Saturday, May 20, 2006

The issue of reservation rocks student communities and political leaders either support quotas or maintain a deafening silence. When Arjun Singh made a first announcement about reservation in India’s higher educational institutions, was he working on some directions? Merit counts but do money determine merits?

Whatever, here is Petition to President of India - say No to reservations in private sector and IIT/IIM/Medical colleges. The reservations have not solved any of the evil effects of the caste system. Fifty years down the lane, the SC’s and ST’s continue to be as downtrodden as they were, and most backward caste people continue to remain backward.

Sign the petition or don't - there it speaks aloud!

- ilaxi

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It has been announced May as a Mental Health Month and this means, Educating self and community to mind one's Health and keep healthy and fine - Physically as well as mentally. Incidently, I recently started writing the Statesman Blog by the name Blossomsmile (category Health & Fitness/Food & Drink/Opinion). I am sure, you will find my Health & Fitness Blogging tips useful here.

Being Corporate Insurance Agent, I would say, Health has to be a prime priority in life. It's a concern for the whole family. I been watching the documentary film of Drew Barrymore and she started taking alcohol at the age of 9, hooked to drugs at 10 and had to go to a rehab center as she became too addicted and got into very bad shape. At the age of 14, she wrote a book and later, we know she became a star celebrity with movies like Charlie's Angels. She had faced a trauma of parent separation and faced a lot of misery at a young age.

Ask a child or teen "What's the Matter?" My article on 'Parent stress, kids stress' ( Romanian translation) focus on many a points to stop the depressive feelings - be it parent stress but let not the kids too get into the vicious stressful living. Depression along affects as many as one in every 33 children and one in eight teens. Mental Disorder in children rises which make them irritated, rude, unpredictable, disorganized and so on which lead to problems at home, school or community. Help children grown up gracefully in normal environment with their days filled with happiness. Visit the nmha site and get aware. Proudly wear a green ribbon to draw attention to childhood depression and use the material placed on this site of Child Depression Awareness Day.

- ilaxi

Monday, May 15, 2006

"It's true that the real reward for a job well done is having done it. But it feels so good to get a pat on the back."

The caption says aloud! How very often do you get a pat on your back or that little Appreciation that you deserve?

Well, we may talk of this later but right now, I am going to focus on a job well done. Interim Housing Solutions is a major benefit that can help you find the best accommodations at the most reasonable rates whether you are relocating to a new city, working on an extended assignment, settling an insurance claim, undergoing extended medical treatment, or simply need a place to call home during a period of transition. Free Temporary Housing and short term Apartments are in great demand especially when you want to stay for prolonged days - Home Away from Home. IHS provides an up-to-date inventory of furnished apartments available in major U.S. cities coast-to-coast and throughout Canada. Their mission is to make it easy for corporations, small businesses and individuals to find exactly what they want with a single search.

And staying away for a month in Charlotte, my friend said, she's got the best deal from IHS for a temporary stay. She had the facilities for 60 days and her apartment came with all the amenities, including cookware, dishes, coffeemaker, cable and local phone and all that you need for living. This reminds me of the Sterling RCI membership where we enjoy the 7 days facilities for free stay and lapses after the accumulation of 21 days.Poof! thats for an Indian vacation, lemme say! The abroad facilities are far away from the city.

Well, If you ever happen to be for a vacation to United States or major Canadian cities, here is IHS at the reach of a phone call : 866.279.4471 Toll Free: 703.893.1901 Phone or Fax:703.893.1902. You can even
  • E-mail IHS
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    Do lemme have your views once you visit there coz I never gonna be that Faaar...Far way, away from Home as Yeh Mera India...I love my India.