Friday, October 02, 2009

My First Freesouls Page on Gandhiji

Friday, 1st October, 1999 - A copy of Freesouls in Sambhaav Newspapers.

My first Freesouls page of 15th October, 1997 was of Gandhiji too!

And the most highly surfed page on is of Gandhiji!

And Khadi, I use to wear and still do. My wardrobe has Khadi silk sarees and dresses!

Gandhian values and it comes from within.

I agree with some, it is difficult to follow the Gandhian principles today but I guess, pick some and leave some, Attitude is all that makes a Big Difference!

Here is Gandhi's view On Self Development :

* Don’t hide your ignorance out of false shame.

* Never mind if you are mistaken for a fool, but don’t take the risk of going wrong as a result of your ignorance.

* The mind itself is our enemy as well as our friend. It is our duty to keep it under control. No medicine from a doctor is required for this.

* Contentment is best of riches.

* Thought is father of action. Watch your habits as they become permanent and so adopt good ones.

Click for Kidsfreesouls cover on Gandhiji. And yes, go down memory lane. Send your or your child's drawing/painting and get featured on cover and Color Paste Board. Join the Facebook Event too.

- ilaxi

In Spotlight : Gujarat

Rural Sanitation Awareness Mission and the State level address of the CM Narendra Modi of Gujarat will be at Town Hall, Gandhinagar. If you want to hear him live, just click to sharp at 3.30 pm for the live telecast.

Btw, CM has already launched his prestigious CM Fellowship Program during Dushera festival. This will provide an opportunity to the youth to study and be a part of Government's administrative departments and other social sectors. They get a chance to work with top officials and experience the functioning of various departments. It aims to improve the declining HDI. The main values in this concept focus on ensuring security of life and secure livelihoods, provide equality between men and women and equity in opportunities and capabilities.

You can find further details, how to join etc. here on this website launched for the purpose.

As the CM says, "This is a chance for the counry's best young achievers to take on the highest challenges. You can take a step to change the future. I welcome you to contribute to transform in social development"

Well, tremendous changes and fast paced development - in spotlight, Gujarat -

- ilaxi

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Joys of Giving - Free chai

Joys of Giving - Chai - This is the real way to go! Amdabadis love to have a cup of chai especially in a cup and saucer and that too, half cup of tea.

"Let's discuss our duties, over a cup of tea. And then put them into action...over, lots of teas..." Says Nitesh at Facebook Group. Free Chai is a group of volunteers who believe in random acts of kindness and importance of selfless service, sharing and care for people.

The Free Chai Group began its activities on March 22, 2009 and now around 1100+ people across the world celebrate 'Free Chai'. They are encouraging people to act selflessly and motivate them to give some part of their valuable time towards the wellness of this earth.

You can be anywhere, in any part of the World and spread the Free Chai message of Nitesh. Join the Group here and Join the Joys of Giving 'Free Chai' week here in events. The group spreads the Joys of Giving for a week as a part of Joys of Giving campaign .

If you are organizing the Free chai event in your area, don't forget to send the Photos to Nitesh to post it at the group as it can be inspiration to others.

And yes, in your Free Chai Talks, do ask people one Question from me: How will you spread the message of Love, faith, peace and unity among human beings? Email me the answers you get:-) or Join the Group and post answers.

A lot things can happen over a cup of tea, isn't it?

- ilaxi

Above Pic courtesy: 'Free Chai', Vastrapur Lake