Friday, October 13, 2006

Rajendra Shukla – a name synonym with Poetry and spirituality, recently won the ‘Narsinha Mehta’ Award on my birthday ‘sharad poornima’ (Full Moon Day) from Junagadh’s ‘Adhya Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sahitya Nidhi Trust’. No wonder, he’s Libra, born on 11th October - a total inspiration with amazing super powers of his prowess and skill in his writings for love of nature.

Though not much into Gujarati Literature but with some exceptions, I came across Rajendra Shukla’s profile at Kaavyasur Blog and than dig into research for his poetry. There, I find the treasure trove of rich gazals. I heard, he’s a delight to hear when he recites the pieces. What I feel is, when we write poetry, it indeed is our own thoughtful creation but very rare the real listeners and even if there is an audience, it is a rare talent to recite the poem.

Here’s some pieces that says all - at Dhaval's Blog.

Well, here’s an appreciation from the bottom of my heart and wishing well to Rajendrabhai Shukla and may he spell his magic wand to let flow his words to gujaratis all around the globe.

However, a great Contribution on web comes from his own family member – Rajeshwari Shukla who recently started a website Blog for Gujarati kids. The efforts are highly appreciated as the attempt will make gujarati language popular among English medium students and children residing in foreign lands. Rajeshwari is an expert in Science, Biology field and won many awards for her work from NCERT, Delhi, at Dist. & Guj State level etc. She has authored many books of Gujarat State Textbook Board on Biology for higher schooling and also authored Reference Books on Biology for students. What impresses is her various hobbies.She manages to fulfil her dreams in reading, writing, painting, Ceramic, Handicrafts & collage work, Educational experiments and writing short stories on scientific explorations, Meditation, Reiki, cooking, and teaching – at what she is an Expert. Finally, now on the web, leaving her impressions to pass on to generations – a unique gift and that is the Gujarati language: Learning web for kids. Rajeshwari Shukla happens to be sister of Suresh Jani, the young old man who presents Gujarati Literature Profiles on web.

Wow, now that’s what the family strength is all about.

- ilaxi