Saturday, November 08, 2008

He had a key to every Heart : with Love

He had a key to every heart - His Shayaris and gazals with Love mixed to vibrate our souls. Adilbhai Mansuri has left for heavenly abode. I deeply feel the loss of a colleague who drifted with time to far away lands and space built in a gap of years as I only thought of but actually could not make it up to meet him! A renuion of AGK, Adilbhai and finding lost traces of Vora, Pritam, Shah, Srini, Venkat, Guru, Murugesan, Kaushik and all at Shilpi Advertising still lingers away. Well, Diwali has really been too unfair to bring me over news of four deaths of people whom I knew and could not make it up to meet them. Sometimes, we can never make it up, so happens!

You can find updated info on Adilbhai's website. I have no words to pen here as my heart pains as I cherish a book he sent me...My heartfelt condolences goes with his family, friends and fans. May his soul rest in peace~

- ilaxi

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Will Modi get US Visas now?

With a Historic win of Barrack Obama, here's more on Kidsfreesouls in case you missed. I asked a friend, 'Whom did you vote' and she strangely replied that her country is India. I wonder, do you miss on voting rights if you have?

Well, How much do our kids know Politics? I've heard many people voting for the candidate who is less corrupted and casually joke away saying so that his valuable vote goes to the less corrupted politician as he hopes, he might bring about a change. Unfortunately, sometimes changes never occur instead there is fight for power and more power and money and more money.

Our politicians back home has power, (money I don't know) more determination and more progress in time to come. There is strong expectation in Gujarat, 'Will Modi now get US Visa?' - Obama's feat brings in cheer and rays of hope for our CM Narendra Modi and even American journalists currently on visit to Gujarat has been trying to figure out whether Narendrabhai will become Indian PM. Hmm...Power, Fame and Reach - I hear, Modi is headed for a trip to Africa, including Kenya. Does this sound a tinkle? Good nah!

- ilaxi