli for this Mega City label? I guess only CM can direct in this regard...Why I say is 'Hafta vasuli' is so deep rooted that anywhere you go, people are found to pop up with this novel word.

Recently, a passenger bought a copy of Business world from a Baroda Book store and he picked up an old issue. When he found this and told the Book vendor lady that he will complain, she said '"Kuch nahi hoga, hum hafta dete hai" - Another incident goes to a late night eatery joint and they close only after 3 - just becoz of hafta vasuli - not to mention so many other hafta vasuli mal practices goes on but I guess, it's in the system and a part of living. Rang De Basanti movie has definitely made an attempt to portray the real corrupted living and young generation is flaunted hopeless defying the tricks of the trade - I wonder, Are our politicians aware or should they be 'Beware'! It's our Karmayogi CM (true doer) who need to find the meaning of the word 'hafta vasuli' from his govt dictionary and scratch the word off - Is that possible? No Way....

- ilaxi