Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A long time with no posts and do we call this a Writer's Block? Maybe - coz when we keep silent, there's a way to go and it's always said, 'Silence Speaks a Thousand Words' - Probably, this is the reason why I like the song of Debbie Gibson where the words go 'Don't worry, I'll return the song of silence.....Silence speaks a thousand words!

Anyways, here's the New York Times Bestseller Joel Comm's 4th Book launch of revealing 'Adsense Secrets' - Find on Kidsfreesouls as I blog my way to newer areas....Be a Millionaire with Joel's tips. Believe me, I used this long ago when I started this Blog and Adsense secrets of Joel really works :-) Enjoy!

- ilaxi

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