Friday, April 08, 2005

Farewell to the Holy Father 'Pope John Paul II'


A few minutes ago, I been watching the live funeral of the Holy father and emotions stir to see a great soul depart! Somehow why, but I do remember a hindu saint Shree Dongre maharaj who spoke Bhagwad when I was a kid. I guess Faith is in our hearts.

Well, thousands bid Farewell to Pope John Paul II as the funeral service held in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, Friday April 8, 2005. Royalty, political power brokers and multitudes of the faithful came to pay their last respects to the pontiff, at a funeral promising to be one of the largest Western religious gatherings of modern times. May the good Lord God Grant him Eternal Peace.

Watch the News and Live Slide show here

- ilaxi

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sometimes we make 'Niceness Mistakes' -For Good! Only God knows coz he's fashioned our destiny and we move ahead - for better or worse....till death do us part! But really, still we love God till every single beat of our heart...I swear! Here's the review of this book Megha gave me to read earlier and exactly at the time when I needed the most. God has given us the power to 'Think' and 'understand' and esp. when some 'Attitudes' brush off our spirits the most!

Too Nice for Your Own Good : How to Stop Making 9 Self-Sabotaging Mistakes by Duke Robinson

How oft we create a wave to spell trouble with our own perfections being true and honest with good faith and intentions? We take on too much not saying what we want and that's exactly what the book reveals - the niceness mistakes that 'Damage' us! Unconsciously, we have planted strong messages in the back of our minds and with good intentions by our mentors, follow the moral code of conducts in life. Be good, be nice, be cool, share and care, don't be selfish, be reasonable, don't hurt others, help friends, say yes and so on. In real, trying to reach perfection and taking on too much lead us to exhaustion and sooner or later the ship of our life start sinking. The author gives an insight to the nine unconscious mistakes we often make daily and helps us correct them and pulls a person out of frustration and stress. In not saying what you want and taking on too much, it leads to suppressed anger. Robinson provides healthy tips to express anger to orchestrate a balanced life. Life itself is like riding a bike up and down roads that are bumpy, curvy, hilly while juggling bananas, balloons and bowling balls says Robinson and so this is when you have a fall, life needs balancing back to pedal and steer with too much/too little, too rational/too emotional, to fast/too slow, too cautious/too reckless, too strong/too weak, etc. and remain upright empowering to get what you need and deserve. Irony is, sometimes our niceness betrays us and this book is a key to understanding our mistakes and bring about a 'change' in us. Robinson makes us a nicer person making one realise the mistakes, why we make and how to give up. In doing so, Robinson guides in:
1. Liberating from the bondage of other's expectations
2. Saying no and saving work overloads
3. Telling what we want and analyze what we receive is worth or not
4. Express anger that heal and maintain relationships too.
5. Face irrationality and criticism
6. Tell truth to friends when they fail us
7. Care for others but do no burden own trying to run their lives.
8. In pain and grief, feel competent enough
A change is always welcome even for the nice to be nicer and avoid the mistakes that we keep making out of the blue. Our good intentions turn out to be damn-in-way for others who often misunderstand or shrug off not appreciating your worth as human being. This book is indeed a gem collection for every person who has learned to live being 'Nice' and remain being so without being emotionally hung up sometimes. Good Pick!


Monday, April 04, 2005

As the world mourns the death of Pope John Paul II, Italian authorities said they expect 2 million people to file through the Vatican and the surrounding streets of Rome in the coming days for his funeral on friday.


The church has lost its light! Though I am not a Christian, I believe in the religion since my childhood. I have deep appreciation for the pope's mission to bring peace to the world.He preached the ideal to which all humans should strive.He denounced communism, consumerism, capitalism and every kind of corruption in human soul. He has left an indelible mark in human history. He will be remembered as a political pope who stood for the rights of the victims of hate, war and oppression. He presented the person of Jesus to the entire world and made Jesus relevant. He was never afraid to say what he wanted to say. His loyalty was to God alone.John Paul believed in a faith that could move mountains and believed in miracles. We could only pray to god, may his soul rest in peace.