Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It has been announced May as a Mental Health Month and this means, Educating self and community to mind one's Health and keep healthy and fine - Physically as well as mentally. Incidently, I recently started writing the Statesman Blog by the name Blossomsmile (category Health & Fitness/Food & Drink/Opinion). I am sure, you will find my Health & Fitness Blogging tips useful here.

Being Corporate Insurance Agent, I would say, Health has to be a prime priority in life. It's a concern for the whole family. I been watching the documentary film of Drew Barrymore and she started taking alcohol at the age of 9, hooked to drugs at 10 and had to go to a rehab center as she became too addicted and got into very bad shape. At the age of 14, she wrote a book and later, we know she became a star celebrity with movies like Charlie's Angels. She had faced a trauma of parent separation and faced a lot of misery at a young age.

Ask a child or teen "What's the Matter?" My article on 'Parent stress, kids stress' ( Romanian translation) focus on many a points to stop the depressive feelings - be it parent stress but let not the kids too get into the vicious stressful living. Depression along affects as many as one in every 33 children and one in eight teens. Mental Disorder in children rises which make them irritated, rude, unpredictable, disorganized and so on which lead to problems at home, school or community. Help children grown up gracefully in normal environment with their days filled with happiness. Visit the nmha site and get aware. Proudly wear a green ribbon to draw attention to childhood depression and use the material placed on this site of Child Depression Awareness Day.

- ilaxi

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