Thursday, April 27, 2006

Listening is always a pleasure! I often say, Music is the speech of angels and so very true. Up in the morn, plays the Radio Mirchi Traffic beat, followed by World Space 40 Count Down and than the usual Yahoo Launch or the ipod.

Recently, while surfing for my ipod software download, it came to light, how Apple called for a meeting after making a little girl cry. Apple Computer recently called for a meeting to discuss changes in its Corporate Policy after the company sent an upsetting legalese reply to a third-grade girl who had hand-written a letter to chief executive Steve Jobs with her thoughts on improving the iPod. A 9-year-old Shea O'Gorman and her third-grade class began learning about writing business and formal letters, she thought who better to write to than the chief executive of the company that makes her iPod nano. Shea offered her ideas on how the company could improve on its iPod digital music players, such as adding song lyrics so listeners can sing along to their tunes.

The girl recieved a cold reply from the Apple's legal department but nevertheless, the company's General Counsel placed a personal call to Shea to apologize following a CBS 5 News inquiry.

It's a call to check the Corporate response policies. Change with the Change - communication lag is a major fall and I wonder, with the technology in, how many corporate check in for their responses or hit out on communication? An alarm sign...

- ilaxi