Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girl Education and School enrolment Initiative

Girl Education and school enrolment initiatives takes off. A three-day ‘Kanya Kelavani' and ‘Shala Praveshotsav' programme is held during 17-18-19 June 2010 in rural areas whereas programme for urban areas will be held during 24-25-26 June 2010.

The Initiative is promoted by Gujarat CM along with his team of Cabinet Ministers, Secretaries, MLAs and Govt. officials who personally visit villages like last year and foresees a vision to higher the literacy rate and aim for 'zero - ‘0’ percent' drop out rate in Gujarat.

Around 1.05 Lacs of teaching assistants, 64,390 new classrooms, 50,350 sanitation facilities and 32,350 schools will be equipped with drinking water and electricity. This is a major change at Primary education level in rural and urban villages in Gujarat.

Moreover, Books will be donated to schools under the 'Vanche Gujarat' initiative. Toys will be donated which involves people participation to donate 'a book and a toy' for children. Yoga demonstration and Computer teaching will also be conducted. Great efforts are put for education reforms as there will be a system of Teacher-student Gradation in schools. Weaker students will be specially taken care for. Std. 8 will be included in Primary schooling too.

Vidhyalakshmi Bonds will be distributed and implementation of midday meal scheme will be assessed.

Now, we call this a dynamic approach towards improving Education. You can find few Projects and Initiatives on State Portal here.

Who says, 'Gujarat has high school drop out rate' - Prior to 2009, 40 out of 100 children use to drop out but now the figure stands low and comes down to only 2 !

Hats off to the CM and his team - Be proud to be a Gujarati and in Gujarat:-)

- ilaxi