Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love is All around or Love is in the Air? Think and ask your very ownself and pop comes an Answer - Be honest, hey tell me don't you people think Romance is out and short lived Relationship is in...Well, Bal Thakeray and the Shiv Sena is once again ga ga over the Valentine theme and I feel really they would be! Just saw a couple of messages in the newspapers today and wow, people gonna crazy! Do really guys n gals know the real meaning of valentine - How it started, what are Love symbols, who are Love gods, the val story ...etc. If you wanna dive into my Valentine pages, stay cool on my site here.

Btw, I read a Love Matching of Ganesha Speaks offered by Sandesh, a gujarati newspaper on its website! Here's a very old personal site I done years ago which has links to Free Love Calculator, Love Test, etc. - Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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