Monday, May 15, 2006

"It's true that the real reward for a job well done is having done it. But it feels so good to get a pat on the back."

The caption says aloud! How very often do you get a pat on your back or that little Appreciation that you deserve?

Well, we may talk of this later but right now, I am going to focus on a job well done. Interim Housing Solutions is a major benefit that can help you find the best accommodations at the most reasonable rates whether you are relocating to a new city, working on an extended assignment, settling an insurance claim, undergoing extended medical treatment, or simply need a place to call home during a period of transition. Free Temporary Housing and short term Apartments are in great demand especially when you want to stay for prolonged days - Home Away from Home. IHS provides an up-to-date inventory of furnished apartments available in major U.S. cities coast-to-coast and throughout Canada. Their mission is to make it easy for corporations, small businesses and individuals to find exactly what they want with a single search.

And staying away for a month in Charlotte, my friend said, she's got the best deal from IHS for a temporary stay. She had the facilities for 60 days and her apartment came with all the amenities, including cookware, dishes, coffeemaker, cable and local phone and all that you need for living. This reminds me of the Sterling RCI membership where we enjoy the 7 days facilities for free stay and lapses after the accumulation of 21 days.Poof! thats for an Indian vacation, lemme say! The abroad facilities are far away from the city.

Well, If you ever happen to be for a vacation to United States or major Canadian cities, here is IHS at the reach of a phone call : 866.279.4471 Toll Free: 703.893.1901 Phone or Fax:703.893.1902. You can even
  • E-mail IHS
  • for your interim housing solution needs or fill up a form here.

    Do lemme have your views once you visit there coz I never gonna be that Faaar...Far way, away from Home as Yeh Mera India...I love my India.



    Siddharth said...


    I think most of gujarati bloggers use unicode. It is easier and very convinient to type once you get used to it.
    I visited your site and your directions about blogging in Gujarati, but overall I think UNICODE is the future and way to go.


    ilaxi said...

    I agree with you. I learn with an experience but what about a reader who wants to blog and don't know the abc. Blogger allows a simple code but its homework reading with IE settings to unicode. Hence, I think if blogger sees into allowing user defined, its only a font download, pop up quick edit or writing and paste with a simple blogger html code. Or else go the indic way or javascripting way which turns difficult for common surfers who can Blog. Isn't it?

    Look forward for my article on dynamic fonts coming soon on


    Nav-Sudarshak said...

    Dear Ilaxi bahen!
    Though with my technical knowledge, I tend to agree with Dr Siddharth on UNICODE, I would endorse your views and appreciate your guidelines for a common blogger. Everyone would like to have more information on the subject.

    ilaxi said...

    I agree Unicode is the future way to go. However, try this simple method of I given on . You can replace with Gopika, sandesh or any guj fonts available for download - your blog note is up in no minutes.

    Blogger accept unicode too but I guess Blogger has got my message clear now i.e. adding 'user defined' - one need not have to go to Unicode (UTF 8)- This would be much easier - for a blogger as well as reader. Or for any person who wants to blog. Indic calls for XP CD.Everybody don't have XP CD esp. in India, more specific, esp in Gujarat where pirated softwares are universal! Nor people are tech savvy to use the javascripting method of dynamic fonts...


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