Friday, April 18, 2008

Twitter, twitter and twittering.....that's the way to Go - as long as new explorations continue, everything seems rosy and gold but it seems to wait how long we continue with these social networking sites - My Space, Face Book, Orkut, Wayn, Linked in, Flixter....many many more...and here's Twitter you see me Twittering for a while (on right bar of the blog) - Find more on this on Kidsfreesouls Blog note.

Btw, Yesterday at the launch of Smita Dani's Book "Diary of a Survivor", it was a pleasure attending the book release. Specifically, a lot to learn on living life and listening to the wisdom words of Smita Dani and Narendra Modi - on Life and their Books. I was the one fortunate to get a copy of Narendrabhai's 'Jyotipunj' but well, it was the words of the CM that were driven to musings on Dare to do it and what is life all about.......Read more on Kidsfreesouls and keep checking in for more in print newspapers too.....

- ilaxi

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A long time with no posts and do we call this a Writer's Block? Maybe - coz when we keep silent, there's a way to go and it's always said, 'Silence Speaks a Thousand Words' - Probably, this is the reason why I like the song of Debbie Gibson where the words go 'Don't worry, I'll return the song of silence.....Silence speaks a thousand words!

Anyways, here's the New York Times Bestseller Joel Comm's 4th Book launch of revealing 'Adsense Secrets' - Find on Kidsfreesouls as I blog my way to newer areas....Be a Millionaire with Joel's tips. Believe me, I used this long ago when I started this Blog and Adsense secrets of Joel really works :-) Enjoy!

- ilaxi