Friday, March 18, 2011

'How can India develop in the next decade?" Share your thoughts...

Remember the quote "Don't ask what the nation can do, Think what you can do for the nation" - This is exactly what our CM Narendra Modi can reflect in his speeches that we all so do admire!

18th March and India Today Conclave 2011 begins with the Changing Balance of Power. India Today Conclave will bring together, the best minds in politics, finance and business, military, technology, academia, and the arts, from around the globe to examine the new world. Our CM Narendra Modi will give his Keynote address today, 18th March at 14.30-15.15 on 'How can India develop in the next decade?" at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi. You can view the same live on CM's website and visit India Today Conclave page - Ask questions too!

A partner in progress for Development of Gujarat, CM is also focused on development of India with a vision to present a roadmap for India.

Can Gujarat become the development model for India?

Can it show India the way of growth and prosperity with its committed investment in infrastructure?

Will India's political mindset change to make Gujarat's demonstrated method of inclusive development the primary agenda of governance?

The session chairperson is Ajay kumar, Executive Producer, Aaj-Tak and as Editorial Director of India Today, Mr. M J Akbar will head the session Session with The Inaugural Gala Dinner Address - The New Middle-East: Challenges and Opportunities and American Decline: Myth and Reality.

Discuss this on CM's website or India Today. Stay tuned.

- ilaxi