Saturday, December 13, 2008

Have Peace!

I just read a quote on my desk - "To use punctuation marks on paper is easy but can you put a full stop to waste thoughts?" Ponder....When do you get waste thoughts? It's like, "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" - And when do this devil work? Only when idle? I don't think so. Devils keep working round the clock - at workplace when there's someone superior than you and you are a big 'J" - when you have the inferiority complex, when you are poorer than the rich ...when ...when...Maybe that's the reason the young terrorist had the devil in him to risk his life....But, there goes a thought in mind 'What makes a human think terror, why they become criminals...

Whatever be the reason, here's Anti Terrorism Lesson Plans - We want our young generation to be more wiser and face the world terror free. We need to stop the Hatred and Anger, learn tolerance and spread peace. Stop crime and stop kids to be criminals.

I hear groups of people gathering to light candles on Mumbai Terrorism and invites on Facebook reveals that some of them have taken a fancy to go for multiple social causes as an Activity! And it has almost become a happy program for children to draw and paint terrorism - Do we want our kids to come to class and tell us exitedly that, "I did a Taj drawing with bombs and terrorists and it was fun!" So many competitions I've taken so far but never, ever did I think that one can organize a competition on topics like Terrorism or peace! Yes Indeed, Ahmedabad is changing!

And here's Peace Lessons with song of John Lennon 'Imagine' - Have Peace.

- ilaxi