Monday, September 18, 2006

September 18, 1851 - "We publish today the first issue of the New-York Daily Times, and we intend to issue it every morning (Sundays excepted) for an indefinite number of years to come." said the founders Henry Jarvis Raymond and George Jones of NYTimes, this day. Originally, intended to be published every morning except sundays, today, its a newspaper with the term coined "All the News That's fit to print"

For further read, visit New York Times wiki. The newspaper is a class apart and the Crosswords has ever been my fav. Check out the NYTimes page on kidsfreesouls. Enjoy reading.
Btw, the impact of the change is Information Media and Internet is the age of Participation. Readers are not passive recipients of news, but participate in the process. You decide, which is the media? The TV channel or newspaper? Or the SMS platform? Or the web, forums, blogs & social networking! Read further here and add your comments or email me your views.

- ilaxi