Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prohibition in Gujarat

The other day, I'd been watching the proceedings of the Assembly on Television. Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah agressively spoke to make his point that prohibition in gujarat was, is and will stay in Gujarat. The culture thrives to the fact with the principles of Mahatma Gandhi of a dry land.

The first step in solving a problem is to accept it and that he did. Even regretted and felt hurt self esteem that it happened with lives lost. He mentioned, "In earlier Government, there occured 13 incidents but in present government, this is the first!" Indeed, a bad fate of bootlegger-police-politician! One never can say, when next such incident may happen with ongoing activities in clandestine (and it is). Cops are transferred, reshuffled and stringent measures are taken, meetings held to identify ways and means to control. However, the fact remains, the frustrated, jobless, stressed, lonesome etc. are sure to fall prey to sort comfort. A need arise to solve these people issues and problems, create awareness on the hazards - now that dry measures are implemented and more stringent rules apply.

Narendra Modi Government needs to build the courage to go beyond and resolve for peoples' socio-economic-emotional issues to curb not only prohibition lapses but also other factors like suicide (are rising), seperations (are rising), hate, bickerings, etc. Time is changing and so is Economy - So will mindsets change!

What do you think? If you keep silence, one cannot bring about changes in a society, for sure.

- ilaxi

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

E Magazine & Earth Talk Q & A gets Eco Award, Read column on Kidsfreesouls

Total Solar Eclipse and wondering what would be the impact on your sun sign? Well, hindu traditions and rituals do make one believe in what the future behold!!! As development takes its course, yet we have the same beliefs and maybe they have some significance. You can read on this on blog with follow to other links.

Well, Since 2001, Kidsfreesouls is proud to present Earth Talk Q & A of Editor Doug Moss. And today, I am happy to inform that E Magazine and EarthTalk receive 2009 ECO AWARDS -Nation’s Premier Environmental Publication and its Weekly Column Recognized for Excellence.

Read Weekly Column of Editor Doug Moss 'Earth Talk Q & A Exclusively on Kidsfreesouls (since 2001- In English & Spanish) if you have not yet visited. Global warming is a big concern and the answers will give you an insight to many questions raised by readers like you. If you have any question on Environment, do send across to or
- ilaxi