Wednesday, February 20, 2008

લાગણીના સઁબઁધો ખુબજ યાદગાળ રહે છે......Find a new post on Shabd Preet!

Well, life is a continous journey and as I explore the web, do find the latest updates on with a great start to the Counselling pages but here's to explore the Romanian language. Few of my articles from my book 'Guardian of Angels' are translated to Romanian language for the Romanian Parents and Teachers. ScoalaParintilor - means the World of Parents and they present their re-designed website with Guardian of Angels articles in Romanian. Here's the link on - If you do not understand the language, don't worry - you've the English version on kidsfreesouls but if you wish to read in Gujarati, well, I guess I need to translate in Gujarati now! Any help?

- ilaxi