Friday, May 04, 2007

In front of my desk lay a Quote:

Of Wisdom's way you would wisely seek,
Five things observe with care:
Of whom to speak,
to whom to speak,
And how and when and where.

Saying is a lot easier than actually putting into practice!

Well, here's to say, get into Alliance with for Question & Answer Column on You can now click on the Categories at the Question Box and Ask any Question. Even Answer with your expertise skills and earn points to get into "Hall of Fame". If you have any question worrying you and wanna get a quick reply, the interactive people on the web easen up your minds. I wonder, so many of us are exploring the www and so many answers yet remains unanswered - So, why not get into being interactive. Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gujarat Day - 1st May and did I miss out - nah, I was watching the CM on the Television!

Here's a note from kidsfreesouls if you happened to miss out visiting the site on Gujarat Day. I am surprised, it appears in google search too as key words 'Gujarat Day, may 1'

From kidsfreesouls....

It always happens - When a Politician works favorable for the citizens, the media slash over the negatives of the politician and the party. It is said, check the P's and beware of them - the Politician, priest and the press. I wrote this article on Politicians-Endangered species quite long back. However, I do admit that some politicians may be a lot corrupted but our Gujarat government CM is on way to road ahead for promoting the state to newer heights and give a label of metro city to my town Ahmedabad, which is just about next to a Bombay or Delhi and Bangalore city in India. No wonder, by 2010, we can see tremendous changes for sure if the CM is able to fight out the odds and the black scars on his image.

Btw, 1st May is the 'Gujarat Day' and I heard Narendra Modi, the CM on the television. A man with a vision, he spoke on the development of the state and mentioned the many Initiatives taken by the Government. The government has implemented a scheme to impart education to children in rural areas through ‘Gyan Rath’. The other Initiatives are Raksha Shakti, Jal Shakti, Urja Shakti, Jan Shakti - Education, Security, Water, Energy and human resources are covered up by the State government and major initiatives are being taken for the e-Governance and with IT implementation, the Gujarat state is expected to reach milestones in the coming years. Here is the Gujarat State Profile and the CM's earlier speech.

- ilaxi