Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's more Coffee chains setting its pace to India - Barishta, Cafe coffee day, star bucks and now Gloria Jeans, Australian Coffees. Star Bucks and Gloaria Jeans are gonna be the latest craze 'hangouts' in India and no doubt, Ahmedabad would scale up to shoot the charts with highest number of outlets and coffee freaks moving around. The traditional 'half cup tea' or the 'ek rakabi (saucer) cha (tea') is getting out of fashion. You can't imagine business talks over a cup of tea, can you? Nor can u date someone over a cup of tea - thats the feel of many teenagers and men 40 plus who seem to get into new wave trends meeting and dating n having high coffee (tea!).

Well, the point is that I've heard some Tea company is also coming out with its Tea outlets - This means the whole of the town is gonna be packed with coffee bars and Tea stalls!!! Ya know, originally, coffee beans were taken as a food and not as a beverage. The so-called stimulating properties of coffee were thought by many during ancient times to give a sort of religious ecstasy, and the drink earned a very mystical sort of reputation, shrouded in secrecy and associated with priests and doctors. It is said, Muslim pilgrims from across the globe during their pilgrimages to Mecca managed to smuggle coffee plants back to their homelands, and coffee crops soon took root in India.

Well, now get ready to treat yourself with Pumpkin Spice coffee when GJ arrives but yeah, why not give your own try of Pumpkin Spice coffee this Diwali? Do send in your innovative idea.......viola...I'll make a jar to serve and get chill!

Here's my innovative recipe
'Pumpkin Spice Coffee'

Take 50 gms pumpkin juice, add sugar, spices n nuts n coffee (vivita pack), blend in mixie to give a smooth, add a scoop of chocolate ice-cream - Serve! Enjoy.....

- ilaxi