Thursday, June 28, 2007

क्या आप रेडियो सुनते हो? पता है एक दिन के लिए इन्टरनेट रेडियो बिल्कुल शांत हो गया था ! वजह जानना चाहते हो तो यहाँ पे क्लिक करे

Well, this is the Hindi unicode written with the new Google Accounts. I guess, gujarati will soon be available too. Gujaratis, however need to be more on the run to keep the language alive as apart from English, Hindi is soon going to storm over on the web.

Anyways, there you go with the information for the online Internet Radio and listen to the cool Desi songs over there through my Tech blog link. And for all who wish to listen to my fav specials, there's Launch Cast - aha..Yahoo...on the right bar! Enjoy!

- ilaxi

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I have been reading quite a number of blogs on the web lately. In gujarati, we call 'alankar' and I find the use is fading! As in English, we have the rich Idioms - the special uses of words or combination of words, phrases or turns of expressions that are peculiar to a language. When I take a Vocabulary class, the words meanings are searched for in a dictionary but when I take an Idiom class - the same very search becomes too hilarious coz the children find the exact meaning of the word - Double meanings and we end up with fun learning!

Well, here is a tip for many who find conversation flaws too. English has become a compulsory subject in Gujarati medium schools now and no point in fretting and fuming over the language barriers - In Gujarat, we speak the language of love and brotherhood - whatever language we speak or write or have to learn, the laws are all written in English! Enjoy!

- ilaxi