Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here's wishing all passing this way my Blog "A Happy New Year" May there be peace and love in your life. As the year rolls down, there are magical moments in life awaiting for each one of us to reach newer horizons. The real scoop lies in reaching for a goal coz it is during this time that we pick up the stars while striving to reach the moon.

Recently, I read a success mantra. It says, Every Underdog has his way! It is said, people are always ready to pull down the Top Dog. We have the examples of a Top Singer, Top Actor, Top politician and even a Top Criminal. Being second, always gives one the energy to work harder and credibility with productive results. He has the itch for achievement and the right pitch that can hitch-hike him to heights of success. Bill Gates, a school drop out always makes a point to ask one question potential employee, "Tell me about one of your significant failures in life." He thinks unless and until a person knows his failures, he cannot understand the elements of success.

So, now you know - Being an Underdong is the best zing thing - no hurries, no worries, no hot curries in the soup plate of life but all inspirations and achievements to grab and enjoy every moment in life. This is my message this pitching new year to all who are'nt Top dogs and crave to be one.....Enjoy!

- ilaxi