Saturday, April 04, 2009

Narendra Modi and fans

I was amazed to see the Times of India, front page news with headline "Modi chalks out cyber war with e fans'. Now, this is just news piece! I confidently can chalk out on some points as I was present at the meeting with Hon CM Narendrabhai Modi and other e-fans and those involved in the making of his website and fan sites.

Well, I would not like to speak more on this but you can read on Desh Gujarat blog which has a reporting on the same. One thing that sure would be interesting as put up in the meeting that Google should start Adsense for Gujarati websites and blogs as more and more Gujaratis round the world have entered this phase.

CM Narendra Modi's foresight on technology and Internet is amazing and he seems to have deep sense of awareness on issues that need priorities and has a vision for a goal with determination, dedication and hard work.

You can visit his personal website here and follow Twitter Profile - Official. If you are a fan, do participate in the Quote Contest and the SMS contest online - Just Register to login and send Favourite quote you like of Narendrabhai and even create an sms and submit there. Maybe, you are the CHOSEN ONE!
Btw, here's an fan sites that might interest you:
many more...Search here

Want to be Interactive on Narendrabhai's website? After English and Gujarati, the site is soon being launched in Hindi and Sanskrit too. This will be the first ever site in Sanskrit!

Btw, Here is my How to Blog in Gujarati Help Guide.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gujarati Spell Bee and Blogging...

Enhance Gujarati word Power. I couldn't ever speak better Gujarati but being among many Gujarati bloggers, I have a chance to sneak in and peek a boo into the gujarati language and dictionaries that ever give me a clarity of the language.

Recently, I came across Vijay Shah's "Spell Bee" contest online. You have to follow the Bhagavadgomandal here which has the key features which say:

>In nine volumes and nearly 10,000 pages, it is the first Gujarati Gyankosh published after an extensive exercise of 27 years.
>2.81 lac words and with their meanings total number of words are 8.22 lac.
>It provides extensive, exhaustive and rare information on every subject, word and name.
>Nine volumes include 28,156 idioms and more than 10,000 proverbs.
>It is a golden-treasure for our mother tongue Gujarati.
>It is not a simple dictionary, but a rare as well as authentic encyclopedia in true sense of the term.

Well, for the Spell Bee competition, what you do is follow the rules on Vijay Shah's "Spell Bee" contest online - browse through the above Bhagavadgomandal - pick your words and take part to the initiative of Also follow Gujarati Blog World here on Gujarati sahitya Sarita and also on Vivek Tailor's site. I am sure, if you are not blogging in Gujarati, these sites will inspire you to continue reading and writing Gujarati and Blog too.


- ilaxi

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

GMC Foundation day and felicitations to veteran journalists

GMC - Gujarat Media Club honoured twelve veteran journalists of Gujarat at a special function organised on Saturday, 28th March 2009 at Karnavati Club. The felicitations were a part of the foundation day of GMC who gave honourary membership and shawl. The function was attended by a large number of Senior IAS and IPS officers, Former Union Minister and many more people. You can find the Incoming President Uday Mahurkar's speech here with link to the speech of outgoing President too.

I am happy to mention that Bhupatbhai Vadodaria was felicitated along with other journalists like Sadashivbhai Pathak, Labhshanker Upadhyay and many more. Read here in epaper of Divya Bhaskar. Also in archive of Sambhaav.

- ilaxi