Thursday, September 05, 2013

Teachers' Day and CM's message

As a known fact, this blog is slow with posts and almost the Social Networking sites have taken over - Facebook, Twitter and G+ alongwith the newly made web portal

5th September and it's Teachers' Day - CM honoured the best teachers on the occassion and shared his thoughts on teaching. He mentioned that we are now in the era of learning and we must think of ways through which we can make our children learn more. Learning is more important than the strength of teaching. He felt that there is no age limit to learning and said, it is important that if every teacher aspire to learn, students are sure to excel. 

I agree. In the age of technology, the time is here that teachers get on board to go tech savvy. What is more important is 'Reading' - Tell me, do teachers read? Oh really they do? Where is the time, ask me and I have found this answer from many. A well read teacher can teach and a well informed teacher can help children learn as well as sharpen his/her own teaching skills.

Our Education system needs to be revamped - Isn't it Mr. CM ? Follow the speech and CM interaction with children on

Also follow Teacher contributions and other pages on Kidsfreesouls :

- ilaxi

Hopeful to restart blogging here - Stay connected :-) 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Google Search - Bad tactics !

Getting back normally to blogging is a tougher choice back here but nevertheless, the full stop needs to restart.

Randomly surfing, it always is a Google Search issue and they either put you in top or just pick up and decide to mention 'Your site is harmful' harnessing the reputation of the websites. But, I wonder how come their very own Blogger blogs get this warning !!! Image problems and the inject of malware - But, in blogger Blogs? Another thing I noticed is that the Google Search's 'Safe browsing Diagnostic page mentions confusion in their own report - Says, 'Suspicious 3 times in past 90 days' and below it mentions,

Has this site hosted malware?
No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 days.
If you click to - the Safe browsing Diagnostic Page leads you to ! Are they promoting One wonders.....Is this kind of Advisory provided by Google?

Ultimate is that - finally, one has to sort for Web Developers only - Such Google notices only irk the concentration on writing and especially when journalists write, design, manage, maintain, market and promote their own sites. Google Search only harness the reputation of website owners ! And even, harness the reputation of their very own Blogger !

Anyways, watch out for new to launch soon. So will Sambaav Metro have a new look soon enough.

- ilaxi